"I am like King Kong"

Yi Yi’s ancestor was covered in golden light, but when he bit it, he saw that his teeth were actually broken and his tongue was blocked by a knot, and he almost bit off his tongue.
"Good material refining magic weapon is good." Grandfather Taiyi picked up the tooth of Hubei God, a grandfather Taiyi who knows people but never waves materials.
Looking at Taiyi’s ancestor, E God, roaring in the sky, "Although you are detached, I am not weak. I am stronger than you. I can’t beat you." Dare I fight a real fight? "
"Do you dare to compare fate with me?" Taiyi’s ancestor asked
It’s too easy for our ancestors here to get into a ball, and several ancestors of Terran there are facing twelve fiends. Twelve strong Terrans are just four short of each other. How to fight?
The ox god shot tens of billions of terrans and instantly uprooted them and fell into the horns of the ox god.
"Leave it for me"
Taiping’s ancestor, with a solemn face, put the imperial map shop in his hand and suppressed it towards the cow god.
A roll of imperial pictures smashed the ox god and split it in an instant, but two horns broke away from the bondage of the Terran by virtue of their life power and returned to the magic protoss territory, and instantly placed the Terran department.
"This fiend is a seasoned road, but he still doesn’t abandon his enemies enough to take the initiative to provoke the Terran until the Terran magic protoss hits the real fire. Let’s take the opportunity to join the Terran to annihilate the magic protoss at one stroke." Tiger God’s eyes flashed with wisdom.
"Magic protoss! I Terran, are you waiting for the strong Terran to stand by and watch my Terran suffer? "
Grandfather Tai Dou was so angry that he wanted to do it, but he couldn’t move. His eyes were splitting and he watched Terran creatures being taken away.
At this moment, all the heavens are looking at the outside of the world barrier or at the Yujing Mountain.
Among all the strong men outside the Terran, Jade Duxiu is in the leading position. Jade Duxiu can’t move the original, Amitabha and Qitian can’t move jade and won’t start work. At this time, The Hunger is caught in the world of clouds and no flowing stones, leaving Tai Su hovering and a pair of eyes looking at Yujingshan.
"What does Hung-chun think?" Tai Su’s godfather looked at the completely defensive Terran, and the demon protoss ravaged immediately.
"I don’t know what Hung-chun thinks. Hung-chun must have his reason if he doesn’t start work." Looking at Tai Su’s ancestor with a sigh, he took his time.
"Don’t make moves to fiend at any time can be terran perish from this step in the dragon’s footsteps" Tai Su some impatience.
"Don’t worry! You see, the fiend didn’t wantonly kill, but plundered the Terran population and didn’t wantonly kill the criminals. Maybe it was Hongjun who ordered the Wolf God to return from the Yujingshan Mountain and suddenly attack Yujingshan Mountain. If it was Hongjun, who would believe it? " Shaking his head.
Five Dragon Kings of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea gathered together to look at the battle between Bianhuang and Jingui, and looked at the Terran battlefield with no expression on their faces.
"What does Jin Li Xian’s brother think?" The East China Sea Long Jun looked at the brocade scale.
Jin Li shook her head. "What a pity!"
"What a pity?" Several Long Jun qi qi looked at the brocade scales with curiosity.
Brocade scales shook her head and didn’t speak. She closed her eyes for a long time without saying a word.
Looking at the brocade scale expression, SIRS Long Jun didn’t ask more about the South China Sea Long Jun. Looking at the Bianhuang struggle, his face lit up. "It’s really a day to make the crazy protoss take the initiative to provoke the Terran to become a complete enemy. In the future, the magic protoss will be enemies all over the world. I don’t know how to deal with the siege of the Terran demon clan."
"If we don’t do it, the protoss will die!" Beihai Longjun laughed wildly.
"A group of idiots, no wonder the dragon will gradually decline." Jin Li drank a glass of wine and scolded him in his heart.
Terran magic protoss fight no casualties is to see SIRS godfather is also one leng Taiping godfather looking at broken cow god will send out all the Terran immediately one leng "these fiends want to do? What do you do to plunder our Terran people? "
"These people are so full that they have to take away the demon clan department, but instead take away my Terran. What do you want to do?" Too easy to teach ancestors is startled.
"This tens of billions of people are hostages. If Terran dares to offend my fiend clan again in the future, it will slaughter tens of billions of Terrans. I am the magic protoss to make amends." It is enough for Hubei God to stop tens of billions of Terrans.
"Bah! You guys are actually thinking about taking hostage’s head. It’s rare to know "Tai Dou’s godfather did his best to watch the whole battlefield with a pair of eyes, and then looked at the 33-fold heaven, and his eyes fell on the Wolf God." Nine times out of ten, it was Hung-jun who ordered me not to know what Hung-jun was going to do, and the moth actually burned my Terran body. "
"Your Terran has offended me. How can the Magic Protoss just come and go as you say? I’m coming to you today to trouble you and plunder tens of billions of Terrans, so that you can know that my Magic Protoss is not easy to mess with!" The cow god is really reorganized. "The tens of billions of Terrans have been taken hostage, and the wild monsters have been collected. Where is the taste of the remaining beasts? The Terrans are delicious, crunchy, elastic and chewy."
"Bastard!" After listening to the myth of cattle, several godfathers were torn apart, but Naili was not as good as people who could bear the evil spirit.
"You old thing, be careful when you talk. Don’t really touch the bottom line of the ancestor. The ancestor demon gods unite to deal with us." The centipede bodhi old zu nodded in the ear of the cow god
"Come on, give them a lesson this time. Let’s go!" The wolf god has a sly light in his eyes.
Chapter 246 Concealing the facts and making people plan
Looking at SIRS fiend retreating, the Terran earth is riddled with holes, and there are tens of billions of Terrans missing. SIRS ancestor is red-faced but can be resisted.
"These fucking pretty incredibly by dint bully people! Damn it! This is outrageous! " Grandfather Taidou was flushed with anger.
"Come on, don’t make so much noise. Later, let’s destroy the blood pool fiend of the magic protoss. This is a warning to us. The tens of billions of sentient beings fiend will never dare to be used as rations, but if the Terran really calculates the magic protoss again, it’s really hard to say." It’s too easy for the ancestor to play with the turtle shell in his hand. "This time, the magic protoss picked up a bargain. We were careless and called to break the large array of stars or we would have to find teeth everywhere."
Terran’s failure is not the weakness of Terran’s ancestor, but the sudden attack of Sirs’ fiend, and the array of stars and stars has been solved before it runs. Of course, the method can suppress the twelve powerful people whose strength has soared by 30%.
"It’s interesting to see if Hung-chun has an explanation when you go to Yujing Mountain!" Tai Yi’s ancestor got up and walked into Yujingshan with a sullen face.
Looking at the lack of a big mouth, the ancestors of the Terran tribe sighed and quickly arranged the defense.
It’s too easy to sit in the Jade Mountain, and it’s too easy for the ancestor to sit. The ancestor looked at the tea in front of him and looked at the cold face not far away. "Hongjun, you were born in Terran. Although my Terran has many things to do, you shouldn’t calculate Terran like this."
"I am like a terran?" Jade Duxiu looked at Taiyi’s ancestor, "The words of the ancestor are not too white."
"Don’t play the fool fully distracted. None of us are stupid wolves. When we got back from Yujingshan, we ambushed the Terran and stole tens of billions of Terran troops. Do you have an explanation?" Grandfather Taiyi’s eyes stared at the river of destiny in Jade Duxiu’s eyes, showing chaos and tumbling color.
"Maybe it’s a coincidence!" Jade Duxiu unhurried way
"Coincidence?" Tai Yi’s ancestor chuckled at Yu Duxiu with a pair of eyes. "Don’t push the Terran into a hurry."
"Oh?" Yu Duxiu is stupefied.
"Big deal to give up the earth, the Avenue of Stars has already taken shape. My Terran millions of beings are placed in the stars, far away from the wild and jumping out of the chess game, calling you abacus to fall. You should know better than me what will happen if you lose my Terran restraint and deterrence." Too easy to teach your ancestors to be serious.
"Too dou actually came to that step? Really derived the world of stars? " Yu Duxiu frowned. "I really want to meet him sometime!"
"No need!" Grandfather Taiyi waved a pair of eyes and looked down at Jade Duxiu. "You’d better not get better."
"Oh" Jade Duxiu frowned.
"No matter what intrigue you want to disappoint you in my Terran calculation, it’s not silly for me to play it by ear. I don’t want the Terran to slip away immediately." Tai Yi’s godfather chuckled and got up. "Take a leave."
"Don’t send!" Watching Taiyi’s ancestor go far away, the jade cup in his hand’ clicked’ and melted into dust, and a pair of eyes glared at the virtual "asshole!"
"Terran ancestors are all old foxes. It’s not that easy to figure them out." Cold Man smiled gently and gradually merged into the virtual "Call me if you have anything to do."
Jade Duxiu clutched Jade Rabbit’s ears with a pair of eyes. After a while, she saw that Jade Duxiu suddenly turned the front case into dust and said, "Let the teacher close the practice and never see a guest from now on."
Lingyu was about to bow down and answer when the jade bodhi old zu came in and swore, "Have I ever been sorry for you, you heartless bodhi old zu?"

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