"Remember that it is safe to have a key to beat your ancestors."

Dagong told
Goethe solemnly accepted the key.
"Come with me"
"I’ll take you to the ancestral knowledge room-well … Shila Amzah wants to talk, but it’s not now that there are some banned Shila Amzah waiting for you to have children for Goethe before you can go in."
The archduke said and looked at Shila Amzah, who was clinging to Goethe.
The original heard’ ancestral knowledge’ but also firmly hugged Goethe. Shila Amzah immediately let go of his hands and looked at Goethe flushed.
"Children, children, children …"
Shila Amzah stuttered all over.
Goethe rolled his eyes again and went straight to the room.
Looking at Shila Amzah from one side of the big public house always feels more and more satisfied.
Immediately, the archduke couldn’t help but be glad that he had "dowry" or he didn’t know what happened.
"This is the ancestral room, which records all the knowledge that the ancestors left here."
"I tried my best to protect the magic medicine."
"But you should also protect it when you read it."
"Is there …"
"Recording the fourth-order professional information of the’ warrior’ is the most striking stone for the information of the’ fear’ of the strange profession-just put your hand on your face."
"Remember that you have two hours to enter, and it will take a year."
The archduke in front of the door made a final exhortation.
Goethe means white.
The archduke gaze into this room that looks no different from that before.
But as soon as Goethe entered the moment, he knew he was wrong
It’s so wrong.
Goethe stare big eyes feel nose fever.
It’s not that he hasn’t experienced it
It’s true that he didn’t expect the virtual shadows of 3D proportional paintings to appear directly in front of his eyes.
Especially one of them is very familiar.
There is no doubt that this is a "hermetic" arrangement.
Otherwise, the root does not have this lifelike and dynamic effect.
Can play!
Goethe’s consciousness covered his nose and eyes, but he involuntarily looked at the past one by one and finally stayed at the most familiar virtual shadow party.
What is my name written in the most familiar virtual shadow’ hometown’?
Goethe one leng immediately blurted out-
Chapter one hundred and twenty Once a teenager!
As Goethe blurted out an answer, the virtual shadow in front of Eucalyptus immediately changed.
That’s …
Classic bar scene!
The virtual shadow shows its beauty to the fullest.
There is not only movement but also sound.
After the combination of audio and video, the visual impact instantly made Goethe feel as if he had returned to the 3D area.
"Is it nice?"
Goethe nodded consciously, and then he found out that something was wrong. When Goethe was on guard, the sound of the wipe rang again.
"Hey hey, my son, grandson, or later generations, what you see is your father, grandfather, and ancestor’s treasure-alas, she still monopolized the PC in those days, but there is no PC here …? It doesn’t matter what PC you ask! Ahem, back to the topic PC, it is an epoch-making product, the greatest thing I think. First, it is the most beautiful thing of your father, grandfather and ancestors in my youth. It accompanied me all night. "
When you can feel it with a touch of it, the smirk sound appears.
Then the scene changes.
The campfire wilderness is covered with a cloak, and the girl’s strange lines rise from one side of her cheek. It’s not rough, it’s delicate, chestnut curly hair, and only one eye is intact.
But it didn’t affect each other’s face at all.
Mysterious and charming
Especially that cloak.
Goethe took a deep breath.
"Seeing this, you should know what it can do to accompany me all night?"
"Of course there are more!"
"I have been branded with the secret skills-although I have more now, how can we give up in the face of our youth?"
"Youth is to burn!"

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