"Back to the positions today, I found out that one hundred and sixty-three Wei Guogong’s family were killed. That thief is really insane."

Where is Jingzhao Yi’s reply? This morning, I found out that the massacre of a slain man hasn’t come yet. Anyway, he is doomed as an immortal …
"What? It’s backwards! It’s backwards! This is the opposite! " Yanlingcheng’s face was white and he was panting in the dragon chair.
They were busy persuading him to calm down at such a time.
"Wei Guogong old when he was young is my big three-dimensional hero several times with the first emperor in battlefield exploits hehe! Finally … Don’t die a natural death! Dear! You must avenge Wei Guogong! "
An Xiang is in tears
"Hey, yes, Wei Guogong is in his teens. Who is so vicious!" Willow phase is also crying
"Jingzhao Iraq! What do you do as an official? Commander of the infantry in Beijing? " Yanling city in anger 19 Chapter 19 Solve the case
Qi Changshou, the head of the infantry in Beijing, is 56 years old. He is also the head of the infantry in Beijing and holds 100 thousand Kyoto infantry guards. Kyoto An is a close minister of the celestial pole.
In addition, he is also the minister of the three orphans, a Taibao title, and it is obvious how much he is favored to wait for the title.
At this time, the emperor didn’t call him. His title was infantry commander, so he was angry.
"I know the crime, please give it to me." Qi Changshou knelt down locally and did not dare to argue that it was his responsibility to go out of Beijing.
Yan Gui was in the previous step. "Father, everything went out suddenly yesterday, and no one expected that a group of assassins would have entered the capital long ago and were waiting for a lively time to make trouble. On the 15th day, Wei Guogong wanted to enter the palace. They chose sixteen realities, and they were all closely guarded these days. I don’t think it is necessarily the group of people who killed people in the downtown area. Even the case of Wei Guogong’s government is now called Jing Zhaoyi and Qi’s adults to take the blame."
Jingzhaoyi just changed it, but Qi Changshou definitely changed it at this time. That’s the position. I have been loyal to the position for many years and guarded the capital gate for more than 20 years. If I changed it at this time, no matter who it is, I don’t know who it is.
Yanling city is weak, but he is not stupid. Yan Gui said that he also knows that he can’t change people at this time.
"Hum! Energy generation! If you still dare to rely on it? "
"Yes, it’s the first time that such a big event has come to the country, and the father can’t tolerate it!" Yan Chu Chu tou Dao
Yanning doesn’t talk. He doesn’t want to expose himself. It’s good to have his brothers in the front.
"I also think that it is not good to change people at this time. The deputy officials in the capital of Qi’s adult for decades are used to changing people for a while. At this time, it is necessary to solve the crime first. It is best to believe that Qi’s adult and Jingzhao’s adult Zhao want to solve the case quickly."
Eleven Huang Yan early way
"Eleven brothers, you haven’t been on an errand before you talk nonsense several times?" Yanchu stare at his way
"The fourth brother’s words are bad. My brother didn’t do the errand, and it was just a short time ago, but it’s not necessarily unreasonable. All the ministers do the errand every day and naturally know whether my brother is talking nonsense or telling the truth!"
Yan period seriously way
"Well, I am in favor of the Nine Emperors’ Temple and the Eleven Emperors’ Temple. At this time, people will be confused. How can we investigate the case? I’m willing to guarantee his adult and Zhao adult. "
A teacher Liu’s adult dequeue way
"I also want to guarantee" Ann trembling way.
The situation is so bad that all the people are on the contrary, and they haven’t spoken. Liu Xiang wants to oppose it. It’s not appropriate at this time, and it’s good to acquiesce with Daliu.
"In that case, I will believe you again. Since you participated in Laojiu, you will be ordered to cooperate with Jingzhaoyi to solve the case as soon as possible."
Yanlingcheng avenue
"Father, son, minister and timber also want to follow Jiu Ge’s case," Yan pleaded in the previous step.
"quasi" Yanling city smiled to say with smile
"Thank you, Father!" Yan qi was so excited when she got a job for the first time that she didn’t know what to say.
"Well, the duke of Wei ordered me to decide that the county king should be buried in a standard way, so he was called the home of the king of Wei County." Yanlingcheng avenue
There will be no objection to "pursuit of English" this time. Everyone is dead and all interests are vain.
"So don’t worry about the funeral of the two kings of Wei County, but also be handled by the Nine Emperors and the Eleven Emperors in collaboration with the clan mansion. It must produce good results. Don’t chill the hearts of the old ministers." Yanling City was a little tired.
"Yes, I’m sure I’ll send Wei Jun Wang Lu" Yan Gui said.
"I must help Jiu Ge" Yan period is also busy.
I have to go home with Yan when I leave the Yan Dynasty.
"11 brother investigation directly to Jingzhao Iraq is the temple didn’t eat breakfast" Yan to some annoying way.
"I didn’t eat Jiu Ge, didn’t I? Do you dislike going to your house for breakfast? " Yan qi exaggerated laughter

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