When Suldak saw the most construction, it was the light rails with which the ore cars could roll back and forth. With these rails, the mining area of the iron mine and the dressing and grinding area could be closely connected.

There are a large number of young indigenous tribes in this iron mine, and so many miners have been placed in the copper mine. Now almost all of them have come to the iron mine.
It is not easy for workers here to dig ore every day, which requires a lot of physical strength, but indigenous young people are still eager for it.
For them, the iron mine can earn countless baked wheat cakes, but they don’t worry about the ambush of wild animals in the jungle or the poisonous insects, snakes and ants. If you dig stones diligently, you can drink and eat meat. If you have such a good thing, you must be more active …
The end of the iron mine living area is still a low thatched shack. It is very simple to build this round shack in the style of indigenous tribes. It is necessary to choose a strong tree and the center of the tree will soon be built with branches.
However, the biggest drawback of this kind of shack is that it has to be covered with a thick layer of moss to keep out the snow.
There is some humidity in this shack, and thick black smoke comes out from the exit. The fireplace is almost close to the door.
There are many indigenous women found here in Surdak. They still wear simple fur and hug their children and squat in front of the fireplace to watch the fire.
Not far from the river, a group of indigenous tribal girls squatted by the stream to wash clothes. The clear mountain spring water hit the pebble surface by the river and tinkled.
Although the autumn in Shan Ye is already very strong, they are still dressed very cool and their skin is not very white, but the light wheat color is full of youthful vitality.
Surdak didn’t wait for the person in charge of the iron mine to come, so he went directly into the seemingly crude canteen of the mine. This canteen is a simple square shed, and the walls around it are made of wicker except the roof. A little light can easily shine into it along the gap.
The long tables and chairs in the shed are made of simple logs. It seems that it has been a long time, and these Surdak ignored them.
He went straight to the front of a big iron pot in the canteen, and when the kitchen cook looked dumbfounded, he grabbed an iron spoon from the side and put it into the soup pot, scooping out some bottom materials and pouring them into the soup pot conveniently.
Facing the unknown root vegetables in it, Surdak asked the cook unequivocally, "What are these?"
"The sweet potato is found in the forest around the indigenous women. They like this boiled berry to eat." Although the chef doesn’t know Surdak, he is not stupid to see Surdak wearing gorgeous clothes, not to mention that he is a big noble. He replied very honestly.
Surdak frowned and threw aside the spoon in his hand and saw that the cooks in Surdak’s canteen were even more afraid to speak before.
Surdak walked directly to the stone stage of baked wheat cake and found that the baked wheat cake here was actually like a baked naan. The meat pie stuffing seemed to contain some yellow mutton and wild onions, which smelled clearly in Surdak’s nose.
Seeing that there was meat in the prepared dinner, Surdak was relieved.
When the person in charge of the iron mine heard the news, Surdak was sharing a meat pie with Andrew before he took his seat, and there was a bowl of sweet potato sour soup in front of him. When I saw this, the person in charge almost cried.
"The cake is not bad, but this potherb soup is too close to the tribal taste. Do you think everyone can drink it?" Surdak pushed the soup bowl to the head without looking up.
The person in charge replied unhurriedly, "Almost all the people who want to come to the No.1 canteen are tribal aborigines. For them, this soup is usually a home-cooked dish."
Surdak just looked up at the head and saw his face as usual. He drank the bowl of sweet potato sour soup in one breath and nodded his head.
"Not bad …"
He made an absent-minded remark and walked out of the humble canteen with Andrew.
"I know that it is urgent to meet the demand of iron ore powder in the steel workshop this time, so he has to make way here, but I think it is very necessary for miners to meet their most basic living needs."
"What are the most basic needs of life … eating, sleeping, labor, shoes, hats, etc."
Just then, Surdak said that a group of miners had walked into the work shed covered in dust and talking and laughing. When they saw the mine manager at the door accompanied by two big shots, they immediately turned down the jokes and then walked to the dining area to get the meat pies and sour soup. Then they sat down from the first row of chairs and ate very intoxicated.
Surdak turned and walked out of the simple canteen.
The mine manager led Suldak to excavate the ore transport vehicle screening grinding machine in several places.
At present, the first and second areas of the iron mine have been excavated normally, and the third area and fourth area are being expanded. The main reason is that the tramcar track has not been built yet, and a large amount of ore can not be transported on site.
However, Surdak is quite satisfied with being able to manage the iron mine in such a short time.
For the Lord’s arrival at the iron mine, the young people of the indigenous tribe gave the highest standard welcome ceremony to Surdak.
There was a bonfire ceremony in the evening.
An indigenous tribal chief happened to be here at the iron mine, so he accompanied Surdak to invite Surdak to taste the indigenous tribal fruit wine, and also arranged for two young girls covered with flowers to accompany Surdak.

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