It’s getting dark all around.

But there was a beam of light shining on Olion.
The golden light is projected from the clouds like a passage between heaven and earth.
In this light, Leo is as great as a god.
The sniper froze.
All Xibe people are Xibe people who believe in God and prophets and believe in miracles and redemption, which is why they have been displaced for thousands of years but have not been exterminated.
At this time, he saw that everything touched his faith and froze him there.
"What are you doing?" Next to him, he watched his hand but didn’t think so much. He urged him, "Why not shoot at such a good opportunity?"
The sniper took a pause.
One of the Ten Commandments is "Do not kill"
But Xibo people are the best at drilling, and they explain that it is excusable to kill people if they are gods.
That’s how he always guides himself.
That’s right. Now I’m a god and I kill people.
"Bang" a shot instantly crossed hundreds of meters and blew Olion’s head into a rotten watermelon.
"The assassination was successful! The assassination was successful! "
"The target has been confirmed dead!"
"Retreat immediately!"
If they are regular troops, they should now take advantage of the chaos when the Arctic wolves have lost their leader, and destroy all the members of the Arctic Wolf mercenary group.
But they are agents, and their characteristic is to get out immediately after finishing, and never covet other things. One more point without one more shot may expose themselves.
Every one of them has spent a lot of manpower and material resources to train, and they are very important assets.
When the car starts again, the sniper puts his eyes on the eyepiece and calmly observes the place. When people find their position and want to fight back, they will be shot by him without scruple.
And at this moment, in the clouds above them,
A city is floating quietly.
The servants of the manor are busy
Not far from Zhuang, he is giving orders to "lock the chariot"
"The chariot is locked and moving synchronously." There is a ring-shaped sight on one side of the palace, and the clouds around it fade away. The sun shines on the chariot on the ground through this ring.
On the earth, sunlight can be regarded as parallel light when it is too far away, and it is regarded as an optical locking system.
"Good enclosure" Zhuang ordered not far away.
Lao Bang is driving his own mechanical giant dog on the edge of the palace. The hind legs of the mechanical giant dog are tilted, and the golden fine liquid is falling from the height.
This looks like peeing …
But the fact is that this mechanical giant dog has the function of "enclosure order"
When the oil kept flowing, it fell from the sky and sprinkled a huge arc on the periphery.
This is what Zhuang declared not long ago: "All the places I have traveled are my territory."
Because Zhuang is not far away, he plans to enclose this land for the Arctic Wolf to enclose a territory.
Otherwise, what if he protects the Arctic Wolf mercenary group from both sides?
They are not invulnerable people.
Just then, not far from Zhuang, suddenly "Ah" cried "Who the fuck hit me! It hurts! "
The ground galloping chariot Olion’s body fell backwards and half his head was cut off.
"Enemy attack!"
"Come on!"
"Your Majesty!"
"No, the king was killed!"

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