"Not good! To detect "Yun Tian’s eyes, pitfalls loom, and he wants to strike people running ahead.

Everyone also tensed their nerves and planned to make moves, but at this moment, everyone had not reacted. Zhang had already rushed out, but the speed was quite slow, like a rash man running out.
Before Zhang Yang walked out, everyone heard Zhang Yang whisper, "Don’t move me to solve this."
Zhang roar loud in one hand and a knife broke three small gouges where whole pieces were missing treasure broadsword rushed to the short man and raised a knife to cut at each other’s head.
This short man is a one-star small warrior, but the strength of the detective is so poor that he raised his knife to resist.
Zhang Yang Fang Xiu is also a master of Samsung. His strength is naturally far beyond this short man. Of course, he has slowed down the speed by half, which is very common.
"Enemy attack!" The short warrior came to say a word, and even the man with a knife was cut by Zhang Yang’s broadsword more than 20 meters away, and the jaws shattered and vomited blood to the ground.
There are more than a dozen grandmasters across the street who are taller than Zhang Yangxiu. Of course, no one will be afraid, but Zhang suddenly rushed out and disrupted the thinking of the black man.
Zhang covered his face in black and black cloth, held his head high, and the broadsword pierced the ground more than two meters high, which was very terrible, but the blade was worn out with three gaps.
Gouge where whole pieces were missing were punched out with his fingers before he came out. That’s the effect he wanted to show the enemy weakness.
He pointed to the opposite avenue. "People in front are always robbing! I put this knife in this road, but I’m going to pass by and buy road money from now on. Without a good sword, I’m going to kill today! Ha ha … "
He covered up his own cold momentum, and he had a savage momentum, which naturally emanated from ordinary Samsung masters, and he was a little arrogant and mixed with some stupidity.
Zhang roared and laughed, and the depressed atmosphere was messed up. The team in front of him naturally did not fear a Samsung guru, but naturally walked to a place 20 meters away from Zhang.
The man in black laughed. "Ha ha … Are you crazy? So many of our masters are afraid of you, a three-star master? I don’t want to find a delicious host when I rob you. You are impatient! "
Many grandmasters of the team also laughed, full of ridicule.
"Bullshit!" Zhang roar loud interrupted many people across the street to laugh.
Then he shouted, "Do you know how many masters the old knife killed? Tell you one hundred masters! That’s a hundred masters! None of you can run today without a good sword. "
The fighters riding the red horse scoffed, "A pretty one just wants to brag about killing a few people with the knife."
Hiding in the bushes, many young killers are even more arrogant. They are murderous and angry. When they are disturbed by each other, they intercept and rob a group of people and become one person!
"A big lie doesn’t tell the truth for a day." Wu Yu was worried about Zhang Yangxin’s little face outside, but she felt that those people were really attacked by order when she saw Zhang cheating.
Chapter 39 Order Attack
"Dare to stop our taboo team I you are dead! Five masters killed him! " Black man cold way []
"I will! Let me … "
The team immediately dispatched five grandmasters. Yuan Neng flashed their weapons and rushed to Zhang quickly.
"I won’t play with you." Zhang grinned and his figure flashed to the left and deviated more than 20 meters into the trees
Then he shouted, "Order attack! Leave the front mouth and attack on three sides! Continuous injection of elements can block attacks. "
Suddenly, in the dark night, the three sides of the motorcade erected an earth wall more than seven meters at the same time. This open earth road is particularly conspicuous, especially when a six-star master knocked out the earth wall more than ten meters and directly interrupted the rear of the motorcade. The thickness is also more than two meters wide!
"Wood attack! Vines stand in the front! Continuous injection of elements can block attacks! "
A large number of wooden vines rushed out of the ground and were more than ten meters long, crisscrossing to form a high-rise vine wall to cut off the front of the motorcade.
"Surrounded by scattered!"
"Howls …"
The figure flashed in all directions, and several killers surrounded the motorcade.
In a short time, Zhang Yanglian’s three-way motorcade was also suddenly attacked by five elements! But in a few seconds, the dirt road was blocked, and there were walls on all sides! And surrounded by fighters outside the wall!
Although the horses in the team have also experienced battle scenes, they have been frightened by this sudden erection of a tall earth wall, and their hooves have been braying constantly.
"The enemy attack! We were cheated by that bastard! " The big man in black panicked and shouted, "Everyone attacked the four-way barrier and broke the earth wall. The motorcade rushed forward to kill and break the vines!"

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