Rule force!
This is the power that silver can touch.
Thoughts turn Zhou Jia’s long sleeves and flick his staff with more than one thunder axe, which immediately reveals the divine juxtaposition of thunder on the spot.
"Crack …"
The thunder force of the thunder axe and staff seems to be suddenly agitated by some kind of traction, and the arc emerges from its surface.
The flash arc is close to the dead branches, like iron filings close to magnets and like a minister worshipping the master.
Zhou Jia’s mouth hummed with his hands, and many ghosting images left more than 300 imprints, which were all sacrificed in an instant.
The sound of dead branches suddenly broke into a harsh mass, and Lei Guangping emerged.
All the words in the world can’t describe Lei Guang’s splendid world, and all the colors can’t cover Lei Guang in front of us.
Thunder divinity!
Zhou Jia moved slightly, not because he showed great power in front of him, but because he knew the brave star in the sea suddenly lit up when his divinity was revealed.
Earth brave star five thunder
Although I don’t know why, I can tell him that if divinity is included in knowing the sea, it will certainly have some benefits.
But …
Shook his head, and he remained the same.
The alchemy method!
Lei Guang shivered gently and then turned into a mass of white light and sank into the thunder axe staff.
Zhou Jia opened his mouth and spat lightly, including the blood of the source force, which was sprayed on the blood of the lance when atomized like a blood cloud.
"Boom …"
With the thunder divinity sinking into the thunder axe staff field, the sudden flash of thunder and thunder surged back and forth.

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