He really can do such a fire element fist.

According to the law of blood science, fake bodies cannot be manipulated.
Only the corpses of living beings will be enslaved by the blood sea.
-that is to say, this body is the man.
He died here and didn’t return to Abreu.
But what about the soul force?
Where is the soul force condensed by his whole life?
Su Xueer suddenly remembered that a few people were red before.
"It’s so warm."
They walked towards the depths of the ice sheet, talking and laughing.
Su Xueer was silent for a long time.
This man was strong when he was alive.
After a series of battles, he was seriously injured, which led to the collapse of the ice sheet.
And those who kill others get a little soul power.
A lot of soul power is gone.
Who took the soul force?
Su Xueer silently thinking.
"Girl, it seems that you have noticed something."
A sound sounded from the snow.
Su Xueer suddenly looked back.
See just now from that a few people back here again.
It was they who killed this man.
They cooperated skillfully and quickly, and everyone came without responding, and they had already killed a koo.
Su Xueer vigilantly watched them quietly retreat before crossing the staff.
"Tut tut is really alert. I have to say that you are a smart and beautiful girl and I like you very much," said another voice.
They scattered Su Xueer surrounded.
A bald strong man came to face Su Xueer.
"Really … I’m curious why you’re such an excellent person and you’re not added," he said.
Su Xueer sipped her lips and didn’t speak.
Her eyes fell into the retina.
Lines of fine print are staying on the noodles.
"Attention, please"
"Attention, please"
"Because of your continuous refusal to add fire, the doomsday line fire has confirmed your enemy."
"You will be surrounded by fire owners."
"Besides, the fire is stepping up its invasion against you."
"Depend on your soul power to resist the fire invasion in a certain time range."
"19 minutes and 57 seconds left"
This is not a long time.
Su Xueer secretly asked, "What will happen if the soul is exhausted?"
"The system will protect you again, and the fire will invade the system and you will be possessed," replied the system
Su Xueer alpha males
Will you be possessed when you run out of soul power?
"Is possessed their state?" She asked.
"No, they are in a state of preparation for death, because the doomsday line of all worlds has not yet started, and the fire allows them to live temporarily to help the fire find more energy."
"When the demon king’s order wakes up, these people’s souls will become food for order."
"will it be like this?"
"Because the fire doesn’t look at them, they don’t get the qualification to be possessed by the fire."
"But please note that they are looking for spiritual power by fire, and their fighting ability has been greatly enhanced by fire."
Sue snow looked at that a few people.
They look very excited-even this face full of murder and desire is what their hearts really look like.
Actually, they have said one thing very well.
They’re demons. They don’t have to go back to demons.

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