Shouted a few didn’t have the strength to face crying in a big mess, although frightened but slightly eased some eyes staring at the MuMingFeng figure feel just now everything is like an illusion so at first blunt MuMingFeng boldly asked "Jose elder brother? Are you Brother Mu? "

So when I said that, my little girl was expecting that what had just happened was true or false. She turned to be the smiling and gentle Mu Mingfeng brother, but she was disappointed. Before her, she turned to be the clear, ferocious face full of blood.
Mu Mingfeng turned around with a cigar and walked a few steps and said with a smile, "It’s me. I’m your brother Mu Hehe. Why? Don’t know each other? Afraid? "
Small nan walked with a stunned face and moved backward involuntarily, too scared to speak.
Mu Mingfeng continued to smile and said softly, "Little Nan, it’s so late. You didn’t sleep and came to see what you shouldn’t have seen. You asked for it."
"You … who are you?" Small nan body soft get up the courage to ask 1.
"Who am I? I’m Mu Mingfeng, the gentleman of the Mu family! And you are my strong tool! " Mu Mingfeng yelled with excitement; Then I slowly walked to Xiao Nan’s side and squatted down, and my tone softened. "Hehe Xiao Nan, since you saw it, did I still keep it from you?" With that, he stretched out his hand and gently touched the little girl’s cheek, and she shrank back in horror.
"Don’t be afraid," Mu Mingfeng said with a smile. "I won’t kill you for at least seven days now, but the only thing you have for me now is hehe." Mu Mingfeng said and looked down at Xiao Nan’s chest. "You can give me the most precious liquid to make me an enemy and master the sky!"
When the little girl was tied to the bed by Mu Mingfeng, her heart was completely white. Li Huai told her in a dream that everything was true. She had a crush on Mu Mingfeng’s brother since childhood and turned out to be a pervert. Those who kept giving her medicine, those who lied to her that she had poison, and those who were kind and friendly to her were all lies. She was just a tool that Mu Mingfeng had been benefiting for more than ten years.
At this time, the little girl felt remorse, anger and fear. She couldn’t tell what it was like in her heart. She was tied to the bed and looked at sitting next to her smoking a cigar. Mu Mingfeng kept cursing "I hate you! Do ghost also don’t let you go "words kept thinking about Li Huai where are you? You can tell me what you can’t save me from Yin!
That is, at this time, Yang Ye took the blue demon to cut through the window and entered the small room. After seeing it, he was really completely excited. At this moment, he thought that this Li Huai turned into a ghost and was so affectionate to save me. If possible, I would like to turn what happened in my dream and Li Huai into reality, so I was so excited that the bed twisted and screamed "Li Huai! Come and save me! "
It’s already very surprising to see Yang Ye breaking in Mu Mingfeng, and the woman behind Yang Ye also surprised Mu Mingfeng. It’s a surprise to hear Xiao Nan shout Mu Mingfeng like this again.
Li Huai?’ Mu Mingfeng quickly thought about how this name was so familiar, and then suddenly realized that looking at Yang night, he had a bottom and recovered his composure and smiled and said, "Yang night didn’t expect you to be that Li Huai."
Yang night also sneered at "I have a long night’s sleep and I can’t sleep. I didn’t expect Mr. Mu to sleep either"
Mu Mingfeng slowly sat down to fiddle with the cigar in his hand and asked in a low voice, "What can I do for you so late, Master Yang?"
Yang Ye smiled, "I have two things to do to disturb me in the middle of the night." He said, "First, I want her and I want to take her away."
Mu Mingfeng hesitated and smiled and gave a hand. "Ha ha Yang night, people all say that you are a lover. I can see that you are such a woman to offend me now." Hehe, ok! I can give her to you. After seven days, she will be a waste to me. You can come and take her away at any time. "
Yang Ye took a few steps forward and whispered, "I’m not finished yet. The second thing, Mu Mingfeng, I want you dead!"
Muming wind leng and then laughed "ha ha ha ha ha! Yang Ye, are you okay? Why is it so naughty? You want me dead? Did you get over the scar and forget the pain? Or have you found a helper who can handle me? " Mu Mingfeng said, glancing at the blue demon beheading behind Yang Ye, "Yang Ye, don’t tell me that this woman behind you is your helper."
Yang night looked back at the blue demon and turned around and said with a smile, "her? She’s here to watch the fun and kill you, not me! "
At this tense moment, Peng Tian suddenly broke in from the outside and saw everything in sight. He took a few steps and walked beside Muming Wind and looked inquiringly.
Mu Mingfeng smiled and looked at Yang Ye and Lan Yao with an unbridled smile and said, "Yang Ye, you just came to me today. I’m talking about it if you won’t go back alive, but I’m too lazy to start work." He said, reaching out and touching his finger with blood on his forehead and raising my hand against Peng Tian’s forehead.
Yang night watching root didn’t stop before.
Peng day was scratched evil operator forehead the veins stood out burst drum to Muming wind nodded and growled to Yang night came along.
Yang Ye shook his fist to get ready, and Lan Yao cut closer behind him and asked softly, "Do you want to kill?"
Yang night nodded.
Lan Yao cut off the sentence "I’ll come" and walked a few steps before meeting Peng Tian to block Yang Ye’s front and Yang Ye Lan Yao cut behind him and asked suspiciously, "Can you do it? The steel needle … "
"cloud needle!" Blue demon chop slightly side head lift cloud needle to Yang night before coldly say
Muming wind shouted at Peng Tian behind him, "Peng Tian went out to play! Don’t hurt the little girl. There are still seven days left. By the way, get all the blood to greet these two distinguished guests. "
Peng Tian nodded sideways, went to another window with red eyes, smashed it with one punch and jumped out.

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