In the gloomy hall, four people, Meng Fei, came in and were respectful and cautious. They were all silent and waiting for each other.

As far as they know, the two shadows of China have emerged sadly.
"Here we are."
Elder Shengge is dressed in a wide black robe, old and thin with mottled head, big eyes sunken, and slender and cold lips are extremely thin, which makes people feel more difficult to get close to.
Four people just felt awe-inspiring in the heart to detect the arrival of the pavilion master and the big elders, so I hurriedly upon them.
The owner of the cabinet is like a shadowy figure with only a rough figure. Moreover, it is easy to ignore the strange sound in the gloomy hall. Don’t argue "sit"
Meng Fei four people just sat down carefully after handing over their hands, and listened to a half-step-dharma-level deputy cabinet master Nie Banbian who reported that "the report to the cabinet master and the elder received the news according to their families. Soon after, a scattered immortal Quanyang will invite Shenxiao, Guizhen and other heavenly Xuandaotong to attend the school in Jinluan Island in the West Sea."
"According to my investigation, there will be Taoist Miao Le and Qing Chen attending the Guizhen Sect." At this moment, Deng Tianhe, another half-step dharma master, said hoarsely.
Big elders eyes indifference is still "QuanYang? According to the information in the cabinet, this person seems to be saying that the ghost is a sacred creation. "
Another vice-cabinet owner, a flower-mad Taoist, heard the news and said, "Yes, this person and Xuanxiao belong to the same generation. I don’t know if there is a chance to achieve the immortal body, and it is quite mysterious."
People are still very interested in this way of becoming immortal. They all think that their talents are not abundant. If they have a magic weapon, can they also become immortal and get rid of the worldly body?
Meng Fei has the youngest qualifications but the highest talent, so he can be regarded as the master of the cabinet. "Qingwei Taoist lives in Wuyue Cave, and he has been ignorant of foreign things in recent years."
It’s not surprising that the health cabinet master and the elders knew that Meng Fei had assassinated Qingwei several times in his early years.
"It is also true that the fairy has been practicing for decades and hundreds of years. Besides, from what he has done before, he either doesn’t walk in the sky or has something important as soon as he comes out."
"It’s a matter of fact that his secret is vague and difficult to calculate. It’s also worth noting that even the fairy’s old large array can help you see some situations."
Meng Fei also showed a dignified look like his three deputy cabinet owners. After all, the cat was not good for the preparation before assassination.
However, in my heart, I am quite disdainful. "Is it possible to calculate the Qing Weixian by waiting for the last trick?"
Nie Banbian carefully looked at the elder and the deputy cabinet owner and could not help but ask, "Then we will take it?"
"If Taoist Qingwei doesn’t come out, just follow the employer’s instructions to explore the bottom of the dust. If it is possible, he will be captured alive directly!" Health pavilion tonic calm and indifferent said
Meng Fei four people in the heart of a fiercely unexpectedly really want to return to the truth to send dharma body? !
The best they can do is to investigate some situations in detail!
Deng Tianhe people are timid and can’t help but hesitate. "The elders and cabinet masters are now in full swing, and they don’t say that there are two more magic weapons in the four dharma bodies, even if they are in trouble."
"Dumbledore you worry about some extra shots? They can still find here to knock on the door? When the time comes, just change the position around the rudder, "said Nie half, a little excited."
Meng Fei felt the same way, but he nodded and handed it to Qingwei without falling a word.
The elder smiled strangely and deeply. "Everyone is worth a fairy magic weapon. Do you think it’s worth it?"
Fairy magic weapon!
When the four people breathe for a while, they are still great masters, but just taking turns to take charge of a fairy magic weapon, they realize the strength and power of the dharma body level.
It’s beyond their imagination that Yu Bu’s derivative cave has a magic weapon with a boundary force and an immortal magic weapon has reached an equal level.
The magic weapon achievement refining may be a little less difficult than the real dharma body, and some reasons are also due to the magic weapon material, the secret technique of refining, and the repair of refiners
Some precious natural materials are mysterious, so it is easier to refine them into magic weapons.
However, if the low end of the ordinary technique is expected to rise step by step, it will be regarded as a magical thing. Most people estimate that there is no such thing.
Therefore, although there are few magic weapon transactions, there will always be a leap in the value of fairy magic weapons
This is also the reason why Shizhou can only be called a first-class force if it has the power to suppress sects at the fairy level.
Top forces don’t say a beautiful magic weapon, and it’s too bad if there is no fairy magic weapon.
However, such as Shenxiao, Yaotai and Yuzhen, the magic weapon of the powerful factions is stable and the loss is very low. How can there be no magic weapon of the fairy?
"A fairy for a fairy magic weapon, a fairy for a fairy magic weapon!"
Health pavilion master glanced at slightly excited Nie half "Qingwei is difficult after all, but he doesn’t come out, and it just clears the dust. Although he has won the support of Xinghe Xianjun, his strength is not as good as Qingwei."
"Take him alive first and then get a fairy magic weapon before considering him."
Nie half a few people smell speech also calm somewhat "yes, it is obviously difficult to succeed with a pair of fairy flying swords".
The elder gave birth to the Lord of the cabinet and immediately ordered Meng Fei four people to "explain that the development in this cabinet should not be sloppy. Keep an eye on Jinluan Island and send people to Guizhen to wait for an opportunity to start work."
After the four of them went there, the cabinet owner couldn’t help asking, "What is the effect of Xuanzu’s Dan medicine?"
The gaunt face of the elder revealed a kind of smile. "It’s easy to repair. Although it hasn’t fully recovered, the injury has been eradicated. Now there are people who have the strength in the later fairy period!"
"It’s a bit rash this time, but the elixir and magic weapon are worth a lot. It’s worth hiding for hundreds of years afterwards."
"If possible, a vein of Jinluan Island can also be brought back to Qixian Road, which is really valuable!"
The Lord of the cabinet nodded faintly. "I’m Bai Qingchen, Quanyang … Xuanxiao is unlikely to appear. Just finish this single dormant."
Clear dust chat clear micro got Meng Fei news couldn’t help a strange smile.
"You and I just each value a fairy magic weapon? Who do you look down on! "
Chapter five hundred and fifty-five A dare to catch a dare to go!

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