"It’s very possible," said Nan Rong. "Besides, you have been poisoned by evil spirits, and the ghost emblem tattoo appears … You have really changed a lot in Yang Ye!"

Yang Ye nodded and looked at Nan Ronghuan and asked, "Nan Ronghuan, you did your best when you just played against me, didn’t you?" South glory magic nodded Yang night and said, "but didn’t you notice? I don’t even need to show my ability to repair officials! "
South glory illusion this just suddenly realize greatly staring eyes cried "that’s true! Yang Ye! You are really getting stronger! " With a puzzled look, Yang Ye turned to look at him and asked, "Could it be that Yang Ye drank milk and broke her virginity, and got that kind of witchcraft energy, but it could destroy her mind but was swallowed up by the heat of her official career?"
I hesitated and nodded. "It’s very possible!"
"mom! I should have known I was there! !” South glory magic anger fierce waved an arm, but this wave of his hand unexpectedly let south glory magic froze hesitation turned to look at Yang night "Yang night! I’m red print … "
Yang night also stay leng he red printed with a strong burning feeling that is the domain master call signal!
At the same time, two people got up and got confused and looked at Yang night and Nan Rong illusion with their necks upturned.
"Do you feel it?" Yang night looked out the window and asked
"Well, it’s very bloody," replied Nan Rong with a dignified look.
"What? What? Why don’t I smell anything! " Growing up in a panic, wait for a while looked at Yang night and Nan Rong illusion.
"Muming wind is coming." Yang Ye said in a low voice, glanced at Nan Rong Phantom and turned to the door of the room. Nan Rong Phantom followed closely with two people to the door. Yang Ye turned around and said, "Don’t go anywhere, just stay here and be careful!" He patted Nan Rong’s magic one. "You go to Xiao’s place to stun her first and then come back here. I’m going to play tricks. If you come with me, you’ll be a goof."
South glory magic nasty "that’s MuMing wind! Too dangerous! "
Yang night smiled gently. "Don’t worry, nothing will happen. Don’t forget that this game will be played with Zhang Wenyu behind it."
"Are you really going to give Xiao Nan to Mu Mingfeng?"
"Ha ha Muming wind will die because of small children. Did you forget to talk? Now Xiaonan emulsion is really poisonous to Mu Mingfeng. "
Mumingfeng came as expected and walked leisurely into the main hall of Yangjia Mansion with Peng Tian.
The servants in the hall were surprised. No one knew Mu Mingfeng, and no one knew how the two men came in through the gate! So I panicked and looked everywhere for Qiu Manager and Qian Bo and others.
Qian Bo happened to come out of Yang Xu’s room and walk to the building. A servant panicked and ran over and pointed to two people in the building hall. He reported that Qian Bo was busy walking from the building to Mu Mingfeng and Peng Tian. Looking at these two people, he felt a pressure, especially Mu Mingfeng looked familiar but couldn’t remember who it was.
Mu Mingfeng never attended five family gatherings, and he never came to Yangjia Qianbo. Naturally, he didn’t recognize him at the moment.
"Hello, are you …" Qian Bo hesitated and asked politely.
MuMingFeng smiled "hello, are you a housekeeper? I am Mu Mingfeng of the Mu family. May I ask Master Yang? "
Qian Bo one leng suddenly realize that it is no wonder that and MuTaoYuan somewhat alike! So I quickly accompanied the smiling face and said, "Oh! It turned out to be Mr. Mu! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, my eyesight is dim, "said hurriedly bowed and then made a gesture of please" please go to the living room and have a cup of tea first! I’m going to find my gentleman! "
"No, I’ll wait for him here." Muming wind gently ordered a head with a smile
Just then, Yang night came in from the main entrance of the hall and saw Muming wind horse smiling. "Oh, how come Mr. Mu didn’t say hello in advance!" I am not prepared at all! "
Mu Mingfeng turned around and glanced at Yang Yewei with a smile. "Didn’t Master Yang come to my house in a hurry?"
Yang night as cool as a cucumber smiled and walked over to MuMingFeng held out his hand MuMingFeng smiled coldly at Yang night also held out his hand at random.
Qian Bo came over and whispered to Yang Ye’s ear, "Gentleman, this Jose Gentleman doesn’t know how to come in and I think something is wrong …"
"I know it’s okay." Yang night interrupted Qian Bo and smiled. "You go to work. I’ll take care of Qian Bo here."
Qian Bo looked at Yang night and glanced at Muming Wind and Peng Tian nodded at Muming Wind and turned away.
"Why does Mr. Mu go to the living room?" Yang night watching Qian Boli and eyes beckoned those people around also walk watching Muming wind said with a smile.
"No, Mr. Yang, you should know what I’m doing here." Mu Mingfeng flashed yoshimitsu behind his glasses.
Yang night pretended to be afraid and nodded and said, "Jose gentleman, come with me."
Out of the main house hall, Yang Ye personally took Mu Mingfeng and Peng Tian to the partial house. Several servants were stopped by Yang Ye, and three people walked until they bypassed the main house building. Yang Ye stopped and looked at Mu Mingfeng and said, "Mu Mingfeng, are you here to ask for that girl?"
"Ha ha you know how? Very unexpected? " Muming wind scorned a smile and Peng Tian took a few steps around Yang Ye’s back.
"no! I knew you would come, "Yang Ye said nervously." Zhang Wenyu told me you would come when she sent that girl to me! "
Zhang Wenyu?’ Mu Mingfeng was stunned. "Did he send Xiao Nan to you?"
"Little girl?" Yang night also one leng "oh refers to the girl? Yes, Zhang Wenyu sent me that without this girl, you would be in trouble. "
Mu Mingfeng frowned slightly and looked at Yang Ye with a thoughtful smile. "Ha ha, I don’t believe what you said and I don’t believe Zhang Wenyu, because you are not my opponents in the near future." Said Mu Mingfeng and took out his hands that have been in his trouser pockets. "Yang Ye, if you don’t want me to kill the Yang family tonight, you should give me the little girl."

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