Han Tongyu shines at the moment. Yes, unless Wentao can join the Shushan Sword School, the Shushan Sword School can’t protect him as a doctor on this scale forever, can it?

"You also help to monitor the Shuxin clinic and Thunder Thunder. With such an array, there will be great events in the secular world."
Lao Di is an interesting person, and his ideas are also very interesting. Wen Tao said that casually, and many of them are imaginary States, situations and statements, but Lao Di is very confident in going to the secular world to find Wen Tao himself.
Wen Tao is the master, but he drinks wine with Lao Di as if he were the master. When he drinks, it is the way of not getting drunk.
Although Luo Zhenfeng is very talkative with the old place, it is far worse than drinking. Drunk fairy wine is more about strength than drinking alcohol, because the stronger the power, the longer it can last.
"Bro … this … this wine is good … this time, my brother … is … just asking you for advice." Luo Zhenfeng has been drunk and directly resisted by the tsunami, and his tongue has been drunk.
Wentao is now seven minutes drunk and has that kind of dizzy feeling, but I don’t know how much stronger Wentao is than the old place. Firstly, Wentao is physically trained and has reached the level of six fighters in my family. Secondly, Wentao has been drunk with fairy wine for a long time, and he has been drunk for many days since he tasted it the most. Now he can drink a lot of fairy wine, which is the first time for Laodi.
"Ah …" At this time, I drank almost enough. Wentao half joked, "You have to set up such an’ organization’ in the old place. I feel that you are a bit like playing with tickets. Although this is also a way of development, after all, it is not as good as developing an organization and a force."
Old listened to satisfiedly say with smile "this … you … don’t … don’t know! Er … What about the … Power? It’s more troublesome, more worrying … How nice! Rob that help sun … See who is not pleasing to the eye, rob him … Do whatever you want … Do whatever you want … "
The old land is really strong enough. Regardless of the quality of others, it is still very easy to talk to yourself, and there must be hidden power. However, Wentao does not want him to be involved in the whirlpool of himself. He wants to learn what he wants. To put it bluntly, he feels like he has changed from a robber in the fix-up world to an organized and disciplined underworld gang.
He said that some of those things are his own persistent things, and others may find it hard to understand. Forget it, since he is persistent in this road, let it go. Wentao has already decided to let him study in the underworld. After all, the situation is different. Let him find something more idealistic and standardized than the one in the film and let him go home after learning.
After the banquet, Wentao asked Luo Zhenfeng to help him study and sort out some things in this respect. He didn’t stay away from Wentao immediately after the old study, but he didn’t expect that he was having fun. The first gangster in the future in the fix-up world was that it was a long time ago, and there was nothing to do with Wentao. Now there are many problems to be solved …
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Blame
Shuxin clinic people enter and leave a remote entrance in Shushan.
"Boss" Ling Lan and Ling Yunzhi respectfully saluted Wen Tao’s arrival.
"Doctor Wen …" Kong Wenhao and Oriental Sword also greeted each other with fuels.
In the big brother red shirt blunt window nodded, but the eyes of an elder look like constant Hou Jian had seen window.
"Ah …!" Wentao smiled and nodded with Luo Zhenfeng and Tsunami, and Linglan around here had already arranged a law that would not be easily discovered by others, while Wentao took Luo Zhenfeng and Tsunami carefully after several turns.
This is the disadvantage of being famous. There are several people staring at it everywhere.
"Doctor Wen, the matter has been solved without an accident at Shuxin Clinic. Why don’t you tell us that Linglan and Lingyun Zhi are the people from Shuxin Clinic, and the red shirt is your brother. You still need to be polite to us two old guys and rebuild us." Although Wentao informed them through communication Lingshi after yesterday’s incident, all of them are still hanging on this matter.
Now, after all, all the people already know what the concept is that the Qingcheng School leaders personally take a group of experts in the middle of the cave.
Kong Wenhao’s words had just finished with the Oriental Sword, and he also said, "Do you need to be a stranger with us after all?"
Wentao is the most clear about their cultivation progress, but this is just the time to catch up with the need to make a gathering needle again
"Wentao, I have to say something about you this time …" The red shirt also said this time, "You shouldn’t have done something about this. At that time, if someone hadn’t arrived in succession, the head of the Shushan Sword Sect would also come. What would you do if something happened?"
It seems that they have been holding back for a long time, but they can’t leave here without their own orders. Wentao feels warm in his heart, saying that he is criticizing himself and saying that he is sincere and pregnant.
"It seems that everyone has something to say. Aren’t you going to say something?" Wentao smiled faintly. When Kong Wenhao and Dongfang Yijian told the master elder brother these words, Wentao smiled and nodded. When they finished, Wentao looked at Linglan and Lingyunzhi.
Ling Yunzhi is very resistant to stand hand way "can’t you are the boss! !”
"It doesn’t seem to affect what you say. Did I say that my employees can’t express their opinions?"
"Then I really said it!" In fact, the root of Ling Yunzhi’s words is not to ask Wentao. Although Wentao often strikes, he and Luo Zhenfeng are just comfortable. The overall environment in the clinic is still very casual. Ling Yunzhi said that his eyes floated to Linglan.
"Don’t look at Linglan!" His little mind is broken without looking at it.
"If the boss asks you to say it, just say it!"
"Then I can say," said Ling Yunzhi, looking at Wentao. "The boss is not us. When employees criticize you, your recent practice has become more and more excessive. If you don’t tell us that it is dangerous to prevent us from participating in the clinic, then we are still comfortable in the clinic. Besides, now our strength is not weak. Lanzu has entered the early stage of Du Jie. If you fight, you are not afraid of the red shirt strength, and you are not inferior to the early stage of Du Jie. He still has the ability to transform himself. Now he has gradually found a way."
"Let’s talk about me again. Even my strength has reached the peak of the later period of cave deficiency. What is it that you have gathered so many pills to make our strength rise rapidly? Now it’s time to fight and you won’t let us know if you are doing this right?"
"There are two masters who have just entered the virtual period of the cave, but even I am no match. It is no problem for the three of us to deal with a virtual middle period and an initial period of the cave. What do you think is the difference between them?"
"Although they are Daimon Masaru faction with great strength, so what? They can’t put their strength together forever. Our Shuxin clinic is different. We are like a clenched fist. We are not afraid of them no matter what."
Ling Yunzhi said with a slight sigh and added, "We are a Shuxin clinic. There are things that are our business. To be honest, boss … You make us feel very uncomfortable."
"You say?" Wentao eyes looked behind Luo Zhenfeng. When Wentao asked Luo Zhenfeng and them to come over, the situation was not so serious. Luo Zhenfeng and they didn’t know the situation was so serious until they got back. Wentao informed Linglan that they also said that the crisis in Shuxin Clinic was lifted.
Now it seems that everyone is very clear about what happened in the former Shuxin clinic.
Luo Zhenfeng said quickly, "You didn’t say this before the boss, and I told my own people to let them know how wonderful it was."
Luo Zhenfeng listens to others, but it sounds as if he was on the scene at that time. In this respect, Luo Zhenfeng has this ability to speak vividly. It’s a pity that Wentao always thinks he doesn’t comment.

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