Jun Mo Ying feels ridiculous. At this moment, he still has leisure to think about it.

"I don’t want to listen to you."
"No, I won’t let go!" Phoenix shallow mercilessly shook a smiling face full of stubborn "not what you said? I don’t want to be so obedient, sometimes I shouldn’t put it, I can’t put it!" What if you let go and you have to leave again? So I won’t let go of Jun Moying! "
Every word, though with a hint of almost undetectable trembling, is clear and the tone is not negotiable.
Who on earth gave her confidence to say such things to him now? Isn’t she afraid that he will dump her directly?
A mockery passed quickly in your black eyes. Yes, this confidence is that he gives and he is himself.
It is he who dotes on her endlessly that she dares to do this!
Even at the last minute, he knew that what she had done was enough for her to die a hundred times, but he would leave like an idiot as if he didn’t know anything.
It’s not that he didn’t see them in Shuyuge. As soon as they entered, he knew that there was someone inside, although the breath was well hidden. Although all of him couldn’t see the clue, he felt it at once.
However, when he looked up and saw them, his mind was so white for a moment.
What did he see? She and Yunluo?
But in the end, except for the first moment of anger and anger, he was afraid that others would see them and consciously want to drive everyone away.
He really felt like a complete fool when he realized this idea.
But I did it anyway
"I didn’t want you to let it go, but now I want you to let it go and you can understand it?"
"No, don’t! Why can’t you let me go if you don’t want to? How can there be such a cheap thing in the world? " Feng shallow desperately grabbed his hand for a moment without considering whether he would hurt or not, for fear that he would dump himself for a second. "I don’t want to let Jun Mo Ying go. I don’t want to let you go. Will you listen to me?"
The man who has just come out of the Longyin Palace still has a hint of warmth that doesn’t match this winter, so people can’t help but want to get close and feel bitter nose and eyes.
Slowly approaching her, Jun Moying’s right hand picked up her jaw, and her breath was so heavy that it spilled on her face, but suddenly there was a sneer in his dark eyes.
"Wipe the marks on your neck before you explain, eh?"
Say that finish heavily brushed her hand.
Phoenix’s shallow feet are soft and almost fall down.
There is a voice in my head that keeps saying, "Go back and forth. If you fall down, he won’t be willing to give up and watch him pick you up …"
But no.
He must think she’s putting on airs. He doesn’t like such a woman.
And … neck marks? What marks?
Phoenix’s eyes are full of confusion. It’s a long time to guess that it should be Yunluoliu! No wonder he was so angry when he saw her just now!
"Where are you going?" Watching him go forward again, Feng-shallow caught his hand again.
Are you going to another woman’s?
No, no, she didn’t do anything. Chapter 954 There are indeed many coincidences.
"Don’t let me repeat it again!" Jun ink shadow else looked at the front eye tip didn’t glance at her body a cold tunnel.
"No …" Phoenix shallow bit her lip tightly. "Yunluo and I were both designed and led in the past." She wouldn’t give him a chance to refuse, even if he didn’t listen to her. "Don’t you think it’s strange that we suddenly appeared there? Even if we really have what … "
After saying his word, I saw that the man’s original face was dark and almost dripping water. She quickly passed by "Even if there is anything, it is impossible to choose that place at that time!" I have never been to Shuyuge. How is it possible to steal love and run over? "
The more she said, the uglier your face became.
Even if there is something. Still stealing love? !
He bit his teeth and squeezed a word out of his throat. "Because I’m always around you on weekdays, when you don’t have time, other places are easy to be found. Only Shuyuge usually has few people to go and is close to Zhenghe Temple. Yunluo can leave at any time and go back at any time!"
"What about you? !” Feng shallow suddenly let out a scream, and her eyes were scarlet, but there were no signs or signs of tears.

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