Magic dragon smiled coldly, raised his sword and pointed to the sky and shouted, "My God’s forces call for nine doomsday sequences!"

A sword suddenly let out a sharp whistle.
Gu Qingshan looked around and saw the dark shadows appear in the virtual.
A total of nine shadows.
-I can’t see their outline clearly and I don’t know what they are.
These shadows stopped moving after they appeared.
Magic dragon added, "The nine doomsday ways to crush The six great divisions in the wheel of karma in the past are ready. Once the world knocks on them, they will come here directly by my strength."
Gu Qingshan in situ silently listening to a heart sank to the bottom.
At the moment he finally felt a trace of despair.
This doomsday weapon not only creates a doomsday world, but also summons nine doomsday outside the world.
That was that nine doomsday that shattered The six great divisions in the wheel of karma!
That is to say, once the world door is opened-
The evil spirit monk looked at the shadows and said, "Now, when the holders of the world’s six-way gate show up-"
White flame skeleton clenched bone claw way "-even if the six in good condition all the way to resist the nine kinds of advanced sequence doomsday situation now there is only one carrier"
Magic dragon said, "Then kill all those who are waiting for sleep, and the world door will be completely destroyed."
He walked slowly out of the world.
"Where are you going?" Brother evil spirit asked.
"I’m going to look at this article. You just don’t care if I do my own thing," magic dragon said.
"By the way, I have given you a limit. You can take him to the end of the world at any time."
"-this world facade is about to be destroyed."
Magic dragon said that ripples appeared around him and disappeared into the world.
-he went back to the evil world.
In the doomsday phase world, there are only white flame skeletons and evil spirits Godsworn Gu Qingshan.
"I just killed those six sentient beings and consumed too much power to rest here temporarily."
White flame skeleton way
After that, he found a place to sit and re-melt into a white flame, quietly moving.
Brother Evil Ghost looked at Gu Qingshan and said, "You should stay here, too."
Gu Qingshan immediately said, "The time is coming, but I still have some worries. I’ll go out and have a look again."
I can’t. We need to notify the master immediately!
No one can fight these doomsday.
The whole world has no power to fight them!
Let the master escape from here quickly-
Friar Evil laughed and said, "At the end of the immortal spirit, you worry too much. We have the doomsday magic weapon, which will bring the six doomsdays that were destroyed that year, plus dozens of doomsday and silent light that have already entered here. No one here can fight us."
"Yes, after the destruction of this world facade, our sequence will all rise."
The skeleton sound came from the white flame.
Gu Qingshan turned the conversation and said, "Those six carriers really have the power to fight against us, but they are afraid that the carrier will have a way to escape."
"-and you said that this factor should be taken into account." Friar Evil was somewhat surprised and mused, "You are more weeks than I thought … no wonder it can be a special sequence."
Gu Qingshan shut up and wait for the words behind it.
Friar Evil strode forward and waved to Gu Qingshan without looking back. "This way, I’ll summon those who take over the whole world, tight encirclement, to prevent someone from escaping from you-you go out and look around again. Tell me immediately if you think of any problems."
"Yes!" Gu Qingshan should way
He walked forward with each other.
V-shaped ripples appear around two people.
They broke away from this doomsday world and reappeared in the temple.
The evil brother disappeared in a flash.
Gu Qingshan is in situ for a while.
His mind went blank and he didn’t think of a strategy
The world door is bound to hit.
No one can stop historical events.
Once the end of the world comes, everything will be completely destroyed
Even a huge corpse can hide carefully in front of the silent light doomsday body
Not to mention the fact that it is followed by the end.
Just now, at the end of the end, I destroyed several evil spirits at random.

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