A number of terrible mosquitoes gnawed at his body madly, and the sharp teeth and sharp mouths covered his body in an instant, making his body suddenly black, and all of them were bloodthirsty black ants.
Scorpion’s face is ferocious, and his mouth screams and screams, and the magic light explodes and emits all the divine power.
As soon as his mouth was opened, there were several bloodthirsty black ants and mosquitoes drilling into his mouth, and I don’t know how many crazy bites into his internal organs.
His body sniffed and his essence quickly dried up.
It seems that there are several insects crawling around, which makes his skin become bulging and twisted violently, as if something is going to rush out inside.
Suddenly, the scorpion growled and his hands were stretched out, and a terrible breath broke out.
Power instantaneous broke out several times!
The whole body was covered with bloodthirsty black ants, and he was shocked to fly out on the spot. Some mosquitoes drilled into other bodies were also directly crushed into thick black fog by a huge force.
Scorpion body to a burst of bone writhing sound behind a greatly inverted hook sharp terrible waist drill out a leg armpit appeared two black giant ao.
His body grew rapidly, and he was filled with a gloomy atmosphere, and suddenly he became as big as a mountain.
"All evil animals die for me!"
Scorpion issued a new roar loud.
Behind him, the hook sends out a strange light, like a flash of thousands of ways to kill mosquitoes all over the sky
Poop, poop, poop!
A mosquito was hit by the light from his Pakistan, and suddenly it burst into pieces.
This number of lights rushed out of a huge net in Sinochem, and the black light rolled towards mosquitoes all over the sky.
Many mosquitoes were directly smashed by this giant net.
At the same time, the scorpion’s mouth spewed out thick magic fire, dark and filled with cold breath and swept across the sky.
Several bloodthirsty black ant mosquitoes were immediately forced by him to hum in the melee, and a group of pairs of red eyes shone like bloody stars.
Scorpion’s eyes showed terrible luster and grinned, "Bastard, uncle will take you back alive today. It’s absolutely a great achievement!"
It’s more terrible for him to continue to spew magic fire from his mouth.
Suddenly, a sharp, harsh sound broke out, and a golden light came through like ancient times, locking his body directly with a murderous horse.
This light rushed through and rushed directly towards his mouth.
Scorpion’s face changed and he felt a very dangerous breath. He hurriedly stopped the fire-breathing axils, and the two big aojiang stretched out directly towards that golden light to meet the past.
His two big aojiang severely caught the golden light and violent forces came to his body, which shocked his huge body to slide back quickly.
Poop, poop, poop!
In that golden light, the murderous look spread to him, causing some scales to collapse.
Scorpion roar loud one or two big aojiang suddenly dint boom cling to this golden light will surface forces all collapse.
It’s a bronze arrow!
Rune fills the air with dense murderous look.
"Gankun Arrow!"
Scorpion fundus a cold solemnity said
When he dissolved this qiankun sword, the bloodthirsty black ant mosquito seized the opportunity and immediately flooded his body again, which immediately covered his whole body and made his body twist violently.
When these bloodthirsty black ant mosquitoes pounced, suddenly a horrible golden figure fell from the sky and grabbed a thick golden stick and slammed it directly at his head.
The power of the world is terrible!
It’s like Tianzhu collapsed.
Scorpion eyes angry stare behind the tail suddenly rushed out directly toward the giant column to meet the past.
His tail was stung by the giant column and suddenly he burst into pins and needles, and Mars splashed around and shrank back hurriedly.
As soon as the giant column went forward, it continued to chop and kill toward his head with a golden flame.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and two Six Heavenly Wars
Watched a golden flame burning huge fairy column mercilessly chopped and the breath was furious and terrible. The scorpion suddenly and violently roared and hurriedly raised two big aojiang to meet the fairy column directly.
The dragon rod covering the sea violently blasted his two big aojiang, and a horrible force penetrated, which made the scorpion’s whole body sink directly, and the earth was directly shattered by the earthquake. A huge pit of thousands of feet in Fiona Fang appeared.
Xiao Yu’s strength is too great, and he was struck down from it, and the two big aojiang of the scorpion were all numb, and his arms were sore, and he was surprised and angry. He couldn’t believe his eyes.
"The magic tail is dead!"
He suddenly a BaoHou tail directly through behind him, and the raven is harsh and sends out a bright flank to slay Xiao Yu’s eyebrows.
At the same time, his palm shook, and the sickle gun swept out, giving off a terrible magic light and roaring past, possessing the incomparable magic power.
Xiao Yu’s golden veins bloom in the fundus, and the inverted hook tail is thrust to one side by his forced change of direction.
Behind him, thousands of causal lines rushed out together, and a bright rune was broken down.
Two people fight together in an instant, and then in a hundred rounds, the individual in the alliance moves too fast, and the power is amazing. All kinds of killing techniques are simply endless.

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