A word almost choked the smokers to death in Hunan. Does this domain still know me? This bone clan attacked the domain at night for a long time, and its memory was not stripped away. Before it was degraded to the ordinary, it was still very prestige. Now, his bones and armor have undoubtedly proved that this little boy has recovered his memory. He actually said that he didn’t know me?

Gone with the wind xiang instantaneous stare big eyes gnashing "you …"
Nan Rong Huan ignored Piaoxiang’s anger and frowned slightly. He suddenly realized that he looked up. "Oh ~ ~ ~!"
Gone with the wind Xiang surprised a horse and turned into a contemptuous grin and asked, "Remember?"
"Still don’t know!" Nan Rong’s magic answer is straightforward
You!’ Gone with the wind xiang qi has already clenched his fist to ruthlessly stare at south glory magic roared "bone clan night attack! I’ll turn you into a pile of bones today! "
South glory magic pie mouth smiled "ha ha smoke gone with the wind xiang I also just heard that you are not what three masters? Then let me see it. "
Talking, Nan Rong’s magic arms hung down from left to right, and the tips of two osteotome knives looked at the smoky family with a smile as they calmly faced the fear and mockery.
"Well, I’ll show you not only me but also death!" Smokers are floating in Hunan, their eyes are cold, their hands are slightly raised around their arms, and there is a faint smoke coming into the water. The smoke has a strange texture, which doesn’t affect its lightness at all, just like crowding out the seawater.
"Come on!" Nan Rong smiled and raised two osteotome with his hands crossed and raised his chest!
The figure was about to rush out of the side and suddenly call me with a strong split of seawater and go straight to Nanrong Magic!
In my heart, I was surprised by Nan Rong’s magic and turned around. That force was hitting his chest and splashing several bubbles. There was a muffled sound in the water!
Nan Rong’s phantom also slipped back a distance, but soon stopped and glared at his face and could not see any pain.
It’s the Shazu who attacked him!
However, Ai You was a little surprised that his power with this punch was unscathed in the night attack on this bone family!
"scum! Sneak at this set again! " South glory magic mercilessly stared at the evil spirit family mourning especially call scold a way "what are you a master, you also deserve to call a master? !”
Ai You got angry and stared at him. He turned his head and shouted "What’s the delay?"! Hurry up and kill him! " Talking, I have already jumped to rush to the south glory.
At this moment, I suddenly felt a hot heart behind me, and my consciousness floated to one side to dodge! At the same time, twist a head to see when two spherical flames graze one side of the body and fly past!
The flame was not affected by the seawater at all, and the water was still burning, hot and ferocious!
And Aiyou’s eyes moved forward and his opponent was holding his shoulder and smiling at him.
"Evil clan loves you, and your opponent is me." The hot sun smiles, but its eyes are shining straight at Ai You, cold and provocative.
Alas, especially in the hot sun, he still has some palpitations. He certainly feels the power of those two fireballs. I didn’t expect a fiery sun to have such power!
"Are you … the fiery sun?" Although I feel uneasy and sad, I still have a tough tone, or I don’t care if my opponent’s strength is unexpected, but I am also a well-known expert in the battlefield after all, and I am quite confident in my strength
"I can’t believe that it’s a great honor to know me, especially the famous evil spirit family! Hehe! " The scorching sun, with his fat body, raised his hand and posed for Ai You.
"I didn’t expect a little fire monk to have the courage to challenge me!" Ai You cocked his head slightly and squinted at the scorching sun, then shook his head and laughed. "Then come on."
The scorching sun also nodded politely, with a face of fat and trembling eyes, raising my hand as clear as blue and pointing to a wider sea not far from the side, "Please mourn for you."
Ai You scoffed and swam there quickly. From time to time, he looked back and glanced at the hot sun behind him. He felt more and more relaxed and decided to have a good play with the fire family’s hot sun because he suddenly thought of how powerful the fire family’s hot sun can be. Hehe, and this is the bottom of the sea! How much power can fire play in water?
But Ai You didn’t know that Roulei had assimilated with the scorching sun.
At this time, the scorching sun gently swam behind Ai You, and it was strange that his eyes reflected lux as soon as they burned, but blue as the sea.
At this time, the scorching sun has already felt the soft thunder coming out again. The fire can be a little bit like the water, and the aquarium soft thunder is also attached to his body, staring at the evil family in front of him.
half seawater, half flame
The main philosopher of the Black Domain tried to keep him from taking part in this battle, but around him, the smoke clan drifted to Hunan, the evil clan mourned, and the orc Wang Yunshi left to fight against their opponents, and that Hong Hua Dou Tai was also missing. At this time, there was a Ci Ren Valley who had been silent all the time.
Xiahou Chaojun has quickly floated here with a sneer on his face. The seawater around his body has been reflected in light green by his aura.
The Lord of the Black Domain has seen him coming straight to himself. Xiahou Chaojun turned his head and shouted to Ciren Valley, "Kill him!"
Cirengu hesitated for a moment and did not move.
Xiahou Chaojun also heard the black domain master shouting at Ciren Valley, but like the black domain master, he was also very surprised that Ciren Valley had resisted the black domain master’s command. Is it true? Has mercy valley really changed?
"You … how did you …" The black master turned to stare big eyes and black sunglasses fell to the bridge of the nose, looking at the expression Cirengu in disbelief.
At the moment, the Lord of the Black Domain has been anxious to see that several masters around him are entangled in their opponents one by one, and that ghost clan red dagger has dived and headed straight for the miracle. This is terrible! Seeing that everything will be wasted, I’m afraid I’ll lose my job if I fail this time!
Hate hate watching Ciren Valley is that Xiahou Chaojun has arrived in front of the black domain master. Great anger made him livid and rushed to the front of the black domain master. Xiahou Chaojun also had a fear. After all, Ciren Valley was around him, but so close to lifting the ban on his enemy, Xiahou Chaojun had taken care of everything!
"It’s been a long time since the Lord of the Black Domain." Before the Lord of the Black Domain, Xiahou Chaojun said coldly, "Some accounts should be calculated!"
The Lord of the Black Domain hesitated for a moment, shaking the opposite Xiahou Chaojun with the moving root, and didn’t give him a chance to escape from this sea area, which made the Lord of the Black Domain more impatient and turned his head and shouted at Ciren Valley "Ciren Valley! Go and kill the ghost clan red dagger! He’s already gone to the miracle. Get after him! !”

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