"Get ready" Yip hon buckled his helmet and checked his equipment first, then dragged Xiaoyuan over with his hands from his shoulders to his waist to make sure that there was no problem with the equipment, and then patted Xiaoyuan on the shoulder and continued to check one.

Yip hon looks simple and practical, but he can check everyone’s personal equipment to make sure everyone’s umbrellas are all right.
The target city is more than 200 kilometers away from the border. It takes a quarter of an hour for the speed flight transport plane to fly over this distance. After everyone is ready, the plane is not far from the target.
The indicator light in the engine room lights up the tail hatch and slowly hits Ye Han. Immediately, the soldiers ordered to get ready. The soldiers immediately hung up the umbrella hook.
After the plane flew to the designated area, Ye Han jumped out of the cabin first, and immediately gathered up his limbs and went for an uncontrolled autumn outing until he guided the top of the umbrella to pull the main umbrella out of Ye Han’s umbrella bag and returned to the normal parachute posture.
There are generally two kinds of off-plane postures for skydiving. One is the posture of folding up and holding hands like Ye Han. The advantage of this posture is that the paratroopers can get off the plane with little interference and carry more equipment, and the training time is shorter, which is usually shorter than that of paratroopers.
There is also a common frog leaping style in the film, which has the advantage of handsome posture, adjustable posture when landing, and self-determined parachute. The disadvantage is that it takes longer and more difficult to train, and it is generally high to parachute.
Paratroopers generally need to master the former skydiving method and the latter method, which is also suitable for the military, but it is mainly used in small-scale special warfare.
One of the armed soldiers counts as one, and no one can’t skydive. However, although the divers are less equipped and have a lot of flying heights, they also have a hand-held jump method of 500 meters, which can make everyone leave the plane in the shortest time and reduce the distribution range after landing.
In just ten seconds, all the people jumped out of the cabin to form a small hierarchical parachute group.
After more than 40 seconds, Ye Han successfully landed at a speed of 12 meters per second.
Paratroopers land at a speed of about six meters per second, which is equivalent to jumping from the second floor, which has a great impact on their legs. If they land incorrectly, they are likely to break their bones.
Yip hon and others fall to the ground at a speed of 12 meters per second if there is no power armor buffer, and what it looks like.
They quickly gathered their parachutes, dug a shallow pit on the spot, buried them in the pit, and then everyone’s individual radar helped them quickly advance to the preset battlefield a few kilometers away.
The terrain nearby is slightly undulating, there are no trees and grass, but even weeds are very few. I don’t know if it is grazing or serious desertification of grassland.
Although Yip Han has seen the terrain in this area on the map, it is a different feeling to be there.
The team quickly rushed to the designated location and divided into two groups. Xiaoyuan squatted on both sides of the highway and asked curiously, "Captain, are we so bold?"
"I don’t know." Yip Han called up real-time satellite images to observe the road situation and waited for the target to appear.
It’s hard to stop the situation. Both of them know about this operation, and more than half of them think it’s too weird.
The military has rich experience in carrying out cross-border troops, not only two people crossing the border on foot, but also straight helicopters and low penetration.
But this time, it happened that the transport plane could fly to someone else’s backyard casually?
What’s even more frightening is that there is no cover at all before and after the plane penetration. At least, should we send jammers to jam the radar of the other side? So swaggering to break through the border for more than 200 kilometers, do you think the other side can’t see it or what?
Anyone who has a little military knowledge will not adopt such an action plan.
They didn’t know there were deep-seated reasons why Beidu did this, but it was simple to put it bluntly.
This matter has to be mentioned from the foreign affairs note sent by Beidu to Moscow. To some extent, it can be seen that Beidu is testing Moscow. Although Moscow denies the attack, all aspects of intelligence show that the background of that overseas organization is the Mao intelligence department, and even the outer Mongolian stronghold is Mao.
Mao’s denial is equivalent to giving the initiative to Beidu, and Zhongnanhai immediately instructed the intelligence department to make contact with it.
The poor impression of foreigners on China is similar to that of Chinese people on Japanese invaders, but this does not affect the official exchanges between the two countries.
The plan of Beidu is very simple. Through the foreign affairs department, we contacted the interested parties and promised to compensate a batch of materials, mainly weapons, ammunition and food, but only a few hundred tons.
In addition, Beidu also reached an agreement with Outer Mongolia to send a group of giant ants to cut off the wolf worm Nantong Road.
This proposal is nothing but a pie, and there is no idea of refusing it.
To put it bluntly, the method of taking money to smash is a little rough, but then again, it is a good way!
You can’t buy people unless you are a backward African country before the outbreak of the pest-changing disaster, but it’s no exaggeration to say that the situation in Outer Mongolia is very bad at present, and hundreds of tons of materials are enough to make the top management of Outer Mongolia laugh their teeth off-their feelings are more inclined to be hairy, and the problem is that they have no spare capacity to help this poor relative.
The situation in China is not optimistic either, but the Chinese system has enabled the country’s coping strategies to be effectively implemented, which Mao Gen can’t do, especially in terms of grain and industry. The situation in China is much better than that in Mao.
Besides, Outer Mongolia doesn’t know that Mao has put a time bomb in his backyard, and they don’t want to help Mao.
This former Chinese foreign Mongolia has the same interests, and the foreign Mongolia has acquiesced in China’s cross-border actions.
Of course, if the action is exposed, Mongolia will never take responsibility and will put the blame on the Chinese side.
Chapter 55 Ambush
Before the outbreak of insect pests, China may still consider international influence, but insect pests have not only changed the international situation, but also made the country more direct and utilitarian.
Beidu has always controlled the Northern Bar. What’s the big deal with the announcement that the Northern Bar will be incorporated into the map and several military crossings?
To tell you the truth, even the eyes may not be able to stop the insect disaster. The situation in China is absolutely unique. There is no one in the surrounding countries who is not jealous. This situation is getting worse in South Vietnam, and even in southern Xinjiang, several small countries have requested to join China as an autonomous region.
Unfortunately, the pressure of insect pests is too great, which is a good opportunity to expand, but no one dares to eat fat in his mouth.
The reason is simple: it is easy to digest but rare to eat, and the probability of indigestion is very high. Maybe the territory will not be obtained, but it will cause a smell.
Yip hon level simply can’t touch this level unless someone explains it to him. How can you figure out so many benefits behind it?
You’re welcome. If China can get enough materials and food from outside, it’s no problem to return directly to outside.
In fact, even if China does not cooperate with Mongolia, there is no extra military force to counter China’s cross-border actions, which is also an important reason for Mongolia’s choice
However, apart from keeping secrets, China has no specific details of its actions. Anyway, Mongolia has no ability to monitor China and let them know that this matter has reached its limit.
Yip hon and others lurked for more than an hour, and a motorcade consisting of seven off-road vehicles finally appeared at the far end of the deserted highway.
Because the distance is too long, the team is still out of sight, and it is necessary to see the position of the team through satellites.
"Get ready to fight!" Yip hon-yi made everyone excited.
The motorcade is traveling from west to east and it is very fast. It will enter the ambush ring in five minutes at most.
After a few minutes, when the motorcade came into sight, the number of models and cars were consistent with the information.
Yip hon watched the motorcade enter the ambush circle and simply drank a "fight!"
Seventeen submachine guns caught fire at the same time, and in the slight collision between the guns and the machine, the subsonic micro-bullets penetrated the tires of each car for the first time, and the noise was far away.
The submachine gun is not powerful but accurate, and it can accurately hit the target even if it is separated by more than 100 meters.
The motorcyclists quickly returned fire, and guns were flashing in every window.
But how close can a dozen people ambush the circle? Although the drivers were equipped with night vision goggles, few of them could see the enemy, but they were named one by one by Yip Han’s players because of their guns’ exposed positions. Soon the battlefield was quiet.
The essence of special operations is that the accurate malicious Yip hon and his team members ended in half a minute. As soon as the combat gun stopped, Yip hon immediately shouted, "Did you find the target? Who found the target? "
Nobody said anything. Ye Han rolled over. "Clean the battlefield and search for the target quickly!" When fighting, he will never reach the point where he must catch the living creatures to restrict the players from giving orders.
It’s no big deal to kill the target. In Yip Han’s concept, the life of the players is more important than the target.
The team members got up and rushed to the target. Two people were in charge of a car to check the situation in the car separately.

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