No matter who and what forces want to hurt my family, I have made up my mind that I will never forgive him, and I will give him back 100% of the pain he has caused my family.

Can you treat me as your new home? "The tree mau shadow busy directly holding the small buried shoulders looked at her very seriously.
"Really?" Small buried bowed their heads and asked very small.
"Of course, aren’t we family now?" Shu Mao’s face was permeated with a bright smile, which directly infected Xiao Bury’s face, and gradually Xiao Bury’s face also smiled. So they hugged each other and sat quietly watching the sunrise in the courtyard.
"Brother, I also want to practice. I think if I don’t practice, I may never be able to stay with my brother. I can’t let my brother take care of me all the time, can I? I can’t be so selfish. After hearing what my brother just said, I know that my brother has a lot of family! "
"Of course it’s okay for Xiao Bury to practice." Then he took out a scroll from his pocket. "This is my brother’s experience in practicing. You can refer to the most original Shu Mao’s practice theory. Even my sister has seen it once!"
"Thank you brother, then let’s practice together."
"Good practice together!"
On the other side, Shu Mao saw that things were solved satisfactorily and sighed secretly to speed up to the hut.
When Shu Mao arrived at the hut, he went in directly through the back door and didn’t go to watch several people practice.
"Silent sister?"
"Oh, Shu Mao, are you coming back today?"
"I didn’t come back yesterday, but I didn’t come here until today. What’s the matter with the water stop? Didn’t he say he wanted to see me? "
"Stop water, come with me." Say that finish mute and run upstairs with Shumao. Before reaching the water stop room, Shumao smelled the unique medicinal herbs in the hospital.
"What’s the matter? Who is hurt? Yamato didn’t tell me yesterday that one of you was injured. "
Mute didn’t answer, but the dull mood made Shu Mao feel that things might not be so simple.
Shu Mao was shocked when he pushed the water stop house, because now he saw not a person but a mummy.
"What’s going on? When Yamato told me yesterday, he didn’t say that he was injured by stopping water! " Shu Mao repeated this sentence again.
"Don’t worry, it’s not stopping water, but …" Mute trembles.
"But what do you say?"
"But it’s me!" The mummy lying in bed has a mouth
"Is it Lord Fuqiu?" Shu Mao instantly recognized the speaker’s voice.
"I didn’t expect you to be able to tell my voice when I was away from Konoha for so long."
"What’s the difficulty? You know, I am quite familiar with Fu Qiu’s adult. "
"You are familiar with ferrets!"
"Of course," at this time, Shu Mao discovered that Mute didn’t know when to go out.
"So just stop the water and let me come over. Let me see you?"
"I asked the waterstop to give you a message and ask you to come over once. Honestly, I am also a messenger and the person who asked me to take a message is a skunk!"
"Skunk, what did he say?"
"He said that if I can get back to Konoha alive, I’d better go to the forest of death and live in it. When I see you, I will tell you that I will go to the valley of termination on July 7. He seems to have something to discuss with you."
"What do you mean you can get back to Konoha alive?"
"As you can see, my voice hasn’t changed now, and his base has changed."
"What the hell is going on?"
"On that day, I left Konoha with Meiqin. Our idea was to see the world and leave our footprints in places where we had never been before, but who knows …"
Fuqiu fell into memories, but Shumao didn’t interrupt his memories because he knew it was really not a good experience for him, right?
"Does the skunk take the initiative to bear all the charges?"
"So you know."
"Yes, I do know."
"on that day, we were going to the nearest seaside along the road leading to other places. At that time, the two of us wanted to see the sea, but we met a strange man halfway.
That man is wearing a red robe with a black background, but strangely, his face is black and white. "
It seems that they were the only ones watching konoha at that time, so I also entered their sight?
The man asked us a sentence, "Are you the former chief couple of Uchihiro?"

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