"Gu Qingshan, do you know who I am?" Male test way

Gu Qingshan laughed. "You are the president of Zhang Yinghao Hunters Association."
"What about you? Who are you? " Zhang Yinghao asked
"I may be a showstopper" Gu Qingshan said.
"What’s the trouble?"
"This world is fate line."
Gu Qingshan said slowly
Recalling his first meeting with Zhang Yinghao, he continued, "Zhang Yinghao, I have seen all your past deeds, and I agree with your ideas and actions."
"Now I invite you to be my partner. If you agree, I will take you through something absolutely different."
"It seems that I have no place where he can help you except killing people," Zhang Yinghao tried to say.
Gu Qingshan smiled slightly. "You should know that it’s good to follow me. I’m still different from the two losers in Nie’s White House."
"I’d like to hear more," Zhang Yinghao said.
"How to say it? Personally, I divide the nobility into two types." Gu Qingshan said.
"Two kinds?" Zhang Yinghao way
"Well, the first kind of people find that they are born with superiority, so they enlarge their self-spending, bully others, and do not seek to corrupt the nobility and name the whole country." Gu Qingshan said
"Interesting. What about the second one?" Zhang Yinghao way
"The second kind is people like you or your second uncle." Gu Qingshan said.
Brinton uninhibited cigars sit up straight.
Gu Qingshan continued, "There is no eternal force, there is no stable social structure forever, and only a strong one can lead human civilization in prosperity and difficulties."
"You are the real nobles, although the older generation doesn’t like people like you very much."
Tong Tong listened and couldn’t help the trail "Wocao … Boss, how does he think exactly like you …"
-this is what Zhang Yinghao said in those days. At this time, Gu Qingshan repeated it again.
Zhang Yinghao hesitated, "Do you really think so?"
"You also saw that Jiufu people tried to kill me" Gu Qingshan said.
"So we did reach an agreement on the concept … but I really don’t know what you want to do. After all, it’s not enough for me to have a large group of people following me to eat. Do you have any practical projects?" Zhang Yinghao explained
"It’s not time yet … there are some things you shouldn’t know too early, but you need to be prepared to do something practical when we meet next time." Gu Qingshan said.
Zhang Yinghao is silent and counts his interest.
-so mysterious?
What exactly is the other side?
Looking for a killer guild is obviously to assassinate someone in the dark. What else can it do?
"Let’s say that our organization doesn’t kill the old, the weak, the sick, the pregnant, the ordinary people, the good people and the koo." Zhang Yinghao said.

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