Listen to Zhu Xuan Su Wan No.

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Listen to Zhu Xuan Su Wan without saying a word. She can’t say how upset she is. On the one hand, she is entangled in her mood. On the other hand, she comforts herself. Anyway, she doesn’t want to marry herself. There are also three wives and four concubines in this ancient man. If she marries, she likes men and betrays her. She can’t guarantee whether she will kill him or not. It’s better not to marry at all.
However, she was very unhappy at the thought of the previous appearance of Linyang monarch. The fact is that this woman is so good-looking that she can’t say with Xiao Huang that it is like a match made in heaven for two people.
So Su Wan’s face changed and changed, and finally she was upset.
By the time Xiao Ye and Jun Li came in, she had slowly got up and looked at the two lazy people who came in and said, "I’m a little tired. I’ll take a rest and thank you another day."
Su Wan said, without saying hello to Xiao Ye and Jun Li, they lifted their feet and went out. Behind them, Xiao Ye and Jun Li were not stupid. Naturally, Bai Su Wan was in a bad mood. At first, she was in a good mood, but after a while, she was in a bad mood. What is the reason?
When two people think about it a little, they think of the princess Linyang, and their hearts sink at the same time, and then they can’t say the bitterness in their hearts. Wang Xiaoye and Duan Junli have a kind of unspeakable thoughts about Su Wan, and they almost like Su Wan from the first encounter, but it shouldn’t have happened.
Both of them are a little confused about this state of mind, but one heart seems to be out of control.
At this time, seeing that Su Wan is in a bad mood, both of them are unhappy, especially knowing that Su Wan is depressed or that another man has come to Xiao Huang and left, and they have taken advantage of it. Now it seems that the points are another matter. Xiao Huang is different from Su Wan.
In the drawing room, two men were gathering their cold breath and sweeping away their usual indifference. They all looked ugly.
Bai Qin and four handmaids in the drawing room watched all this carefully and finally quietly left the drawing room and threw two good-looking men into the drawing room.
After Su Wan entered the room, her mood was still not very good. After watching for a while, she was in a daze and couldn’t say how upset she was. Finally, she called Bai Qin and Redjade in.
She looked up at Bai Qin and said bluntly, "Is it feasible if I transfer some people from Yue Bai Villa to the palace to kill the emperor?"
Bai Qin and Redjade came in with her. Two people remembered what they had heard before, and their faces couldn’t help dyeing some anger. Su Wan’s mother was the high master in their hearts. Su Wan was the small master. The emperor didn’t even look at anything. The two men looked at each other and said, "We can’t guarantee that we can kill the emperor, but if Miss wants to do this, handmaiden and so on will do our best."
Su Wan thought for a moment and said to Redjade, "Redjade, you are in charge of assassinating the emperor from now on."
Redjade’s fuels led her to the command that "the handmaiden must strive for completion if she obeys your orders"
Su Wan shook his head and said, "The old emperor is very skilled and afraid of death. Not only is he afraid of setting up a tunnel machine in his palace, but he has also trained a group of powerful experts to protect him. It is not easy for ordinary people to kill him. I didn’t want you to kill him."
"But even if I can’t kill him for a while, I don’t want him to be too happy. Your main responsibility is to constantly assassinate him, make him feel scared, make him sleep, eat, and kill him. There is no hurry yet."
Soon Xuan Wang Xiao Zhe will have another round of emperor’s struggle, which will be more intense than the previous one. She will be interesting to see the old emperor’s heavy calculations and leave.
Su Wan’s eyes are all over the cold mans lips, and there is a faint bloody chill.
Redjade looked at this and the main consciousness respected the main body.
They have traveled all over the country to see many characters, and they can see at a glance that their master is sweet and lovely in appearance, but in fact he is a ruthless character in his bones, so they are not stupid enough to offend him
"The handmaiden Miss Bai means that the handmaiden should do it at once and make the old emperor pay the price."
"Okay, you go."
Su Wan waved Redjade back out, leaving Bai Qin and Su Wan in the room. Su Wan was in a bad mood because of the appearance of the monarch in Linyang, but Bai Qin looked very white and felt a little heavy because she could see that her young lady seemed to like Xiao Shi, which was not a good thing.
Bai Qin looked sad, and Su Wan naturally saw it in the room. She quickly looked at Bai Qin and asked, "What’s wrong with my aunt?"
"Miss, you don’t like Xiao Shi, do you?"
Su Wan one leng with the thought that that guy just left with that woman. Mo’s cold face doesn’t look good either. He grunted, "I don’t like her aunt. You think too much."
"Miss, although you like who doesn’t do aunt’s business, aunt doesn’t want you to get hurt. Women should never give their hearts away easily because sometimes giving their hearts means giving others a knife to hurt themselves."
Just like a princess, if the princess didn’t like anyone at first, who can hurt the princess this day
Bai Qin’s words in the room made Su Wan’s heart calm down slowly, and her annoyance slowly disappeared. Aunt’s words are right. If a woman gives her heart, she gives someone a knife to hurt herself. How can she do such a stupid thing? Did she forget what her mother told her before she died?
Su Wan was so upset that she finally calmed down. She yawned and said, "Aunt, I’m tired and have a rest first."
"Good handmaiden, go out and get familiar with this bamboo porch."
116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
"Go ahead"
Su Wan ordered a head of Bai Qin and quietly went out, then arranged for two handmaids to stay outside so as not to disturb Su Wan. She went to learn about Zhu Xuan and the situation of Anguo Houfu by herself.
At this time, it was quiet. After the dragon case, the old emperor looked at the first kneeling woman in red. She was beautiful, luxurious and graceful, especially red, which made her face more gorgeous. Her eyebrows seemed to be as charming as a rosy glow. She and her mother were generally the most suitable day to wear a woman in red, bright and dazzling, which made people follow her consciously
The old emperor seemed to be lost in thought for a long time, but he looked up again with a charming smile on his face. "What’s the matter with your uncle?"
The old emperor woke up and looked at the face, kneeling and waving his hand, "Get up in the sun."

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