The greatest contribution of virtual world to mankind is to shorten the distance between consciousness and consciousness, make people communicate efficiently and hinder the dissemination of information!

History tells us that the speed of information broadcasting determines the speed of technological and social development!
From ancient knotting notes to the appearance of language and writing, printing greatly promoted the speed of information broadcasting and created a brilliant ancient text.
In modern times, the speed of information broadcasting in the world of newspapers, telephone and Internet has increased several times, and the human world has also entered the most rapid development stage in history.
Not long ago, the United Nations just announced that the earth is about to enter a new development stage-information culture behind agricultural culture and industrial culture!
In the Internet era, the bud of information text has appeared, but now the emergence of virtual world and artificial intelligence has completely promoted the earth text to the era of new text development.
On the efficiency of information broadcasting, with virtual reality technology, the earth has surpassed the old interstellar binary star in a sense
A victory news In 49 BC, the Greek soldier Philippis spent more than three hours running 42 kilometers to reach the central square of Athens, which brought a historical echo of "victory".
Today, the news of "victory" in the battle between the stars and the sky travels all over the world!
Department of longevity
Several Kara people cheered with their arms, and some people knelt down and cried excitedly.
Won! They won!
Since the fall of the planet, the shadow of death has been hanging over it, and it is fading away as the binary star withdraws from the fleet …
From this moment, they got rid of the tragic fate of the original demise or slavery and ushered in a new life!
There is a tree house in the high place. Rose looks at the face and cheers at the ocean. The surrounding sounds seem to be fading away …
One after another, my mind was full of confusion, with my father’s gentle eyes before he left and a long night of sitting in the dark, despair and fear.
The corners of the mouth are a little bitter, and I don’t know when I have wetted my face.
She held her knees, buried her face in her arms and trembled slightly.
Losing loved ones, pain, loss of home, grief and indignation, Rose’s tender shoulders shouldered the whole burden of Karavin’s death, but even if she was afraid of the Queen, she could not shed tears!
Now all the grievances finally broke out today to prevent the collapse. At this moment, Rose seems to have really recovered her soft side like a girl.
For a long time, the sobs gradually disappeared, and after a while, Rose realized that it seemed that there was something wrong with the present state, like a frightened rabbit raising his little face and looking around warily …
Ok, ok! Guard, they should all be far away
Dry your tears quickly and tidy up your instrument quickly
The sudden cough startled Rose, who jumped up like a fried cat.
"who! Come out! " The queen’s face turned red and she was obviously flustered when she drew her sword in anger.
"Uh …" Some kind of gawk. Does this count as pointing to a monk looking for baldness?
Sound … seems to be very close?
Rose paused for a moment, and then it seemed as if her eyes were floating in vain, holding a silver magic sword in her hand, and the whole person remained stiff with a sword posture.
Gas suddenly solidified …
Damn it! Careless! Forget this guy!
Rose is annoyed that this magic sword is very strange. Most of the time, it is like a set program with low intelligence and is responsible for the basic function of limited currency exchange.
Only when you have your own initiative or the other party wants to take the initiative will you have higher intelligence, agility and cunning, just like a real person.
Because of this characteristic, Rose often forgets that this is also a similar "living body", which is why she lost her emotional control and lost her Jingzhou.
His weak side was actually seen by it!
Show weakness! This should never make a huge political mistake for a cultural leader!
Will the other party be disappointed in their partner? Will it lower the evaluation of Caravan? Will you adjust your attitude accordingly?
Rose looked at the sword in her hand and seriously thought about some possibility.
The royal dignity … Do you want to kill the sword?
"So it’s you. I’m sorry I overreacted."
She fought back her remorse and tried to put on a calm look in an awkward atmosphere, but her hands trembled slightly.
"Hey!" The scabbard hit each other and missed it …
Rose "…"
Magic sword "…"

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