As soon as he revealed the secret, the horse attracted several people behind the scenes, and he would never give up until he was sworn in

What did he do in Li Ran? Is it worthwhile to make such a fuss?
Even if he earns more money and plays with women, he is a little harsh on his family, but isn’t everyone doing these things? What’s against him alone?
After all, isn’t it Tian Weijun who wants to take his heart? I just hit the gun, so it’s no wonder that others have dark hands.
Li Ran, he is not stupid. He knows exactly what will happen next. Officialdom has been mixed up for a long time. He has seen too many such things. If he doesn’t leave at this time, he may never leave.
So while the night was dark and windy, he abandoned his home and ran away with his cash box at home.
He wanted to sneak out of the country, but he didn’t expect that the bosses in the city had long been prepared and blocked his escape route.
Nai he has to hide Dongjiang city, a villa he prepared a few years ago and wait for the wind to pass before making plans.
For fear of being discovered, he tried not to show up in the villa, and spent most of his time in the room, languishing like a mouse.
Revenge is very heavy. He thought of hurting himself in this field. Those old colleagues couldn’t swallow this tone before bribing several Taoist figures to kidnap Tian Weijun’s daughter.
Who knows that a Cheng Yaojin was killed halfway? From newspapers and other news, he learned that a strongman named Zhuo had ruined his good deeds. After that, he could bear it and spent a lot of money to unite the five tigers in the south of the Yangtze River to fight back at Zhuo Qiang the most severely.
When calculating, they may have succeeded.
It is said that this strongman Zhuo has a lot of money in his family to kidnap them, and then he will kill them decisively after receiving the ransom, so as to eliminate his hatred.
Li Ran picked up a cookie from the next table and put it in his mouth, driving a fly with one hand.
"* * There are flies in this winter, and the sanitation around here is really poor." Li Ran felt sick and bored.
I ate something and then drank some cold water. Li Ran fell asleep.
"Knocking" a faint knocking at the door to wake up Li Ran’s dream, he is still around the vice mayor or those tidal compliments …
I looked at my watch. It’s past seven o’clock in the morning. How can anyone be looking for him at this time? Is it that the five tigers in the south of the Yangtze River succeeded?
But Jiangnan Five Tigers know his body and Dongjiang City doesn’t know his exact address. It shouldn’t be them.
There must be something wrong with this. Li Ran feels that the situation is not so good. Is it because the police caught the Jiangnan five tigers and finally found it here? But their efficiency should not be so fast.
Li Ran was not stupid enough to go straight to the door. He stared at the underground iron door with wide eyes.
The knock on the door is still ringing and there comes a shout "Hello? Check the water meter "
Why does asking for a water meter sound so familiar?
Li Ran dawdled up and slapped the basement door and came to the living room.
Hiding behind a frosted glass, he vaguely saw a man outside the door.
One person may really check the water meter, but Li Ran didn’t let his guard down. On the contrary, he thought there must be a hidden danger in it.
He crept back to the basement, picked up a suitcase, and then walked back to the first floor for sanitation, gently hitting the sanitary glass.
There is also an anti-theft device installed outside the glass, but this anti-theft device can also be used, and a lock is installed on the surface.
Li Ran carefully punched the anti-theft lock on the toilet lid, then slowly put the money box out, and then tried his best to climb out from the inside.
"Hum want to catch me? It’s not that easy "Li Ran secretly sneer at the money suitcase.
Crossing a low-cut shrub green belt, Li Ran took a long breath and walked quickly to the back door of the community
"Hey, that gentleman, you dropped your wallet." A sweet voice came.
Li Ran consciously glanced around the ground and there was nothing on the ground.
Looking up six or seven meters away, a foreign girl with blond hair was holding a black wallet high and waving it at him with a smile.
Li Ran, a beautiful foreign girl, praised one in her heart
He saw at a glance that the wallet root was not him, but the beautiful foreign girl in front of him made him unable to move his legs and feet.
"Then I’ll see if it’s me." Li Ran hesitated and walked towards the foreign girl.
Li Ran took the wallet from a foreign beauty and looked at it and said, "It doesn’t seem to be me, but I still want to thank you."
"Then how are you going to thank me?" The foreign girl smiled very charming.
"This ….." Li Ran was a little dizzy by this beautiful woman’s beautiful style and forgot that he was fleeing.
He was thinking about how to hook this beautiful girl when the foreign girl suddenly smiled and said, "This box is good, so give it to me."
When she finished, she reached out and took the box from Li Ran.
Li Ran suddenly woke up. Is she going to rob or something? Busy to move the box to the back.
"Just bring it to me." The foreign girl suddenly changed her face and suddenly came forward and took the box from Li Ran.
Li Ran is frightened in his heart, but he only has possessions. If he can’t lose his hand, he will hold this foreign beauty and want to take the box back.
The foreign beauty’s face is like a spring breeze, and she has already become as cold as ice. Suddenly, she jerked forward, bent her leg and hit her knee, and pushed Li Ran out a few steps.
"Ah, it’s quite heavy. It seems that there is a lot of money in it. I am rich in playing mahjong." The foreign girl’s face is smiling like a flower again
Li Ran’s chest was hit by this beautiful woman’s knee, and it was so painful that he couldn’t even speak. At this time, he heard the other party actually say that he wanted the money in this box to play mahjong, and he almost fainted with anger and anger.

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