"They should drag you into ten hell!" Male roar a way

"This is also true for me. Whoever goes to hell will go to hell, but those ghosts who beg for life dare not let me go to hell so that I can stay here."
Gu Qingshan said, raising his knife and pointing forward.
All over the sky, thunder came crashing down
Chapter 20 Art
Lei Guang is raining down.
The earth shook endlessly and was thoroughly cleaned by the thunder.
The phantom of the dead was bombarded by hundreds of robbery mines, and it could no longer be sustained. It quickly separated from the current world and gradually disappeared.
Only Kirin is still bombarded by lightning.
It moves around, sometimes dodges several attacks, sometimes gets hit by thunder, and when it grows, it can’t help but roar at the sky.
"The reincarnation of ghosts and evil thoughts Shura is called to help me!"
Kirin folded high call way
See a virtual shadow swept from the sky.
Is a man wearing armor and holding a square day painting Ji.
The man was full of fighting spirit and laughed. "I like fighting best!"
Before he fell on Kirin, he looked at Gu Qingshan carefully and looked at the day of robbery.
"This is Armageddon … that is to say …"
The man suddenly turned around and complained to Kirin, "What are you doing? What are you doing in Asura? Don’t hit the end and you made up again. Instead, we were splashed with dirty water in Asura."
"It’s hard to fight!"
The man angrily rushed into the sky and disappeared.
Qilin gawk
Gu Qingshan held his arms and smiled. "This Asura is interesting."
Just now, that Asura saw Armageddon. This is a celestial war.
Although Asura is belligerent, his brain is smart and he knows he can’t get involved.
It’s like a fight at someone else’s house. If you try to make peace, no one will blame you afterwards.
But if you go to help fight and wait until someone else’s home is reconciled, you will hate your hand.
I’m afraid this Asura is a fighter. As soon as he saw the battle, he made up his mind not to go to muddy water and flew away.
Or one-on-one
Gu Qingshan was about to reach for the arrow when he shook hands with the longbow, but suddenly he found that the bowstring was almost broken.
This bow is a common bow.
It is extremely difficult to be broken by Gu Qingshan for so long.
Gu Qingshan sighed to take out the long Dao.
-now it’s going to be hand to hand.
He stepped on the smoke and walked towards Kirin step by step.
"I never thought I would fight with a unicorn-and then I would kill it," he said.
Kirin crouched with a low roar and seemed ready to pounce.
"Funny guy, because you want to kill me, too?"
"Of course, now everyone is sealed. It’s time to kill you."

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