"Can’t the Environmental Protection Bureau be happy when you see it? Please ask a guide to follow me." Zhang Pei said with one-liners and looked around.

Analysis and evaluation, this is what other workers and most of the tour workers do.
The veteran patted his chest and smiled and said, "I will accompany you."
Zhang Pei glanced at his "grandfather" and said, "Let’s go to the warehouse or heap mining area first to see if it is produced."
He met the rare earth mine at Jiangbei Port Terminal, but he didn’t know whether it had been processed, analyzed and evaluated. He should try his best to get the first-hand resources. If everything was watched by others, it would be a graduation thesis.
Busy, Zhang Pei’s watch keeps telling the time.
Waking up every half hour makes it more and more urgent.
An hour later, Zhang Pei wore an oxygen mask and still felt his throat tighten and he couldn’t breathe well.
He searched a lot of information, but all said it was worthless.
Value is enough for others, but far from enough for him.
In the midst of anxiety, a European-style brick villa appeared in the gray horizon.
"Did you build it?"
"This is the rest area for knights. It is best not to go in." The veteran woke up.
Don’t let in Zhang Pei wants to go in more.
He took two quick steps and went straight into the revolving door. A ventilator sounded as if he was cleaning his clothes.
Veterans came in, too. "Do you want to clean up the mining area after staying for so long?" There are clothes inside, just take them off. "
"Take it off?" Zhang Pei hates watching veterans naked.
As soon as the latter bent over and twisted his leg, he immediately made a standard movement of bodybuilder and shouted "cleaning procedure"
The "cleaning program" brain repeated the ceiling water.
Plenty of water
Zhang Pei couldn’t get rid of his wet clothes.
I finally cleaned myself up. Zhang Pei said, "There are smart programs in the western continent?"
"The personnel department found a few down-and-out programmers in Oslo, and I don’t know anything about it." The veterans cleaned up in a decent way
"Oslo is the capital of Norway." Zhang Peiyin appeared naked in front of men a few years ago.
When they entered the building, they just met Yinsen Zhu, a knight of magical power, chatting over tea.
He was a member of the Yinsen family of the third group of knights who became gods. He signed a contract with the original three thick and almost transferred all the benefits to Chen Yi, so he was on duty in Xijiang territory for a long time.
Knight villa fighting skill knights are mostly looking forward to becoming gods, knight family knight Yinsen family owner, and several members of the marriage family Yinsen Zhu have met.
Nowadays, the level difference is not small, but the old friendship is still more interesting than the bodyguard career touting each other’s life
Knight villa is a safe place, fresh out of the bath, Zhang Pei holding Chen Yi’s signature pass, naturally unimpeded, whatever he wants to see, Yinsen wishes to open up the divine power and continue to fart
So a group of martial arts knights and a magical knight sit around a large tatami or cross their legs or squat or lie on their sides like an old lady Laga, and they have to be busy with their own work-making weapons, just like an old lady knitting a sweater
Zhang Pei spent more than a minute coming out of all kinds of smelly feet and feeling that he was surfing. At the same time, he said to the veteran, "Why is it that such a disgusting place is cleaned like a pharmaceutical company?"
"They like to be clean. This is the experimental area for Oslo programmers."
"Computer experts," added Zhang Pei, who is half an expert himself. "Do they like clean rooms and stink like kennels?"
"Knights don’t pay attention to hygiene." The veteran also felt a little contradictory and added, "But they like cleanliness."
"Come on, let’s get rid of the waves." Zhang Pei’s watch rang again, like a wandering junior high school student without strings.
"Pavilion, we are leaving." Veterans have great respect for martial arts knights who are strong in force, which is also Chen Yi’s request that these figures represent the peak of the evolution of the western continent, which is equivalent to the American fantasy superhero. Respect is the cheapest way of communication.
Yin Sen wished "Oh" for the last hour.
Zhang Pei suddenly called out a curious question behind a fighting knight, "What are you doing? This is tungsten alloy, right? Next to tungsten, right? "
"I’m joining now because pure gold can harden weapons."
"How hard is it?"
The martial arts knight casually waved a side to make the tungsten steel of the gun body suddenly punctured.
Chapter five hundred and seventeen Promotion again
Tungsten alloy is the top hard alloy made by human beings.
It is very difficult to smooth similar alloys with a slightly better tungsten alloy drill chisel.
The most important thing is that the piercing effect can be different from that of a drill. The thicker something is, the more so Zhang Pei is very suspicious of what special means he has taken.
Looking carefully, it seems that the hole made of tungsten steel with a thickness of about 3 cm penetrating the hole is really different when the first half is rough and the second half is smoothly cut.
Think about tungsten steel again. Although it is extremely hard, it is not hard, because it is very brittle. It is hard to imagine that it is not broken with such an impact force.
Zhang Pei asked without hesitation, "Why didn’t your weapon break when it pierced tungsten steel?"
The knights looked at each other and laughed.

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