"Is it?" Lin Yu mind flashed a possibility.

Ouyang Jun is not afraid of anything, even Jun Chen. She is afraid of being alone in this world.
"Your brother is here?" Lin Yu’s amazing eyes stare at Ouyang Jun’s envy and almost stare over.
Ouyang Jun envy little dream was scared disorderly fibrillation onion tube like fingers trembling, pointing to Lin Yu "you! I didn’t say anything "
She turned around and ran a few steps, tripped over her long skirt, almost fell down, and then ran away with it.
Lin Yu is also frightened. If her brother comes, the weather will change in Nantang …
Ouyang Junjin, the iron emperor
"Linda Ren Huang calls you for an audience." Ling Yan’s gentle voice sounded behind him and Lin Yu was busy following him during the meeting.
It just so happens that she also wants to hug the emperor’s adult thigh.
Ling Yan took Lin Yuqi to turn into the dry Qing Palace’s bedroom. Jun Chen just changed his robes, white clothes, black hair and hair. They are all floating and elegant, and they are not tied and slightly fluttering, lining his tall beautiful and elegant figure as straight as a god.
He raised his eyebrows slightly, half his face was hidden in the shadows, and a kind of bright and beautiful breath infected Lin Yu from his face. Lin Yu felt that there was no more elegant man in the world than him.
"See … Emperor …" Lin Yuqiu’s watery eyes seemed to be reluctant to stare at Jun Chen until the salute was finished.
Jun Chen raised a crescent moon at the corner of her mouth and reached out to "Lin Qingli"
Ling Yan and the others retired from the huge palace, leaving them swaying.
Lin Yu’ s small steps approached Jun Chen, and Jun Chen couldn’ t help but reach out and play Lin Yu’ s forehead. "I am so beautiful?"
Lin Yu can’t walk when he meets a handsome guy, especially Jun Chen, a rare species.
Don’t be a handsome man, but don’t be ridiculous from a distance. You can be ridiculous from a distance.
Facing Jun Chen, Lin Yu stretched out her arms and her lips were as soft as cherry blossoms, pouting "hug" slightly.
Jun Chen Ying’s eyebrows jumped and two little bastards pouted and begged for a hug. Good. He liked to hold Lin Yu’s waist without hesitation and put her in his arms and fell down on the soft couch behind him.
The whole person has a feeling that Lin Yu is a little dizzy, but she feels as if there is a place where it is hot.
"Good itch! ! ! Ahahaha! "
Jun Chen focused on gnawing at Lin Yu as white as jade. Lin Yu couldn’t help but touch and play. He couldn’t help scratching his waist behind him.
Jun Chen’s conditioned reflex twisted and let Lin Yu break free. Lin Yu seemed to have discovered a new continent and laughed. "So today’s Saint Hahaha is also ticklish?"
Jun Chen sneered coldly and glanced at Lin Yu’s neck somewhere. Lin Yu felt that the visitor’s eyes were not good and stretched out his hand and touched it
"You you you you! Are you an emperor a dog? " Lin Yu was indignant and accused.
Jun Chen’s eyes were a little sharp, and Lin Yu covered her mouth with a sullen voice. "I … I apologize for my rude remarks!"
Jun Chen got up slowly. I’m in a good mood today. I don’t care about you.
Lin Yu’s face dare not show that she can whine "Bite the emperor!"
"Get up, I have something to tell you."
As soon as Jun Chen called Lin Yu, she immediately tidied up and came to her side to express her resentment. "Who tackled me?"
"Then who wants me to hug?"
Lin Yu "…" I was wrong! I was wrong!
Should not be tempted by beauty!
"I’m really here to ask you. Do you know who the envoy of Chu is?"
Lin Yu can get to the point to cover up his embarrassment. Jun Chen has the same eyebrows and eyes, and everything is clear. "Did Jun envy you?"
Lin Yu nodded very strongly. She wouldn’t say that she felt like Ouyang Junjin as much as Ouyang Junxian.
Although this kind of thing is unlikely to be illogical!
Jun Chen woke her up. By the way, she woke up. "There are envoys from Chu who have their own three brothers to deal with. Don’t intervene."
"That I should concentrate on dealing with Wei, right?"
Jun Chen touched a dog’s head. "Yeah!"
"…" Not clever!
"Emperor, can I find help?"
Jun Chen picked up Lin Yu’s face, which was firm and unyielding but full of blush. Her cheeks were soft and tender. It was really cute.
"I approved 48 Chapter 48 Cunning smile.

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