In fact, other people except Fu Sheng and Hong Hua Dou Tai, including Mrs. Yang Lao, don’t know the fact that the protoss is still alive. The scorching sun and the blue demon have worked in the main gate of the white domain, but Yang Ye, Nan Rong Fantasy, Crazy Sui, Bao Bao Long and Mu Yangzheng are curious about this knowledge.

Immediately after entering the channel, I felt strange, as if this was another domain. Although it was dark, these monks could still see everything clearly without being disturbed by the darkness. Surprisingly, when everyone entered the channel, everyone’s red marks responded. At the same time, everyone’s abilities seemed to be summoned, and various abilities drove their own light to appear.
Yang night red light, floating golden light, Xiahou Chaojun green light, Guiling white light …
At that time, the channel was mapped with colorful colors, which was particularly dazzling.
But no one made a sound, saying that they were nervous or worried about each other. Everyone was silent and looked around with a smile, and from time to time they made a long-lost goodbye.
Walking through the passage in a bright light, it is spacious in front of you, but it looks like a family’s home decoration! Tables, chairs, bed cabinets, everything! And all stone carvings!
It surprised everyone, not so, but all kinds of stone tables, chairs, beds and cabinets were broken, turned over and cracked, and this spacious place was a mess!
Floating one leng in a hurry blurted out exclaimed "oh, no! So soon! The Lord has sent someone here! "
"What?" Yang night one leng.
Everyone was taken aback, and they quickly entered the spacious room with the footsteps of floating, and checked around.
After a few people hold their breath, the strange aura is not here, but there is still a distance from here, but the present situation has said that someone must have been here, and there is no doubt that it was destroyed by rage if there was not a fight.
However, apart from the damaged tables, chairs and benches, there is no trace of blood or strong ability to cause damage.
"It shouldn’t be a fight. It’s not like" Mrs. Yang Lao said her conclusion with caution. "Maybe the Lord of Red Refinement had been aware of it before he came."
Hong Hua Dou Tai smiled and nodded "Sure! Chilian is not stupid. She must feel different. How can she confront the lords before we get back? Right? Hey hey "
This sentence has caused a little strange in Yang Ye’s heart. Didn’t Lord Bai Yu know in advance that we would come? Thinking about Yang night, I just looked up and met the same doubts. The eyes of the two people were relatively suggestive of each other, and their thoughts were clear to each other.
"Look! There is a row of strange writing marks here, which seems to have been engraved soon! " The baby suddenly got up and screamed in a corner.
All the horses turned and gathered around in succession.
Nan Rong Phantom took the lead in going to Baobao Long’s side with a smiling face and said, "It has to be my baby that ordinary people can’t! Great achievements have been made again! "
The baby turned around and ran south glory magic cheek again with one punch.
Nan Rong’s illusion flickered away from the baby, and his fist bent over with anger and his face became serious. He looked at a row of words engraved on the stone wall and said with a frown, "What a strange word. Let me have a look …"
At this time, everyone has gathered around, and Xiahou Chaojun and Monsieur beaucaire Ling are monitoring the entrance with Muyang, feeling the strange aura.
At this time, the situation should not be careless, and there should be no carelessness.
Yang Ye was the first to rush over, followed by Lan Yao, and the two men kept pulling together. Lan Yao didn’t know what would happen to her, but she suddenly wanted to rely on Yang Ye’s side. Maybe she was worried that Yang Ye would be nervous and stressed? No, no, no,no. Lan Yao beheaded when he took Yang Ye’s hand, that kind of kindness and trust was a long time ago, and he was looking for it himself and needed it most when he was indifferent for so long.
That feeling seems to be at the beginning … No! This isn’t a night royal autumn, this is a red dagger! Lan Yao cut her ridiculous thoughts again and again, and she was afraid to treat Yang night as a night for imperial autumn, because it was unfair to Yang night.
But why can Yang always feel the kindness and trust that the night royal autumn once brought to him?
At this time, Yang Ye didn’t notice the change of Lan Yao’s chop around him. He ignored his hand pulling Lan Yao’s chop because of the small row of words engraved on the stone wall in his attention department. The words were very strange, but Yang Ye felt very familiar with them. He realized that every word gently comforted his heart like one hand.
Nan Rong Magic also bent over the stone wall and looked at his eyes, but from time to time he left the baby behind him. He had a faint feeling that the baby had changed to himself from sending Xi Shi and Zheng Dan back to their own. Could it be …
"Do you understand?" Baby long while staring at the south glory illusion she is still a face of anger.
"Writing is ahem, I …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"ah? !” Aside Yang Ye was surprised. "What did you say?"
Floating life stretched out his hand and pulled Nan Rong’s phantom face, smiled and shook his head and said, "Hehehehu said that this is a ghost symbol. Do you really recognize it?" Said and looked at it. "It seems that Chi Lian really hid in advance and left a message for us to contact."
"Look at me, I said that red refining is very clever." Honghua Doutai laughed proudly.
Floating life looked up at Yang night. "Red Bi, you couldn’t find ghost energy, otherwise you will naturally know these ghost characters when you get ghost energy." Then he bowed his head and continued to look at the words and looked at his face and became surprised.
"What’s the matter?" Yang night felt the floating look strange nasty asked.
Floating life slowly raised his head. wait for a while looked around at everyone around him. "Red Lian left a message about her underwater." He looked straight at Yang Ye’s face. "Her underwater ghost!"
Chapter three hundred and twenty-three "A bloodbath in one thousand"
Underwater ghosts? !
A word frightened everyone around the floating life, and everyone stared at each other in one leng.
This also includes Hong Hua Dou Tai and Yang Lao’s wife, and the scorching sun has always been suspicious. At this moment, he has carefully observed the floating life, Yang Lao Tai and Hong Hua Dou Tai’s expressions and saw that they are not pretending to be surprised. Don’t they really know? But before the scorching sun, I felt that these people should have been associated with the protoss red training.
I haven’t seen the white master in the hot sun, but I’m also a little anxious. Of course, he is not only looking for the white master to ask something clearly, but also worried about the safety of the white master.

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