"Are you here?" The old cat said urgently, "Some of their officers on leave have gone out."
"You go first and I’ll be right there." The other party replied, "You must remember that no matter what happens, you should not conflict with each other."
"I know that."
"Ok, then you move."
"good!" The old cat hung up the phone and immediately took the intercom and shouted, "The action unit will follow my car and others will guard their own points."
Four nuclear vehicles were ordered to rush out of the living village in an instant and drive to the main entrance of the camp in five minutes.
The old cat took the lead in pushing the door and followed more than 30 people. They all hung their work certificates on their chests for the first time.
Everyone gathered in an old cat’s face and took them to the main entrance of the camp.
Soon, two soldiers came to the duty post in the camp, and a monitor came out of the guard post. They gathered around and pulled a roadblock to block the old cat in front of them.
"What are you doing?"
"We’re from the Sichuan Provincial Police Headquarters. We’re here to catch a suspect." The old cat immediately replied, "We’ve been here before."
The other monitor sergeant is seen before the old cat knows that he is the head of the Sichuan government police headquarters, but there is still no good face to say, "What case do you Sichuan people come to us to do? This is a military restricted area. Can you just go in and search? "
The old cat doesn’t talk nonsense with the other party and directly pulls out the materials of the District Police General Administration. "This is the certificate that the District Police General Administration allows entry and handling cases. I won’t tell you more. Tell your battalion commander to come over."
The monitor bowed his head and glanced at the old cat, turned to the side with the certificate and shouted with the walkie-talkie
Two minutes later.
The door of the battalion commander’s lounge was pushed, and a soldier shouted at Xinhui, "Huige Chuanfu people are at the gate again. You should hide first."
Xin Huiwen sat up and immediately ran out on slippers.
A little while later, a Taiwan military vehicle stopped at the main gate, and a battalion commander got off the bus with a full face and said to the old cat, "I said, Director Li, have you finished searching for several times?" If you don’t do anything after our camp, you will cooperate with you to handle the case? "
"I received a real report that the suspect is in the camp and now we are going to investigate." The old cat directly took out the certificate
"What about our district police headquarters?" The battalion commander asked with his hands on his back.
"They gave us a search procedure and people didn’t come."
"That you can’t get into this procedure, we don’t recognize it," the battalion commander said directly. "You Sichuan people don’t enforce the law here, and we are still military units. Can you search casually every day? If you want to check, let the people from the district police headquarters come over, otherwise I can’t let you in. "
The old cat knew that the other party was procrastinating and said impatiently, "The procedure is that if you have any questions, go to them to verify. Now I have to go in and find someone."
"Ha ha!"
The battalion commander sneered and answered with a pout, "Do you think they let you in?"
Voice fell at the door of the guard soldiers department came around.
The old cat glanced at each other and looked down to see the watch.
"Buzz …!"
At this moment, the street suddenly came, and the car motor roared, and a column of army green army cross-country rushed from the direction of life village.
After more than ten seconds, more than 30 Taiwan military vehicles stagnated. Lin Nianlei took the lead in driving in a windbreaker with a beautiful hair.
When the battalion commander heard the noise, he looked up at the street opposite the gate and immediately saw that this column of military vehicles was hung with small license plates and cried a little stupidly. "Which unit car is this?" !”
Is the battalion commander doubt Lin Nianlei with nearly one hundred soldiers came to the camp department.
The old cat was relieved to see her present.
"Are you Liu Yingchang?" Lin Nianlei asked before stepping forward.
"Yes, you are?" The battalion commander frowned at her.

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