Gu Qingshan still stretched out his hand and smiled at the branch girl and said

"Food and water? Thank you, we are just hungry. "
"Hungry?" The girl seemed to be shaking her bare feet when she heard him say this. "Then eat some quickly."
She waved her hand.
Gu Qingshan and Lola suddenly appeared before two plates.
Gu Qingshan picked up the plate and saw that it was a plate of rice porridge as thin as water.
A line of fireflies appeared in the ares interface.
"You’re having a holy spirit ceremony."
Gu Qingshan had some speculation in his heart and asked, "Do you have porridge? Does he still eat? "
The branch girl is a little hard to say, "I can give you more before I’m sorry, but I have this porridge now."
Gu Qingshan but Zhan Yan laughed. "Without this bowl of porridge, I would appreciate it."
He looked up and drank the rice porridge.
When Lola saw him drink it, she also drank her plate of porridge.
Another line of indicators in the virtual space appeared in front of Gu Qingshan.
"the holy spirit ceremony has been completed."
He looked at the branches.
See the girl seems to be relieved light way
"Thank you for coming to drink my porridge."
"No, if you give us food, we should thank you." Gu Qingshan sincerely said.
Although can’t see the girl’s facial features, Gu Qingshan feels that she smiled.
Gu Qingshan further said, "Now that we have your food, we want you to do something."
The girl hurriedly waved her hand and said, "No, my food is for you. I don’t need anything in return."
Gu Qingshan added, "Actually, we also want to help more people. Can you give us some advice?"
The girl nodded slightly when she saw him say this. "It’s good to be willing to help others. What exactly do you want to do?"
"We want to kill monsters in this monastery," Gu Qingshan said coldly.
The girl looked at him for a long time without speaking.
Lola interjected, "You can really trust us-after all, we are living."
"Let’s go" girl suddenly way
"Ah?" Lola froze.
"If you stay in the monastery, you will fall at any time due to various temptations, and you will be killed, transformed into monsters or eaten-get out of here quickly," the girl urged urgently.
"Don’t worry, we will never fall, and those monsters can’t kill us, otherwise we wouldn’t be here," said Lola.
"And we have the strength to do it," Gu Qingshan said.
Behind him, there are four long swords, which hum and kill in unison.
"Give it to us-at least we promise we won’t be killed," said Lola, patting Brother Shoulder Gun.
The girl looked at the two men and gradually became serious.
"Do you really want to deal with those monsters? Even if it costs your life? " She asked.
"Yes," said Lola.
"Alas …"
The girl sighed and two dim spots appeared in her hands.
As soon as she sent the light gently, it fluttered in front of Gu Qingshan and Lola.
"I’m sorry, it’s not that I don’t trust you, but that I have no chance to wave anymore. Please show me what you can do," the girl said.
"What are we going to do?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Catch the light" girl said
Lola and Gu Qingshan caught the light.
The girl looked at Lola and asked, "Do you have kindness and compassion?"
Lola said, "Of course."
The light in her hand suddenly turned into a light and shadow to show the past.
Seeing Lola sitting high on the throne of thorns in the picture, she stretched herself and said, "It’s a beautiful day today, Ilya. Go to the treasure house to help those poor worlds."

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