Li Dabao "…"

"Ha ha ha ….. ok, don’t tease" Zhang smiled and caressed the soft white long hair.
"Well that!" Rongrong two small paws stretched out and handed Zhang a small bottle of Huai Jing Dan.
As a result, Zhang uncovered the small bottle and said, "We each have one of the four broken Dan." Zhang poured out three big Dan medicines and handed them to Wu Yu and Li Dabao Nangong Qi respectively.
Dan medicine is snow white with a white halo.
The nangongshan, holding a broken border Dan so-called smiled and then handed the broken border Dan RongRong he smiled, "for you to eat! Delicious jelly beans! "
Rongrong is everyone’s baby pimple. Everyone likes it very much, even Nan Gongqi, a calculating and eccentric person.
Zhang didn’t stop him from knowing that Nangong Qi is already a Samsung Martial Arts Master, and it’s the kind of martial arts master with special physique.
Breaking the boundary Dan is very effective for samurai, but it is somewhat dispensable for Samsung Martial Arts. It is just a small pill containing a lot of energy.
Yao Xiangfang would rather fight for life and death in order to make his own hands more powerful. Of course, it does not rule out the reason that he killed more humanitarians and scrolls.
Rong Rong’s two small paws hugged the broken Dan and threw it directly into the small mouth. It was very satisfying to chew and the words were unclear. "Xiaojin Jin is really delicious!"
Then he disappeared and got into Zhang Yang’s ring.
"Sleepy again! "Little slacker," Zhang Yang laughed. Then he glanced at Yao Xiang and asked Nangong Qi, "What’s the big boss keeping this small?"
Nangong Qi said flatly to Yao Xiang, "Yao Xiang, what do you have to say if you lose?"
Yao Xiang was lying on the ground and his shoulders were cut off. His blood vessels were sealed by himself and he stopped bleeding.
His eyes were dim and bitter. He said, "The winner and the loser really regretted not killing you, but you blinded him by your low profile."
"In those days? They know each other? " Zhang Yangxin is very confused.
"How do you want to die? Death by sword or suicide? " The nangongshan calm tunnel words straightforward.
"Oh!" Yao Xiang gave me a wry smile and then said, "It’s good to give me a chance to commit suicide. We left there together, but now it’s my honor to meet a hidden genius plot!"
Nangong wonders, "One of us will win in the end. I’m not a genius. I just like to brush my wits. When it’s time, you can commit suicide."
Yao Xiang died and looked serious. "My younger brother finally woke you up. He has become a master. It’s best not to meet him, or you’ll notice that I’m crazy for nothing!"
After all, Yao Xiang’s heart broke, and a blood column rushed out more than one meter!
Li Dabao woman.she way "depend! This small is also a hero’s suicide. It’s so emotional and a small fountain. "
Ignored Li Dabao after hearing Yao Xiang’s words, Nangong’s look a little dignified. Chapter 73 Man’s intuition at the moment.
Chapter 73 Man’s intuition
Hearing someone become a master, Nangong Qi is not as dull as before, but it is also a little more low []
Zhang took a shot at Nangong Qi’s shoulder and said with a smile, "Although I don’t know who the guru is, if Qi’s boss is my enemy, Dabao said it! Dude, if you want to be loyal, you’ll get angry. I’ll let him kill him with a dozen human cannons! Ha ha ha … "
Wu Yu also said, "Coward, don’t you have many plots? Calculate him to death. "
Li Dabao crouched down to pick Yao Xiang’s ring and handed it to Nangong Qi Dao. "After the strange boss received the war profit, he solved it afterwards. Everything is not a thing but a cloud!"
Suddenly, Zhang frowned and hurriedly said, "There are four teams rushing here, and there are more than 30 people on each side. We have to get out of here quickly!"
Nangong Qi also felt that someone quickly came to a decision. He said, "When you come, the mountain road has been blocked by these four small forces, and you can also leave the mountain behind the mountain first."
"Run!" Li Dabao said the most directly and ran.

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