Su Yu’s eyes flashed a touch of cold mountain, which was the first time that he felt the threat to his life after turning into a nirvana!

43 Chapter 43 Was fetters
When Su Yu was silent for a little, he didn’t speak. Everyone in the restaurant of Baisuige dared not say anything. The Terran Tianjiao watched the Emperor waiting for his password.
Even if they die in Xintian City, they should let the Holy Mountain and Xintian Pavilion know that Terran can’t be deceived and the Emperor can’t be humiliated!
They are willing to defend the glory and dignity of the emperor with blood and life!
However, after a long time, Su Yu bowed his head and took a sip of sake. Then he waved his hand and said indifferently, "I’m tired, you are all scattered."
All one leng.
So scattered?
Aren’t you going to attack the holy mountain
A group of original blood-boiling Terran Tianjiao are slightly disappointed, which is a bit unlike the emperor wind!
Although they are a little lost at this time, most of them obey the emperor’s orders and pack up their weapons to prepare for the scattered formation, which no longer surrounds the centenarian pavilion.
"Wang Xuan"
"Throw this tiger body back to the holy mountain and tell the holy mountain that I just need a servant to stay with me."
Su Yu is indifferent.
There is a threat to the holy mountain. Su Yu will definitely not climb the mountain rashly. He is the emperor and the monarch does not set up a fence, but it is absolutely impossible for Su Yu to compromise! This captured holy body is a breakthrough for Su Yu, who believes that he can find some secrets about the holy mountain with this holy body.
If the holy mountain is not?
Don’t hold it, too! If you have something to do, continue to send someone to a Su Yu to suppress a pair of Su Yu to suppress a pair!
Su Yu had guessed that he was 90% sure that the holy mountain was a threat to himself. It should be a kind of law stuff. It is impossible for someone to threaten him because of his strength!
If there is a saint who has Su Yu’s strength, it means that the holy mountain has a super strong immortal level! Does the holy mountain still have to be laid out to hold any auction of ten thousand people? They can’t do anything directly? !
Otherwise, Su Yu is afraid of the holy mountain.
Hearing the words of Emperor Jun, some lost Terran Tianjiao became excited.
The emperor is still strong and unchanging!
Throw the body back to the holy mountain and force the holy man to be a slave! This is what the emperor’s overbearing demeanor is about. If you don’t attack the holy mountain, maybe the emperor is taking care of the overall situation
The emperor’s heart is unpredictable, and the Terran Tianjiao did not intend to guess too much about what the emperor was thinking.
King choose heavy promised to come with a few Terran tianjiao carrying tiger body, to the holy mountain.
Many alien tianjiao heard Su Yu’s words, and they were all relieved. Some people laughed at "What Terran Emperor is just a coward!" Dare to kill people in the world but dare not kill the holy mountain with a knife! "
"Saint warm bed saint do dog? Hum! It’s just a big talk! "
"Su Yu, who can talk big, is really living more and more."
"He is estimated to be the holy life to threaten the holy mountain to the advanced cultivation secret of the Chinese Empire, right? If you fight with the holy mountain, it is estimated that he didn’t have the guts. "
On the people’s heart’s constant speculation and contempt for Su Yu’s efforts to change Su Yu’s mind.
The Kingsguard and Terran Tianjiao were forced to disperse all kinds of alien Tianjiao, and the Centennial Pavilion Restaurant has become a temporary palace of the Soviet Emperor.
After this incident, some people praised Su Yu for being still strong, defending his weaknesses and bullying, and forbidding people to bully Terran, who was a good emperor through the ages. Of course, some people secretly cursed Su Yu for being as timid as a mouse and not daring to face the holy mountain.
Obviously, some people are up to no good. They are looking forward to Su Yu’s battle with the holy mountain.
These forces include many races and countries of the Night Alliance. They hope that Su Yu can break the calm of Xintiancheng and make the night emperor and Xintiancheng meet their true purpose. After all, not everyone is so naive to believe that Xintiancheng and the Night Alliance have become the martial realm of Gaodong continent. This kind of private dedication is not like the wind of the night emperor.
Su Yu chose to endure temporarily, for one thing, not to take risks, and for another, he had the idea of not wanting to be used as a gun.
After the crowd dispersed, Su Yu stood still by the storm in the city.
Su Yu ordered the body guards to continue to integrate the temporary unified management of the city Tianjiao and then block the centennial pavilion.
Su Yu asked Ling Aner to go back to the courtyard wing with An Anxian, and then asked Lei Zhen to come to the basement with the broken leg St.
"What are you going to do!"
The sacred heart is very uncomfortable because of the trembling and coma of the sacred sound and the foul environment.
He has now accepted the fact that he was captured by Su Yu. This powerful native is so abnormal! Saint now regrets why he chose the mountain to deal with this matter!
If you are not a mountain, you won’t meet this evil star!
"I can live if I ask you a satisfactory answer."
Su Yu’s eyes are cold and look straight at St.
This is to torture me!
The holy face changed and then growled, "That’s impossible! You can’t get news and intelligence from me! "

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