Laugh at me. I know that saints have to borrow land to gain access to the west when they become enlightened. It is too difficult for this to happen. Father, you are not kidding again. "

Li Suiyun shook his head lightly and sighed that Hera and Pandora were far away from here and could not hear them before explaining, "I said that there would be saints in the West? Although the gods in the west are not sacred, they will be fascinated. The advertisements of the gods in the west are not similar to those in the east, but similar to those in the fairy family in the east. The gods of Olympus have tried their best to resist the east. Now that there are so many trivial things, I am afraid that I can’t help myself. "
Butterfly Dance was shocked when she heard it, but she didn’t realize it. She nodded lightly and boarded the bus with Aphrodite and the other two gods.
The three western gods only entered the heaven, which is such an important event as being hidden from you, and the butterfly dance and the three western gods went back together, which made you have some ideas. How serious is the butterfly dance? Although those true fairies are not clear, they are at least not weaker than the golden fairies. Even these figures will go out. It is really doubtful what the pure saint has planned.
Emperor Heaven of Science is the most anxious, but the seemingly grand World War I in those days was nothing more than a happy family and a sad family. Now the world has shown signs of chaos, and he has sent his son to support Qin Jun. If those saints have other thoughts, wouldn’t it be a headache?
Today, Emperor Heaven of Science is powerful and proficient in the art of emperor king. It is not like that young man who handled everything in a watertight way. He is not willing to be constrained by saints. He always thinks that they should establish their own prestige thoroughly. But now, when it is not yet time, Taoist Qing Xu has moved. If this doesn’t make him lose heart?
He also heard some rumors that the old Taoist priest and the Taoist priest were going to walk into the world of mortals. Although he didn’t know whether the news was true or not, he thought it was true in nine cases. If not, why would he say such words? You need to know such a thing, but you can’t even think of it. Why don’t saints take a walk in the world of mortals?
However, he also knows that although he is dissatisfied with the saints for fear that they may find their bad luck or persuade them to be right, once his saints are reincarnated, they will find their bad luck, and it may not be long before his saints will find their bad luck.
This is not how United saints are. saints are afraid of not being harmonious with each other, but they naturally have a tacit understanding with each other. If they are old and clean, they will find their bad luck when they enter the world of mortals. Those saints who have not entered the world of mortals are afraid of not killing themselves immediately. This is a deterrent, and they will be counted when they enter the world of mortals.
However, if you watch the evil deeds and the old world of mortals ruin your own events, he will be unhappy in his heart. You need to know that if the Terran is willing to cultivate, it will be faster than the demon race. What’s worse, if the Terran has a large population, it will be a steady stream of new blood in heaven.
Emperor Heaven of Science is also an ambitious man. He has always been dissatisfied with the fact that the strength of Heaven is limited to the East. He wants to expand and make the East Heaven a leader of all ethnic groups. This requires war terrans, which is the huge source of soldiers. He needs people to support his agents. He doesn’t want his plans to be destroyed.
But now his abacus doesn’t work, which makes his heart full of indignation. He knows that even those saints who have never entered the world of mortals have calculated the old and Li Suiyun. Who wants the Terran to be occupied by others? Although they can’t do it fair and square, it is necessary to set up some trouble. Those saints want to do it themselves
I have to guide myself from it. I am not afraid that those saints will not look for Li Suiyun when the time comes. When they are unlucky, they are the most vulnerable. At that time, saints will be as fragile as babies in a short moment. This is the best time to make moves. If they miss that moment, their magical powers will naturally recover, and it will be possible to calculate saints.
Similarly, if the saints are really killed, what will happen will also make Emperor Heaven of Science have a headache. He is afraid of breaking the balance of saints. Now all saints have formed a delicate balance theory. It is precisely because of this balance that they dare not break this balance easily that they can develop smoothly. However, once any saint is really killed, the balance will naturally be broken, and the saints will inevitably have a big fight. At that time, Emperor Heaven of Science can’t help but hesitate to lift a stone and hit his own foot.
Chapter 20 Who is the first?
The reincarnation of Tao is still so lonely. At that time, the twelve Wuzu and a stepmother, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, became the most mysterious place in the three realms. Although there are also magical powers, they also explored a little mystery in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, but they are still a glimpse of the leopard.
The so-called six paths, namely, Heaven, Humanity, Asura, Hell, Evil Ghost, and Beast, go round and round, forming their own way, judging people’s good and evil, breaking the world’s virtuous and foolish, and judging ghosts’ passing through the three realms of heaven and earth according to Heaven. Therefore, although many practitioners except saints jump out of the three realms but are still bound by The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is extremely lonely, Fiona Fang and Wan Li are full of evil wind and freezing cold. Even when Gu Jinxian arrives here, he needs to be careful to protect himself. This is a world of dead people, and only the dead who are about to fall into reincarnation are qualified and able to act here.
But now there are a few more people here, not just immortals, but a few immortals who can’t repair well. It’s a pity that these immortals are not as good as beggars on the street at this time.
It’s no wonder that when the Empress was transformed into The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, they both pitied the living beings and angered the Godsworn for fear that the living soul would be harassed by the Godsworn again. For Godsworn Tian, I don’t know how many restrictions were designed. Only those dead people can freely move around here and display their magical powers.
These immortals huddle together and whisper endlessly. They all emit faint fluorescence and faint halo. This is the protective gas film formed by their immortal spirit. Without this, they would surely be attacked by something congenial and cold. Something congenial near The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is not those ghosts and wild ghosts. Something congenial here is even worse than the gathering of the ghost kings in one place for 100,000 years.
These immortals obviously have any idea again. The land near The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is as hard as pig iron, but now they have dug up a bunker abruptly. They all shrink inside and someone pokes his head out from time to time to check it out.
Those immortals gathered in one place and suffered one by one. From time to time, they threw a pill into their mouth to restore their own consumption, so they consumed the real yuan.
There was a fairy dressed in white who looked elegant and extraordinary. Those immortals dressed in dark clothes seemed out of place. He ruthlessly threw a nine-turn Dan medicine into his mouth. Mo Yun Xuangong restored some strength to Dan Li, and then he hated and said, "I don’t understand why we are not capable people. Why are we afraid of coming here?" Just send a little fairy here for such a small thing. "
What he said was quite domineering and unpleasant, but he did say it, and there was no reason to refute that all the immortals were silent.
A fairy in a black robe sighed lightly, but he was a little older. He looked at the leader of the gang. He looked at the fairy in white and said with a wry smile, "Who dares to violate the Heaven Emperor’s life?" Nowadays, the world is in chaos, and I don’t know how many more people are here. How can a fairy come here and stand the Shaqi and the murderous look of ghosts?
What’s more, we are great sages. Are you the young players you faced before you ascended, or the Jin Xian in heaven? I don’t blame you if you don’t know the height, but you should know when to buy your own things and when not to buy your own things. Hum, don’t hurt yourself and push us into the water, or don’t blame us for being rude. It’s not a big deal to kill a fairy here. "
At first, the old man was still diffuse, but later, his tone turned sharply, which threatened to mean Rao, the white fairy was full of pride and could not help but lower his head for a while.
When the immortals next to them saw this, they all felt Japanese. This white fairy has just risen from the world, and there is something between Jin Xian and Tian Xian Xiu. There must be something unusual about this little self-reliance and miraculous people. The Heaven Emperor of Science doesn’t know what’s wrong with this little confidant, and he was sent here this time. These immortals are not less angry with him, but now the first boss is full of evil spirit in their hearts.
Those immortals know in their hearts that the white fairy will be removed sooner or later. These immortals are all smooth, and they have a wide range of friends in the heaven. More importantly, they are extraordinarily white about the world. What do you mean, they are tall once more in the spring wind?

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