31. Quickly rush to wait for the guild crystal, and use a sword to stab the guild crystal with a sword of light like a rainbow.

Suddenly a red number of 3259 came out!
An attack on 31 hit more than 320 thousand, a little damage, a little strength, a little damage
That is to say, Yun Fan manipulated 31 and broke out with more than 320,000 kilograms of juli!
Although the vitality of the Imperial Guild of Tianmu is strong, it is necessary to destroy the crystal of the Guild by going to sail to control the 31 attack power and using the sword of pick in terror, that is, it will take about 100 attacks!
After Yun Fan attacked the sword, his right hand used the roars fist to bomb the guild crystal.
Tiger roar boxing is not as lethal as the big sword, but it is even better in terms of strength. It broke out in 31 and hit more than 390,000 kilograms of great power!
Yun Fan’s sword-picking skill and tiger-roaring fist-fighting skill continuously attacked the guild crystal like a storm.
Every time you attack the guild, the crystal vitality will go crazy by more than 300,000!
When attacking the guild crystal, a player from Tianmu Dynasty rushed into the guild hall, but the root could not stop Yun Fan from hanging up as soon as he approached Yun Fan!
Yun Fan attacked 31 times in a row!
More than half a minute, the guild crystal’s 30 million vitality, Dou Yun sail attack disappeared and finally returned
One-foot-high guild crystal violently shatters and collapses!
The mechanical sound penetrates every player’s ear. The crystal of the guild of Tianmu Dynasty was destroyed by the player’s storm god of war. The resident of Tianmu Dynasty was destroyed and disappeared from the game!
The whole Tianmu imperial court station shook violently, the city walls collapsed and the houses collapsed!
The collapsed Tianmu imperial residence was refreshed and disappeared directly!
Tianmu imperial residence soon stood like a hill in the former site of Ye31 residence. ID’ Storm God of War’ was very eye-catching and attracted the attention of a large number of players.
The players of Tianmu Dynasty can’t believe that they have worked so hard to develop into the third-order and third-class guild, so they will go up in smoke!
I’ve hung up once. Mu Yuan was surprised and angry!
The Tianmu Dynasty developed into a third-order and third-class guild, and it was crowded into the top ten guilds in Yuecheng District. But it was not easy to be found, but it was destroyed by Yun Fan, and there was not a hair left.
The establishment of the resident Tianmu dynasty will have to develop slowly from the first order to the first level!
Tick-tock …
One of the 31 indicators sounds up.
The mechanical voice stranger Dao Feng said that he asked you to connect.
whether or not
Yun Fan clicked Yes and the connection was successful.
Mu Yuan "Yun Fan, how dare you destroy me? The Tianmu Dynasty is cruel!"
Yun Fan "yo … yuan you know who I am? Do you have the nerve to call me a bully? I haven’t settled accounts with you about your instigation of Li Qinglong to smash my house. In the game, I will give you some interest money and I will pay you back in reality! "
Mu Yuan: "My shepherd Yuecheng is a top family in Yun Fan. You should know what your status is. You don’t have a good game as a shepherd!"
Yun Fan "ha ha …..! Your pastoral family is strong, but I, Yun Fan, am not afraid that since you have arrived at the pastoral family, I will give you a face, and you will pay one million yuan for the losses caused by the attack on my family. From then on, we will stay out of the river, otherwise we will not completely destroy the Tianmu Dynasty! "
Mu Yuan: "Is your shabby kennel worth a million dollars?"
Yun Fan: "We’ll see if you don’t give it!"
Pastoral yuan "hum-! One million is nothing to my shepherd, but I’m afraid you don’t have the guts to take the money! "
Yun Fan "Don’t worry, I am very bold!"
Mu Yuan: "Let’s meet on the third floor of the magnificent hotel in three days. If you have the courage to take it, I’ll give you one million!"
Yun Fan "Don’t go to Sun!"
Mu Yuan "Hey, hey, I’m waiting for you!"
Chapter 65 Yunfan keeps an appointment!
Magnificent Hotel is located in the center of Yuecheng, which is the top hotel in Yuecheng, integrating catering, accommodation and entertainment, and belongs to the top family’s’ shepherd’ industry in Yuecheng!
People who can come to the magnificent hotel are not social elites and aristocratic brothers. If they don’t have special opportunities, they won’t come here. They don’t have the strength!
Mu Yuan will set the meeting place at the magnificent hotel. Obviously, he is not willing to pay compensation to Yun Fan for one million yuan, but wants to put pressure on the shepherd’s strength!
If the condensate gas environment is repaired, the magnificent hotel Yun Fan will really have to think about whether it can go!
Now Yun Fan has broken through the return to Yuan’s territory, which is equivalent to "innate" cultivation of the strong enough to compete with the top strong in the pastoral home!
No matter what banquet was held at the magnificent Muyuan Hotel, Yun Fan agreed without hesitation.
Three days later, Yun Fan went to the appointment and took a magnetic suspension taxi to the magnificent hotel!
"Gee … what a magnificent hotel! It costs thousands of federal dollars to stay for one night, which is equivalent to my parents’ salary for one month!"
"Yes, I’ve never been to such a high-end hotel. I heard that this hotel is a pastoral industry that ordinary people can’t afford."
"Mujia, that’s Yuecheng being able to be discharged into the top three families. It is said that there is a Mujia brother among our students in the same class. I heard that the monitor’ Muyuan’ is a born strong grandson of Mujia!"
"Ah … it’s a different life. It’s all about the gap between mecha’s graduation from high school, but there is a cloud of mud. People can easily enter the mecha’s university and return to the family in the future, and we can either join the military to be a cannon fodder mecha or mix the society to find a job to support their families!"
"Don’t say these discouraging words. This society is like this. Even if you struggle to become a billionaire, you will be compared with your family. We can try our best to live a good life and strive to live better than most people in the future."
"That’s right. If you think too much, it will increase your troubles. Today, we are lucky to be here for dinner because of the monitor’s light. Be happy and don’t spoil the atmosphere!"
"Ha ha ….. I really don’t want to come to this hotel for dinner if the class isn’t coming to the party. It’s not like I can’t live. Why should I accept others’ kindness!"
A few neatly dressed young people outside the magnificent hotel looked at the towering hotel and talked with emotion.
Although they are extremely tidy, it can be seen from their ordinary clothes that they are all from ordinary backgrounds.
Yun Fan just touched the taxi and his eyes lit up. The young people outside the magnificent hotel turned out to be his classmates in Grade Three (Class Seven) of Mecha High School.
Well, it’s better to say that you don’t want to come to Yun Fan. It’s Wang Nan, Yun Fan’s deskmate 2.
"Wang Nan, your face is so big. You really don’t want to come? Ha ha ….. Who are you? If you hadn’t touched the monitor’s light, you wouldn’t have entered the magnificent gate in your life! "
Yun Fan just wanted to say hello to Wang Nan when a sarcastic voice came.
Two well-dressed young people, also about ten years old, came from the other side and listened to Wang Nan’s words, but they didn’t like sarcasm.
These two people are also their classmates. The speaker’s name is’ Wu Gou’ and the other is’ Wang Feng’. Both of them are family brothers. Cui Yushi is better.

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