Therefore, even some experts with dirty injuries will have the ability to heal and cure the damage of their internal organs in a short time, but they will be burned out in a flash like a critical beam. In terms of the situation, it is the ability to go to Huatuo and Bian Que or even to be a fairy

Strong strength makes a strong defense, but such defense is limited to the surface of the body, so it is difficult for a master to control his internal organs and defend himself strongly. Even if you can defend against toxic erosion, you can’t defend against huge energy damage from the outside.
Not to mention the critical beam, even the super Thais or Gold Saints will escape bad luck in the same way when they are attacked by such a coincidence department again.
Is that clear enough?
All these coincidences have brought up three masters, a Jin family, Liang Bao, who died unexpectedly at this moment. I believe even he himself regrets it.
"Dead?" Black domain master wait for a while looked at the gold family suddenly and violently beam hesitated and asked.
Ai you, the evil spirit clan, bent over and stretched out his hand to check it, and got up again and again and replied in a low voice, "If you are dead, you must be dead."
"Mom didn’t help anything!" The owner of the black domain gritted his teeth and raised his hand to push a face of black sunglasses and said, "Burn it!"
Evil spirit mourning especially and smoke floating Xiang hesitated a pair of glances and looked at the black domain master. When he saw that the black domain master didn’t respond well, he sighed and shook his head. Then he stretched out an arm and tightened his palm, pointing to the ground, and the Jin family suddenly and violently beam sent out two dazzling rays.
"pa!" "hey!" "Boom!"
After a few simple rings, the body of the Jin family’s critical beam was hit by two rays, it instantly burned and blinked into a mass of ashes.
Black domain master took a few steps back and forth with his hand behind his back, then turned and shouted at Piaoxiang, Aiyou and Ciren Valley, saying in a low voice, "The problem is profound! The lesson is painful! Now don’t take it lightly! You must be on high alert at all times! To carry forward the principles and policies of unity, tension, seriousness and liveliness, we must deal with them well! "
The evil clan Ai You bowed his head and said, "The commander is not our army, but the communists are too cunning!"
"What a mess!" The Lord of the Black Domain took a long look at Ai You with his sunglasses, and said, "Come on, I still want to accept this ghost clan’s red dagger to our door. His strength must be of great help to me, but now the situation is …"
See black domain Lord next to hesitate to float xiang, especially don’t talk bowed their heads and CiRenGu has a few steps to go to the grass next to a stone bent over and sat down.
"I can’t help it. When I meet a red dagger, I won’t consider arresting him or leaving him alive. I want to have a chance to kill him!" Shouted low, the Lord of the black domain waved a fist heavily, and his long black hair hung down on both sides of his cheeks, which also swung intermittently with the strength to cover the ferocious cold face.
Smoke family gone with the wind xiang picking eyebrows is swinging his blue robe blood spattered by the explosion of Long Xiao’s body. When I heard the black domain master’s tone was malicious, the horse looked up and answered with a strange smile. "What? I heard that the Lord of the Black Domain is not going to take the last orphan of that ghost family to himself? "
Black domain master turned to look at the gone with the wind xiang low said, "the situation has changed, once let red Bi that little find hidden in this miracle, he may get god can! At that time, he will become a huge and terrible threat to us! "
Cirengu aside from the end bowed their heads and said nothing without looking up at a few people in front.
He has always been like this. Although he looks a little strange at the moment, he has not aroused the suspicion of the black domain master and Piaoxiang.
Ai You, the evil clan, stepped forward and nodded at the Lord of the Black Domain and said, "Lord of the Black Domain, we have been assigned to help you, but we don’t have to obey you completely. Should we report to the Lord first?"
"Lord? May the Lord not agree to kill the red dagger? " The Lord of the Black Domain shook his head and growled. "The Lord knows the miracle. He knows better that if Red Bi finds the miracle, he will not only get the divine power, but also know those things! Things that we have almost forgotten! "
"Black domain master, you mean …" Evil spirit family sorrow especially some unexpected eyes became worried.
The Lord of the Black Domain nodded his head and took a long breath. He turned his head to look at the mourning of the evil clan and the drifting Hunan accent of the smoke clan. "It’s those things that few people in the whole domain know, and we just know those secrets. It’s very likely that a miracle will get the truth of these things, and then he will naturally threaten us!"
"Ho ho? Is it so powerful to get divine power? Are you afraid of us? " Smoke family gone with the wind xiang disdain and the pie mouth head flash fierce a jilt down one side of the cheek hair.
"I’m not afraid of 10,000, in case we don’t know how much energy God can bring to Red Bi," said the Lord of the Black Domain, shaking his head. "Besides, according to Ci Rengu, Xiahou Chaojun and Guiling are also with Red Bi. I’m afraid that Red Bi already knows something, and the only way is to kill him before he finds a miracle!"
Ai You, the evil clan, bowed his head and thought for a moment, then suddenly looked up and said, "Lord Black Domain, in this case, why don’t we go and destroy the miracle first?"
The black Lord slowly lifted his neck and raised his hand to push a face of black sunglasses. "Hehe, that’s the problem. We don’t know the exact location of the miracle."
Yang Ye took Muyangzheng to one side and talked for a long time, then turned back together to face the house full of curious eyes. Yang Ye smiled slightly, which made a fresh contrast with Muyangzheng’s solemn face.
"Don’t be so secretive about Yang Ye, okay?" Nan Rong Huan was dissatisfied with Yang Yewei’s smile and complained loudly, "Tell me about your next plan, ok?"

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