This is a fierce battle!

Not to mention the other party’s purpose, not only can it be clear at a glance if ten men attack a woman at ordinary times!
But this time is different!
Su Ling belongs to off the charts among the two fighting beasts around him!
And five years later, Su Ling’s skill and mind are even worse!
So when the two teams fought hand to hand, a scuffle also kicked off on the streets of Beijing!
Su Ling directly chose the leader of the other side during the match!
Although this man’s voice is deliberately hoarse, she still feels a little familiar in his accent!
"You have a lot of courage when you start working in the street!"
Su Ling’s sword swept the leader for a moment, and then she was sarcastic!
Such words irritate each other and wait for him to say it again!
Only by forcing him to talk can Su Ling distinguish this person carefully!
However, the leader had a deep mind. After Su Ling was so ridiculed, his eyes flashed coldly and then he just snorted!
"Dare not speak? Dare to do it and dare not admit it? "
Su Ling once again satirized the words, and at the same time, the sword danced in front of the sword to make the right method close to her!
"Hum! Let’s talk after the fight! "
Finally, Su Ling sneered at the other side for a while without holding your horses and throwing your crossbow in the way, and then drew a sword with cold light shining from behind!
The sharp blade is crescent-shaped, but the sharp tip of the sword is exposed!
Although the sword is not as long as Su Ling’s sword, he took the sword and docked it with a brute force, which abruptly cut Su Ling’s sword in the middle!
Ding-dong a broken arrow fell to the ground and left half a sword in his hand immediately milli lethality!
Su Ling’s face is obscure, her eyes are cold and folded, but her calm appearance is not seen by anyone, and her hands are trembling slightly in the hidden sleeves!
And this is the result of the other party’s brute force to cut off her sword!
The tiger’s mouth rises
Such brute force can break her sword, even if the sword in his hand is very tough, but the average person should not be able to do it!
At this time, Su Ling is holding broken arrow to see the opposite leader!
In an instant, the two men fought against each other. She carefully observed the red lip micro-hook. "Nice trick!"
"Hum, die!"
Maybe the sword was cut off, and the other party showed madness and pride!
It is precisely because of the look in his eyes that he forgot to cover up his tone of voice after flying by!
"Even love ze turned out to be you!"
When the other party took a sword and tried to attack Su Ling again, her gorgeous face suddenly crossed a bit!
Words fall on each other’s feet!
But the sword in his hand still doesn’t change the attack posture, and from now on he hasn’t said a word!

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