"Turn to ashes!" Suzaku saw that the fire was already full of flames in the main feather hell. After the small figure of Mo Lin was trapped in the center, the ghost’s wings suddenly fanned up and mobilized to rush to Quillfire and changed direction. All Quillfire took Mo Lin as the goal and compressed it to the center.

"Help Mo Lin!" On Yao panic cried.
"Don’t worry" Zhu Pingman comforted Yue Yao.
Main feather hell crashing polymerization Quillfire with fire into the central huge fire curtain suddenly shrink into a ball of ink Lin figure disappeared after being compressed.
"Ha ha ha fly ash?" Leng Ying laughed. She broke away from Suzaku’s ghost spirit department and returned to Suzaku’s body.
"Rumbling ….." Leng Ying was laughing and suddenly flashed a dazzling color in the fire.
Blood color is like a rainbow, crossing dozens of steps to get the neck of cold cherry.
Leng Ying’s face became as pale as paper. Seeing lotus flower approaching, she faced upwards and fell backwards. Her long hair was cut off by lotus flower and fell down in succession.
"bang!" As lotus flower pricks out, it shrinks into a ball, and hell suddenly explodes, and the figure of Molin reappears.
His clothes have all turned to ashes, his face flushed and he came out of the fire naked. His body was red and orange, and he was holding a blood-red sword in his hand. He looked like a spectre who had escaped from hell.
See cold cherry fell I don’t know life and death tsing lung and white tiger two ghost spirit immediately.
Zhu Pingman and Xiaobai also carved a pounce on Qinglong and a rush to White Tiger.
It’s rare for Zhu Ping Man to make a shot. His psionic powers are rainbow-colored and instantly covered with the sky. Obviously, he didn’t expect to meet such a powerful opponent. When the rainbow-colored psionic powers are over, the blue dragon will be miserable, and a black light will be shattered. The remaining green dragon ghost king Jing Boxing will be tied up by the rainbow-colored psionic powers.
Zhao Hu, the white tiger ghost king, suffered the same thing as Jing Quan. He didn’t expect that suddenly a small white would be a strong demon god. Only when the strong one was confronted, he was directly hit by a small white demon spirit in the eyes of the storm. The white tiger demon spirit turned into a white light and dissipated.
Jing Quan and Zhao Hu were solved, and Mo Lin also jumped high, flashing red blood and cold light in the red soul, losing control of the cold cherry blossoms, and losing the courage to fight around the red soul sword light, slowly putting away his wings and landing on the ground.
Ink Lin didn’t see that Leng Ying had fainted. Her head was just hit by the firm but gentle shock of the red soul. Although it was not directly hit, it triggered a brain shock. It is estimated that she will wake up for a while.
"Cough … put the clothes on" Zhu Pingman tore the coat and threw it to Mo Lin.
Ink Lin red face will wear clothes chaos involuntarily took a glance at the month behind Yao but saw that she was looking over with a smile and her face was even hotter.
"You are Zhu Pingman!" Jing boxing is tied by rainbow psionic power, but it can still be asked.
Zhu Ping Mannai pulled his face masked and said, "You recognized him."
Jing Quan is the oldest of the four ghost kings, and it is the same age as Zou Yuan, the master of a generation of Yin and Yang. As soon as he saw the rainbow power, he knew that he met the mainland’s fruitful achievements and only got through the seven chakras.
"You really broke your oath and mixed with the red dragon. Do you want to betray mankind?" Jing quan gnashed her teeth and asked
"I suddenly feel that I didn’t abide by the oath with you." Zhu Ping’s old face was so disrespectful that he choked Jing Quan.
Xiaobai also resumed the monster beast type and jumped into Jing Quan’s face. The tail swept his face and said, "Why do you bite me when the boss is with our monster beast?"
Jing Boxing is tied up like Zongzi, and it’s confused by the small white tail. How can you talk back? The poor four ghost kings are also considered as the top strong men of Yin and Yang. When they meet Zhu Pingman and Xiaobai, the two human beings and the monster beast super-top strong men are also bullied.
"It’s really refreshing. Why don’t we just rush into the capital city?" Small white said angrily. It gradually revealed its fierce momentum and it was really a bit scary.
Mo Lin was told by Xiao Bai that he was passionate and heroic in his chest. He looked at the capital, still quiet and quiet, and he didn’t know whether the yellow world had already cooperated with his own actions to rescue the prison.
"Now that it’s come to this, I’ll just do it." There was a voice in Mo Lin’s heart urging him. It was a hard side of his character. He thought of being treated unfairly and that he had been enduring the situation. An anger rose in his heart and converged into an emotion.
"Then let’s go to the capital and have a look." Molin made up his mind. "Since I am the public enemy of mankind, I must always play my role."
Bao slowly pushed the iron cover on the top of his head and was finally able to breathe a little fresh air. The rotten smell of the waterway could almost poison people. A group of dead people walked three miles in the waterway and finally came to the prison near Yin and Yang.
"such as?" Yellow tightly behind the bag to see the bag head out low asked.
"Ann" Bao said, pushing the head iron cover aside softly and then crawling on the ground.
Bao helped one dead man after another climb out of the underpass, and then everyone hid the night to cover the corner.
Less than a hundred steps away from them is the back door of the prison. There will be about four guards here, but there are two people at the moment, and these two guards are obviously a little flustered
"What happened?" Pig woman gestures to ask the grave.

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