"I won’t go!"

Ouyang Junjin directly replied
"Look at me now, don’t you feel sick? Why do you have to stay here? Am I not miserable enough now? And all this is thanks to you. Now, if I see you, I will remember everything that happened before. Isn’t it enough that you have brought me torture? Do you really want me to live in pain all day? "
Your envy words stab Ouyang Junjin’s heart like a knife. He wants to say something, but your envy root didn’t give him the machine. Chapter 459 He finally left.
"Are you very happy to see me so miserable now? That’s why I don’t listen to you. Are you very satisfied?"
You envy roar at Ouyang Junjin to say this sentence.
"You should know that I would never have that idea."
"You do. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I really regret God for letting me meet you in my life. You are selfish, arrogant, overbearing and mean."
Ouyang Junjin doesn’t care about anything, even if he offends heaven and man, he doesn’t frown. If he likes it all the time, he can help each other, right or wrong. He believes that even a heart of stone will have a hot day, but he never thought that his heart was so unbearable.
"Ha ha, I know that the root was sent by you, right? You want to teach me a hard lesson and make me suffer, and then you will appear in front of me like a savior and think that I will treat you well and never dare to leave and be your puppet again. Am I right?"
He knew that your envy was badly hurt, which was partly due to him after all. He didn’t expect to get your forgiveness so quickly, but he didn’t expect your envy to say that he was so miserable.
"I tell you, even if I die, I won’t bow to you."
"You envy this thing. If you want to blame me, I can say it, but don’t kill my feelings for you. You know I really love you."
He sent people. Although he didn’t want to see this happen, Ouyang Junjin didn’t want to find an excuse to take off himself. He hoped that you would not think so badly of his feelings.
"Don’t have me dead you can leave me alone? You keep saying that you love me. That’s why love drives me to death. If that’s the case, then I can tell you to let me go or you can get my body. "
More and more vicious words came out of your mouth. Ouyang Junjin finally silenced him. Ouyang Junjin can love to do everything, but he is also a flesh-and-blood person. He will be sad and painful. He really can’t keep begging for alms from the other side. Ouyang Junjin’s love doesn’t need to be so humble. If you go back to South Tang, you are envious and always look forward to it, then he can become her.
"You envy him for leaving!"
Mujunchen walked to the bedside of Jun Xian and said sadly that Mujunchen knew that Jun Xian had a hard time hurting Ouyang Junjin, which was not her intention.
"elder brother"
Your envy burst into tears. This is the true side of your envy.
"Well, don’t be sad, you are all white."
"You know what? I really want to die, but I had a dream just now. I dreamed that my brother and Teacher Niang were very sad after I died, so I was still depressed and went in a few years. At that time, I regretted dying. Even the ants knew that it was better to die than to live. I still had so many hearts around me. I was so cowardly that I chose to end my life regardless of your ideas, and it was too sexual for Teacher Niang. That dream was so real. I was afraid that it would really become like that. I dare not gamble and dare not ask for death lightly. "
"You envy you know? That’s not a dream. If you really choose to leave not only me and Teacher Niang, all of us will not be happy. I envy you for always being all of us. The princess will never change her place. Please, if we live strong, we will be regarded as brothers. Please. "
"elder brother"
Looking at Mujunchen with tearful eyes, Jun is glad that she suddenly thought about it. Even if she is alive and suffering again, she doesn’t want to see herself feel sorry for herself.
"Jun envy I know what you just said is not your own meaning. Why did you say that? Is it also because of your dream? "
Mu Junchen knows Jun Xian too well. Jun Xian never speaks so aggressively. That root is not that she can do things.
"You know what? I also dreamed of Ouyang Junjin. I dreamed that Ouyang Junjin’s personality changed greatly after my death, and he became the demon who killed people without batting an eye. But this is not what he really thought. He couldn’t control himself for a long time, and there was not even a speaker around him because everyone was afraid of him. I watched him go there. Everyone regarded him as a demon and wanted to get rid of him. Do you know? I dreamed that Jun Jin was finally hacked to death by those who retaliated against others. They not only killed him, but also burned his body so that there was no body after his death. I wanted to save him, but I couldn’t. Jun Jingen couldn’t see me. I shouted over and over again, but no one listened to me. Do you know? Jun Jin, he was always unhappy, but when he died, his mouth turned out to be smiling. I knew what he meant. I was really white, brother, you know? I "
Jun Jian choked up and couldn’t speak. Her heart ached terribly.
"Jun Xian, don’t cry. Watch your face."
See you envy cry can’t from already MuJunChen patted you envy shoulder advised.
Jun envy a little slow and then continue to say.
"Brother, what do you mean by Bai Junjin’s smile? Because he finally got rid of it and never lived alone again. Brother, I don’t want to see Jun Jin become like that. It’s too hard and too wronged. If it weren’t for me, Jun Jin wouldn’t become like that. I can’t ruin him any more. I can live a new life if he leaves me and forgets me."
"Jun Xian, don’t say that about you. We are always the best in our hearts."
Just now, a scene consumed a lot of energy, and after that, I finally said what I was thinking. My body and mind were all relaxed, and soon Mu Junchen comforted me and fell asleep.
Mujunchen seemed to glance at the direction of the roof. There was nothing unusual there, but Mujunchen knew that not only he but also another person had heard those words just now.
"I envy you for being so considerate. We are strong and alive to belong to you. Life is not as gloomy as you think. You deserve the best."
Mujunchen looked at you and envied sleeping Yan silently and said in his heart, Chapter 46 Crazy revenge.
Ouyang Junjin rushed back to the palace to send out his anger, so that everyone could not help but stay out of the way and went to the cold palace without washing away the dust.
"Men and women see the emperor. Who provoked the emperor to make him so angry?"
Ji Shuang regarded Ouyang Junjin as angry. She always said in a gentle tone that if a third person saw Ji Shuang’s performance now, she would definitely not show up in the cold palace. She was more barren and dilapidated than Ji Shuang, and her wealth was more than the palace. She continued to be more noble than the imperial concubine.
"Xiao Jun is your person?"
Ji Shuang was not surprised by Ouyang Junjin’s words. She got Xiao Jun into Ouyang Junjin’s escort at that time. Although everything was done very rigorously, it was not without trace. It was not easy to find out.

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