As far as 100,000 spectres are concerned, once the array is a little sparse, it will be overwhelming, and it will cover less than a few tens of miles. It may be possible for the gods to plow the dozens of miles, but Yuan Ying will definitely not be able to do it.

It’s not a person who has exhausted power, but a god. In fact, even a god has the limit of power.
It is also because of this that once the low-level units with large scale and good strength gather in groups and are not afraid of death, it is also a great headache for them to kill them. Attack on a large scale in groups, and you will be exhausted if you don’t have two. What’s even more terrible is to carry it hard on the front. Once you are caught in the tide, the strong elephant will be swallowed up by a group of exhausted weak ants.
If the number is too large, it will form a tide, whether it is beast tide, insect tide or ghost tide, it will give high-ranking monks a headache. When they encounter it in the wild, they usually stay away, but if they are unfortunately intercepted and trapped in the encirclement, they will be able to avoid grief and change.
This is not only Fan Quqing’s face changed, but also his face was very bad that day. Although it was a projection of the other body, there was a wisp of spirit and strength in it after all. Once it was destroyed, it would also cause a lot of damage to the other body.
The two sides are very close, almost when people are in a daze, and the ghost tide has already rushed to the Mongolian dynasty as always. The Mongolian dynasty has not retreated from reality. In this range, the battlefield has no retreat, and a light has formed a defensive barrier, which was drowned by the fierce ghost tide.
With the strength of high-order yuan baby, Tian will certainly not be an underwhelming lot. His protective barriers successfully and effectively blocked the ghost tide, but Mata was horrified and inexplicably found that those cannon fodder ghosts were powerful to a terrible degree, with a hint of deep and remote blue flame.
Of course, there will be no obvious damage to the powerful barriers, but the Mongolian government clearly senses that ghosts can produce a trace of invisible barriers to him every attack, but they do damage the barriers. Ghosts attack quickly, and Qi Fei with four claws and sharp teeth can attack seven times in a short moment. Although there is not much effect, there are hundreds of ghosts sticking to him like insects.
Just a few breath shows that his protection has dropped a little, and ghosts are constantly squeezing in and fighting for an attack.
I want to attract more Mongolians. Now, where do you dare to delay for a moment and immediately transport your strength? The dazzling light in the center of his body has spread outward for a hundred feet, and the ghost has melted and dissipated like snow in the sun.
After using this trick, Mengchao suddenly found that there was a range of 30 feet away from his body, and then the ghost went back again and again. Although it was also damaged, it was not fatal. This result was a deep blow to pride. Mengchao just killed thousands of ghosts, but his breath was already weak, even if he was strong, he could not have exhausted power.
Monty also knew that he had overlooked the Mongolian dynasty and immediately changed a tactic slightly to make the ghost tide surround the Mongolian dynasty at a distance of dozens of feet. Forty or fifty feet away, he sent a small group of ghosts with only two hundred in number to kill the Mongolian dynasty. Of course, the number of ghosts in the ghost banners was as high as more than 400,000. Monty’s roots can push down the Mongolian dynasty if he needs to fuck. It is also the ghost flame ghosts who lose less.
If hundreds of ghosts are killed by the DPRK, they will not be killed or killed. If the power is too strong to kill, it is estimated that the ghosts will be able to break his defense after a wick of incense.
On the other side, Fan Quqing, who is dumbfounded, is also taken care of by Monty. Ten thousand ghost troops will entangle her directly. Of course, ten thousand can’t kill her, but at least she can be exhausted.
In Monty’s tactics, Monty Nai had to release the spell just now, and it took a small amount of strength to destroy the 200 ghosts, but then there were 200 ghosts entangled in him. Monty had to constantly cast spells of that range, and with the number in front of him, there were tens of thousands of ghosts, he could still get through it.
Moreover, the Mongolian dynasty has other tactics, and it is impossible to be silly here. The beheading tactic is to kill Monty, and these ghosts will not be threatened. His momentum will skyrocket and the ghosts around him will be incinerated into a dazzling meteor, and he will kill Monty there.
In fact, he is too dismissive of the ghost sea tactics monty, and monty will not carry it positively for the time being, but will circle with the two ghost kings and constantly command ghosts to stall and stop the Mongolian dynasty.
The Mongolian dynasty flew in the tide of ghosts, just as if it were stuck in a mire. A ghost’s claws and sharp teeth wrapped around him. Of course, it was nothing, but a large number of ghosts could make his roots unable to play their speed. He burned the ghosts again and again with golden light
But the ghost continued to rush to him as if it were exhausted, and the light kept blooming in him like fireworks.
At the same time, monty and the two ghost kings are not vegetarians. They are hiding behind ghosts, hitting the Mongolian dynasty with long-range spells and changing into normal Mongolian speed and strength. Whether they are avoiding or defending, they can do it easily.
However, in the ghost tide, it is very difficult to avoid those simple attack spells, and it is very hard to be bombarded by spells that are not powerful but continuous. All three of them are Yuan Ying-level combat power, even the simplest spell power is unusual, and the protective barriers are rippled all over Mongolia, and there are traces like cracks.
It took only a few hundred breaths, and the protective barrier of the Mongolian dynasty burst, and the ghosts embraced and tore it hard. The Mongolian dynasty was in a mess and forced them to quickly set up a shield for themselves.
But only these times have consumed 30% of his strength, and his whole body is even more embarrassed. But so far, he has killed less than 10,000 ghosts. Can the sum of the power of the ghost tide of Monty’s three yuan babies add up to one?
Those monks watching Yuan Ying outside are gaping at all this exaggeration. That’s a high-order Yuan Ying.
(To be continued)
Chapter four hundred and sixteen Kill
Chapter four hundred and sixteen Kill
Of course, this achievement is not to say that such a high-order Yuanying guy can be piled up with tens of thousands of ghosts. First, there are three powerful Yuanying soldiers, such as Monty, in the containment, so that Meng Chao can exert its lethality to the extreme. Second, Meng Chao’s projection strength is comparable to Yuan Ying’s high-order but there is no magic weapon. The most important thing is that this is a duel battlefield with limited Meng Chao’s strategic shift.
In fact, if there is no suppression such as monty, if you want to die by ghosts, méng will have to pay at least half the price for the 400 thousand ghost army, not including the strategic shift.
It can also be seen that the ghost of Hades is very powerful, but after all, it is not an enemy. It is more important to bring it into full play.
However, it seems that Fan Quqing’s failure has become inevitable in the eyes of throb, but Fan Quqing is still lucky because she also has an understanding of similar ghost bending techniques. The more powerful the spectre is, the more it takes to control it.
From the beginning to the end, Monty just summoned tens of thousands of ghosts, which has obviously reached her control limit. Now, 10 thousand has entangled her, but people have interfered with Fan Quqing’s desperate efforts to kill the enemy and killed 7 thousand. The situation has not yet reached the point where Fan Quqing will lose.
In particular, Fan Quqing’s major in martial arts is not a tactic, but another powerful spell of Taizong.
See her a little reluctant to swallow a glittering and translucent Dan medicine, the whole person’s momentum has suddenly skyrocketed, and the strength that has just been worn away is also extremely fast, and she is recovering to seize the opportunity to pinch the tactic. Her long sword suddenly burst into light.
A series of lights formed a small white Se semi-transparent sword with thousands of handles flying all over the sky to harvest the lives of those ghosts.
"This is the ten thousand swords tactic of Taizong Juexue" The Hunger’s face in the box was dignified and said, "I didn’t expect Fan Quqing to practice ten thousand swords tactic to this extent, so Taizong’s brand can’t be underestimated"
Willy looked at him but sneered. Judging from Fan Quqing’s pale face, Se, she must have forced the sword tactic to play to this extent. If she was willing to throw in the towel and surrender early when the situation just fell into the wind, no one could take her. After all, Monty dared to start work after her surrender. Those Taizong people wouldn’t let this happen.
Who would have thought that at this time, Fan Quqing would still dare to use his strength to cast spells to try to suppress monty? It is purely a matter of dying. It seems that although Fan Quqing’s life is good, no one dares to bully Taizong, and he can enjoy a lot of resources with little strength.
However, it is precisely in this way that she has developed her arrogance and arrogance. In the end, she provoked Monty several times, but she was completely humiliated. This result was that her self-esteem method was accepted, which also caused her to take a risk and try to turn around and kill these tens of thousands of ghosts.

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