But if you want to fight, you must put this garbage priest who dares to challenge him in public into the mud and never get up!

Step on Kodo’s foot like an ant!
It is impossible to struggle!
Bennett is confident about this!
"those who dare to defend their honor are warriors!
Priest Kodo, you challenged me!
But I want to wake you up. I won’t leave a hand! "Bunit got up slowly.
"Thank you for your advice, but I regret it!"
Gabe shouted loudly
These four words gave Xu a wave of hope.
Predictably, if this wave can really go back to Kodo alive, it can definitely get the weight of the temple.
It is no problem to transfer less to a more prosperous planet as a priest.
It is very likely to be transferred to the middle position of the Shenting!
Too bad …
At this moment, Gabe really wants Xu tui to pretend to be himself!
The word "although I regret my death" finally aroused the interest of Bishop Xiliude, and this branch was appreciated by Xiliude at this point, regardless of its strength.
Clapped in applause, Bishop Xiliude slowly got up and smiled. "Well, I’ll be your referee!"
Xu got up and turned to Bishop Cyrus to salute his arm again. "Thank you for your kindness!"
Bishop Cyrus smiled and waved and led out of the hall. "Let’s go to the outer square. Are you afraid to display it here?"
Xu retreated with pleasure, and the commander of the fifth war brigade, Bunit, could also follow with a sullen face.
It feels like stepping on a bubble of dog shit!
Chapter nine hundred and fourteen Limit the frozen cycle
There is a huge square 500 meters wide in front of the temple of Meria planet, and it is one kilometer from the entrance of the square to the temple.
Magnificent and majestic, which is the architectural feature of Mia Temple.
Because of the cold characteristics of Meria planet, although there is no snowstorm here, the ground outside is covered with frost.
All the stars and quasi-planets in the square came out as onlookers.
Of course, they are also very conscious of flying to the edge, layered like a three-dimensional open-air theater.
Xu tui and Bunny are five hundred meters apart in the square.
500 meters seems like a long time, but it’s only a flash of time for the five-star star.
Bunit is a blood aristocrat among the Hmong, and that pair of horns is proof.
At the same time, it also has the characteristics of the Amish aristocracy!
Have extreme ability and extraordinary ability at the same time
Of course there are priorities.
Like Bennett, he is the ultimate master, and his extraordinary ability is not weak.
On the battlefield, Bunit, an extremely strong practitioner, is simply a humanoid bulldozer with his extraordinary ability to cooperate with the soil.
Powerful and terrible!
Ding Bennett coldly looked at Xu tui’s left hand, and at the same time, he set up a holy trident and slowly set it in his hand.
Bennett has decided to let his trident pierce Kodo, a knowledgeable and arrogant guy who dares to provoke him!
It’s better to stab the waste!
He also wants to bully!
Don’t bully us into effectively commanding the Fifth Battalion of the Sun Expeditionary Force?
Xu retreated with the holy card in his hand, and his whole body was haunted by the faint glory of the holy power. He calmly looked at the imposing manner opposite Bunit.
There is a glass of water in the left hand.
A glass of water from the temple just now.
Bishop Cyrus floated in the middle, and the glory of the holy power floated slowly, looking at Ding Xu’s retreat from Bunit and whispered, "This battle is limited!"

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