At the end of the spear, the hand continued to emit three brilliant lights: blue, orange and red.

"How beautiful!" Renee Doyle sighed with ecstasy.
"I feel a great power of law-is this the power of law behemoths?" Red mandarin fish also asked with joy.
The curtain held the spear for a long time before saying, "It already has great power, but it is not enough. After that, we will continue to gather stars to build it, and it will get stronger and stronger!"
Renee Doyle said, "I’ll do it with you."
The curtain watched her eyes soften and said, "Renee Doyle, give this spear a name."
Renee Doyle thought, "This spear has not been completely cast. When it is fully formed, shall we call it the destroyer of all things?"
Gu Qingshan aside to hear this sentence is not a shock.
Curtain nods "good! If one day I finish casting it, I will give it another shape. "
"What?" Renee Doyle asked
"It must be able to attack me and defend you," the curtain said.
Gu Qing couldn’t help but take a step back against the car wall when I heard that.
Destroyer of all things
Another form of it is the protector of all beings
It turns out that the seven holy soldiers of the abyss and a colorful spear turned out to be cast by the boss at this time!
Everything around suddenly fell into a standstill.
The train roared and disappeared. It suddenly stood still without inertia.
Gu Qingshan can see the rock wall outside through the window.
Curtain, Renee Doyle, and Red Sinister all kept their original expressions and moved to a standstill.
The sound of the boss keeps ringing.
"Gu Qingshan to this step there are some things I should tell you"
"In the past, I was the strongest in the whole world and the first person in the star crown. I saw many future fates and knew that I would eventually become an exiled saint and an eternal abyss of depravity."
"I have done my best and left many dark hands in the long history."
"For example, these six seals, such as the seven sacred soldiers of the abyss, are also like-"
His voice became serious "Rod"
"Rod?" Gu Qingshan repeated
"there was no such person in history, but I set up six seals, but I was afraid it was still not enough. I reserved a place for someone from the future in my first half of my life."
"I hope this person can grow up with me, help me see the vague history and face the truth hidden in the fog."
"I chose you at the last minute"
"Thanks for the letter-but how did you do it?" Gu Qingshan asked
"It’s true that you do it with me. After all, you have three coins in your hand, and only you can start tampering." The boss said.
"But how can you enter your past time by inserting someone?" Gu Qingshan puzzled way
"This is a force of fate, I think you should guess," the boss said.
Gu Qingshan was silent for a moment and murmured, "So that’s it. You learned your destiny."
"Cong" eldest brother said
Gu Qingshan sighed and said, "It was only after the abyss that Lin gained the strength of the abyss weavers and the skills of fate."
"I have this ability to be the first person to be crowned with stars in ancient times, and I have set a place for people from the future," the boss said
"I tampered with you and made me a real person in ancient history."
Gu Qingshan said with some regrets
The boss deserves to be the first person ever.
He has set up such an incredible cause since ancient times!
"Do you still have the power?" Gu Qingshan asked
"This is the power I reserved in my heyday. Later … I gave this power to someone you know." The boss said.
"I know … after you gave Lynn a new abyss from the eternal abyss, Lynn tried her best to enter the world of evil spirits?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Yes" eldest brother way
"What happened to your sudden appearance now?"
"In order to tell you that this is an important node, I created the first law horcrux at this moment, which is the prototype of the destroyer spear," the boss said.
Gu Qingshan nodded and waited for his words.
"I am the Lord of the Law of Glory, and you have been brought into history by my six seals and become the Lord of the Law of Death."

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