Although there is the power of the manor owner, Zhuang is not far away, after all, it is still human

"How can I rest?" It’s also scary to see the old man frowning frequently.
I really don’t know where to find another steel door even if I fight again in the era of exile.
If we can’t find it, how can we stop that industrial gate from harming the earth?
Zhuang’s heart is really upset not far away.
Just then, Old Brown suddenly came running.
"Lord Zhuang! Oh, no! The news from Taojin Town is that Taojin Town has been attacked! "
"What?" Zhuang glanced at the steel door not far away, and then looked at the courtyard next to the manor. He ordered, "Old Brown, please protect the black stone star so that no one can interfere with the maintenance of the steel door … I’ll go back and see who dares to invade my gold rush town!"
Chapter 1125 Cruel Alliance Manor Owner (Gu Gu) Yi
Taojin Town is still busy.
The change of owners in Taojin Town has not affected its prosperity for the time being, and neither adventurers nor businessmen seeking a living in Taojin Town will give up Taojin Town because of a temporary change. After all, the special features of Taojin Town are still replaced by law.
But Taojin Town has really changed.
The biggest change is that the guards in Taojin Town are much more disciplined. Although these guards look a little ridiculous, they are a little cute and furry, and no one has to bow their heads or squat when talking to them with their knees high.
When they walk in line, they will shout "one, two, one, jump; One two one jump "and then skipping came from a distance.
But those who dare to despise them are beaten by their whirlwind wrestling skills.
After being beaten by them, they will tell you very seriously, "Please obey the rules or I will move the pike next time, sir!" Whoosh! "
Then lift the pike up and carry it on your shoulders, swing your ears, turn around and skip away, and leave seven meat products. You watch their furry short tails tremble proudly.
Even if I want to cry, I have no place to cry
Most adventurers are unruly and have their own pride.
In the face of these petite-looking rabbit dragons, it is not without adventurers to challenge them, and few people dare to offend them after only two or three days.
No longer willing, they have to admit that these little creatures are really excellent soldiers.
But just now, street adventurers suddenly found that the rabbit dragons were nervous.
In the distance, several war dogs rose to meet in vain.
They looked up and saw that there was a dark shadow in the sky that was approaching rapidly.
Is Zhuang coming back soon?
No, no … Not far from Zhuang, the palace is white.
Who’s that?
At this time, a thunder sounded like a thunder. "People in Taojin Town listen, I am the owner of the cruel alliance manor. Give up resistance immediately or shoot!"
Several war dogs rose to meet the enemy, but the opposite side burst into laughter. "Small bugs also want to fight with me?" Give me an explosion! "
"Boom boom!" The secret explosion sounded as if someone had ignited fireworks all over the sky. The explosion brought waves and flames and instantly swept the whole gold rush town.
Almost everyone had to close their eyes and shrink to the ground.
In the sky, several war dogs were blown up, and they fell to the ground in a whirl, and smoke billowed out, and I don’t know what the people inside were like.
There is no manor palace in Taojin Town, and the conventional defense force was defeated just by a face-to-face meeting!
Rabbit dragon people rushed to rescue the wounded and others immediately reported to the level.
They were particularly surprised. Who is this?
They have never seen such fierce firepower in the era of exile!
The shadow in the sky is rapidly approaching, only to find that the shadow is actually a huge ship!
These captains look strange like a nut with a strange appearance, but there is an extraordinarily huge nut spaceship at the front, even if it is not 100 meters in diameter. A huge and ferocious strange face is carved out, which looks quite scary.
And at the bow of the boat, there is a huge figure overlooking Fangda Road. "Zhuang is not far away!"
He shouted a few times and no one answered and burst out laughing. "This village seems to be afraid of the big ye. Well, from today, Taojin Town belongs to our cruel alliance and belongs to my cruel manor owner (Gu Gu)! Wow, hahahaha! The children occupied Taojin Town for me, and all those who dared to rebel directly blew up! "
Then he seemed to whisper and tell others.
"At the beginning, our cruel alliance promised not to get their hands on Taojin Town, but … now Taojin Town has changed hands. Little ones! "
The huge nut boat in the sky is slowly descending.
A hundred nearby nut ships one-third its size flew away.
The number of adventurers on the ground shivered.
"This … is a manor owner?"

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