When Lu Fang saw those blood-turned-into-demons monks facing Xu Ren, none of them immediately worried.
After listening to Lu Fang’s words, his black brother made moves to Xu Ren to gain the advantage of the number of people and directly killed Xu Ren.
"You have to pass us first."
When the black monks rushed to Xu Ren, the monks of Yuehua Xianmen made moves in succession.
These monks in Yuehua Xianmen were really tired, and some of them were even slightly injured.
However, after Xu Ren arrived, he distributed enough pills to them. These Yuet Moon Fairy Monks recovered quickly, especially when the two palace lords came to them. They were not injured, but they were tired of protecting those masters. After receiving Xu Rendan’s medicine support, their strength quickly recovered, and even their spirit was restored by Xu Ren’s soul-nourishing Dan.
As soon as Brother Yuehua Xianmen makes a move, it’s very difficult for those monks of Yunhai Xianmen to get close to Xu Ren, especially when they are very passive in the face of small children, and they all deliberately avoid it.
Lu, the master of Jack nife Temple in the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds, looked around and saw that all the monks he had brought were intercepted, and he was still at a disadvantage. He also couldn’t sit still. He picked up the long sword of the fairy device and was going to kill Xu Ren.
Lu Fang seems that Xu Renshen is in all variables. It will be much easier for him to successfully kill Xu Ren, a variable, and then kill these monks in Yuehua Xianmen.
"Your opponent is us!"
When Lu Fang rushed to Xu Ren, two figures flew up and directly attacked Lu Fang.
Preventing Lu Fang from attacking Xu Ren is naturally the Yuet Moon Fairy Gate. The two palace lords, Lu Fang, are the same as the realm of abode of fairies and immortals. The monks lowered their expectations by a little bit. The two palace lords naturally came out of their way.
"Get out of here, two bitches."
Lu Fang is also worried now, because he feels that the situation in the town is a little out of his control, and the monk Xianmen, who brought these clouds of sea, is gradually losing his advantage.
The two palace lords of Yuehua Xianmen were also angered by Lu Fang’s "smelly bitch", but they were still more cultured and didn’t swear on the spot, but the attack was even more fierce
Lu Fang’s strength defeated Yuehua Xianmen. One of the two palace lords was not too strong, but at the same time, he was somewhat overwhelmed with the two. After a short time, he fell into the wind
Lu Fang just fell into the wind here, and soon the town array changed again, and the blood gas dissipated rapidly in the southeast.
If the former northeast is covered with town array law, it has been torn two big mouths.
"These losers are really useless."
Lu Fang made a crazy attack on the two palace exhibitions of Yuehua Xianmen while cursing in his heart.
And when Lu Fang stepped up his offensive, the situation in Xu Ren changed.
Xu Ren confronts the black monk who has turned blood into magic, and finally can’t bear the great pressure to display the atomization avatar. He wants blood to kill Xu Ren, and of course he wants to get rid of the spirit-eating worms in the atomization state.
It’s a pity that after he turned to blood, he found that not only did he get rid of the spirit-eating insect entanglement and put Xu Ren to death, but there was a bigger crisis waiting for him.
Xu Renshen faintly emitted a wave.
Then the brother Xianmen, who atomized the sea of clouds, felt that his incarnation of blood Shaqi was fixed and there was no way to move freely.
What’s even more frightening is that he feels that his blood and qi are all stopped, and at the same time there is a strong suction that devours his blood and qi.
This can make him panic, but it’s a pity that it’s already incarnate blood Shaqi, and the sound made by his roots can be swallowed up by that suction.
After about half a wick sweet, the incarnation of the sea of clouds fairy gate disappeared, leaving Xu Ren still smiling.
"I said before that uniting the The Hunger function to enhance their strength is knowing and doing. Do you believe it now? Do you still want to fight with me? "
Xu Ren watched with great interest those monks who turned their blood into a magic sea of clouds and immortals. He wanted to defeat these guys and finally make them completely crazy.
Chapter four hundred and sixty-four Really rely on
Xu Ren successfully killed a friar who had become the incarnation of The Hunger Yunhai Xianmen, and successfully dispelled the blood Shaqi of the other incarnation in front of his friar Yuehua Xianmen and Yunhai Xianmen, leaving no trace.
As a result, the monks in Yuehua Xianmen naturally felt very surprised, but after the surprise, their confidence in uniting The Hunger Gong Godsworn against them also increased a lot.
The strength of those monks who have practiced The Hunger Kung Fu and turned into The Hunger is much stronger than that of the half-blood state, but even this state is not a method to defeat. At least Xu Ren has a way to deal with this kind of incarnation as the monk of The Hunger Yunhai Xianmen.
Brother Yuehua Xianmen’s confidence has been restored. On the contrary, these monks who have cultivated The Hunger Gong suddenly felt uneasy in their hearts.
And that sense of unease is growing as the blood in the town dissipates.
The town is full of blood gas, which can help them replenish their consumption, and can also limit the strength of Brother Yuehua Xianmen. Now the blood gas here is getting weaker and weaker, and the advantages and disadvantages of both sides are gradually leveled and returned to the same starting line.
In fact, this time, when I went to the town to intercept Brother Yuehua Xianmen, it was not too much manpower to dispatch Brother Yunhai Xianmen. More people went to another place, and that place should be the only place for Brother Xuanji Xianmen to go back to the mountain.
Of course, according to the present situation, the people there must have jumped because Xu Renqian has said that Xuanji Xianmen participated in the three major Xianmen, and all the monks came to this town.
In this way, once the town law is solved and the blood gas dissipates, they have to deal with Yuehua Xianmen and Brother Xuanji Xianmen to attack the situation together, which will inevitably become more passive.
Yuehua Xianmen, the two monks in the abode of fairies and immortals, are relatively weak, but Yi Yang and Yun Yao, the officials of Xuanji Xianmen, are not so easy to handle, especially though Yun Yao is a woman, but all the monks in the three immortals can definitely rank in the top ten.
Although the strength of several temple lords from the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds is not bad, there is really no chance that the real and Yunyao hands will not turn into blood.
Because of this, these monks in the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds are very anxious, including the confrontation between the two palace masters of Huaxianmen in the first month and Lu Fang, the master of Jack nife Temple.
Xu Ren’s wandering in the Seven Killings Array threw some lingshi at the base of the array from time to time.
Even if he doesn’t go to the heart to maintain the large array of seven kills, he can still maintain a strong lethality. Even if those monks who have turned into magic clouds and immortals are not weak for a short time, they still break through the colorful attack and pose a direct threat to Xu Ren.
Xu Renze, however, released more spirit-eating insects when the brothers of Xianmen, who had finished bleeding, were tired of coping with colorful strength.
When a spirit-eating worm sees those blood-turned-into-magic monks in the sea of clouds and immortals, it’s like a mosquito seeing blood and stinging it regardless.
Those monks who turned blood into magic clouds and immortals had some difficulty in dealing with colorful strength, and the mysterious spirit-eating worm immediately panicked.
There is a psychological quality is not very good, but also directly cast the fog avatar to escape.
It’s a pity that he was freed from the colorful siege and felt a strong pressure. At the moment, the blood ShaQi he incarnated rushed uncontrollably towards Xu Ren.
This scene is no stranger to Brother Yuehua Xianmen or Brother Yunhai Xianmen, especially to Xu Ren.
When it was still less than half a wick of incense, the blood ShaQi incarnated by the monk Yunhai Xianmen was absorbed by the blood spirit, and this doubt added a heavy pressure to the hearts of those monks who practiced The Hunger’s work.
"I would have said that the practice of The Hunger’s work is not only a heresy, but also nothing big. You should believe it. If you listen to me, you can abandon the practice of The Hunger’s work now. I have the method of dissolving the sequelae of The Hunger’s work here. You can try to practice. Of course, those who turn blood into magic don’t want it because you have no roots to go back."
After the blood spirit once again absorbed all the blood ShaQi of a monk who became a magic sea of clouds and immortals, Xu Ren didn’t try so hard to start work again, but continued his words to increase the pressure on these monks of the sea of clouds and immortals.
Of course, if these monks are willing to abandon the dark cast, he really doesn’t mind giving Chen Zhong that set of achievement methods to these people. After all, this is also weakening the strength of the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds.
Once the strength of the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds is weakened, even if they are linked to the Great Wilderness Dynasty, the damage to the Daning Dynasty will be much smaller in the future.
"Don’t listen to his nonsense. His mouth is sharper than a sword. Killing him is the only way out."
Lu Fang, the master of the Jack nife Temple of the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds, immediately became anxious after listening to Xu Ren’s words. It’s true that this little boy is not playing according to common sense. At this time, he still thinks about cholera, and the monks of the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds are in a state of mind.
"I’m not talking nonsense. I really have such a method to make you willing to abandon the dark cast. Of course, there is also a requirement that I will believe that you really abandon the dark cast by killing the Lord of the Jack nife Temple and the Lord of the Jack nife Temple."
Xu Ren also kept on talking, but obviously he didn’t think about what effect he could get from these words. After all, the Lord of the Jack nife Temple in the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds is not so easy to kill.
"Damn it, I can’t leave you today!"
The owner of Jack nife Temple knows that Xu Ren can’t continue to talk nonsense. Although he brought those disciples of the Fairy of the Sea of Clouds, they may not really turn against the water, but the other party has been nagging so much. In case a few people are said to be alive, the loss of the Fairy of the Sea of Clouds will be even greater.
Great changes have taken place in Lu Fang’s momentum after he drank a lot.
Immediately afterwards, Lu Fang’s figure grew taller and taller, and his face also changed greatly. Not only were his face ferocious and his fangs exposed, but a pair of sharp horns grew in the sea.
In addition, Lu Fang gave birth to a pair of huge bat wings behind him, which were particularly large and twice as big as the ordinary blood turned into a magic sea of clouds and fairy monks.
Bang bang—
After Lu bloodletting turned into magic, his strength soared, and he forced back two palace lords, Yuehua Xianmen, with only two sword strokes.
The two palace lords of Yuehua Xianmen were forced to retreat by Lu Fang, and they all looked solemn. They had already felt the change of Lu Fang just after a collision, but the former Xu Ren could not see the difficulty when facing the friar of Yunhai Xianmen, which made the two palace lords of Yuehua Xianmen have a new understanding of Xu Ren’s power.
Lu put out the blood and turned it into magic, and forced back the two palace lords of Yuehua Xianmen to pounce on Xu Ren without stopping.
Xu Ren was also slightly surprised by Lu Fang’s performance. Although his strength is not weak, he dare not confront Lu Fang head-on. What’s more, Lu Fang has finished turning blood into blood inferno.
Lu let go of the sword and the moment ran through Xu Ren’s chest, but that was not the real Xu Ren, but a virtual shadow of Xu Ren.

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