When the waves come, Liu Yifei and Zhang Yi are among the beauties, but if you compare with Ouyang Qian’s blue moon, you will have different temperament, figure and charm.

The waves looked at the blue moon for a while and threw away the plan he had just drawn up to look at the blue moon, until the blue moon looked back as cold as starlight and as clear as autumn water, and looked at his face for five seconds before the waves came to my mind.
When the waves come to their senses, the horse feels wrong when he wakes up. If he indulges in the charm of the blue moon and gives up his original plan, he will be in a passive beating situation, and he will be bound by his hands and feet. No, no, a unique way is needed to break this situation!
The wave brain is turning rapidly. He knows that his pig’s head and blood face can’t be handsome and handsome to attract the attention of the blue moon. What means does extreme measure have to attract the attention of the blue moon? The brain cells of the waves are jumping very actively at this time. He thinks that a woman and a man like Blue Moon may not dare to be born in front of her because of her status and temperament, for fear of causing her disgust, not to mention doing something too aggressive. In other words, even the worse man, Blue Moon will pretend to be a dignified gentleman in front of her to attract her favor. If the waves do the same, it will not show him. He must have a special way. This way is not to pretend to be a dignified gentleman, but to do something too aggressive, but it is best to make her angry and not to spill it.
If the waves have a decision at this moment, this decision will affect the bureau, and it will also affect his waves and the life of Blue Moon!
Blue Moon looked at the door with cold eyes. The young man with black eyes and swollen face didn’t take a look at the waves. Although she heard something from this person today and knew that this person was a little collar-less and could not eliminate the Fulong gang, she saw too many outstanding talents. She didn’t care much about this young man named Waves. She thought that this man must be very sinister and cunning. He might be a young man with a proud, cruel and tyrannical face. He might also be a middle-aged man with a changeable face. She heard that her father specially assigned her to make a bedroom and office for this president named Waveman. Otherwise, she thought that her father was making a
Blue Moon saw that the figure of the waves was tall and straight, but her face was bruised and swollen, which made her feel that she didn’t like this person. However, her emotions were always invisible, and she said politely and lightly, "Are you Mr. Waves?"
The waves nodded and said, "I am the waves!" " As he spoke, he made a move, and the blue moon’s face suddenly changed. In his eyes, he gave off cold ice and stared at the waves coldly without saying a word.
The waves seem to make this move casually, but it’s very flowing, obscene, yellow and violent-he suddenly reached out and scratched his crotch …
Make such a move in front of a Leng Yan girl who is as beautiful as a fairy. If someone sees the waves, they may be severely beaten. Because this move is too flowing, even if your crotch is really itchy in front of the girl, you should try not to make this move in front of the beautiful woman!
However, after the waves have done it carelessly, they seem to have a little pleasure, and it seems that the itching of the crotch has been stopped by him, so the waves’ face shows a strange satisfaction, which is even more strange and slippery. It’s disgusting to laugh!
The waves have now decided that if I can’t shine in your eyes, I will stink in your eyes!
The flow of allegations really angered Blue Moon. She thinks highly of herself and her eyes are higher than the top. No man has ever put her eyes on her. When a man sees her, he is either shocked by her identity or shocked by her appearance. Every man is honest and quiet in front of her, and no one dares to overreact. It’s really presumptuous, bold and don’t want to die!
Blue Moon’s face sank, her eyes shone coldly, and she stared at the waves. When she stared at the horse coldly, she wanted to call someone to beat the waves and throw them into Zhuhai. Your waves were just dad’s hands. A little pony offended me, and I killed you. Did dad kill you? A pony turned against my daughter? Even if I turn my back on you, I’ll throw you to Zhuhai. I can’t live. What can Dad do to me?
Just when Blue Moon was thinking about calling someone to clean up the waves, the waves suddenly smiled and said, "I was seriously injured last night, and my body was sore and itchy."
Blue Moon heard the waves say this, but although she was still angry and angry, most of her anger disappeared. This wave was wiped out last night. The Fulong gang was beaten and bruised all over. It may be really itchy. It should be seen that he was injured because of his father’s meritorious service. Let’s spare him this time, but this little thing not only doesn’t apologize, but also dares to smile and talk to me. Hum, I will spare you this time to find an opportunity. I must clean you up and let you know that Miss Blue can’t offend!
Blue Moon said lightly, "I know that I have made great contributions, and I know that my father values you very much, but it is best not to be presumptuous in front of me and pay attention to my own behavior."
The wave face smiled back and said "yes" lightly.
Although the waves said they knew, they didn’t even look at the blue moon at the corner of their eyes.
The blue moon has just cooled her anger and suddenly jumped up again. If the waves don’t look at me, hum well, I’ll play with you and provoke my big lady to get angry and be scolded by my father. I’ll also clean up your life.
Blue Moon thought of this, staring at the waves, slowly sitting on the sofa, squinting his eyes, and radiating cold ice light as sharp as a needle, coldly saying, "You are very courageous!"
The waves frowned and said faintly, "Many people have said so."
Although the waves didn’t resist, his brow wrinkled and he showed impatience, which meant that I was bold. Don’t say more!
Blue Moon is extremely angry and suddenly has a feeling of wanting to laugh. No man has ever dared to be so presumptuous in front of himself, but this wave has repeatedly touched his endurance limit. This means that the wave is a bold and ignorant young man. The second point is that he won his father’s esteem because of his great achievements; The third point is that this wave turned out to be a place of beauty and affection, which formed his character of being indifferent to women.
Chapter two hundred and seventy First encounter
Blue Moon looked at the waves and didn’t speak. She quickly analyzed the characteristics of the waves in her mind. The second point is that self-reliance on credit and the third point is that self-reliance on handsome men may be established. The first point may not be established because a bold and ignorant person can’t eliminate the Fulong gang, the oldest in the city, in less than a month. Only a person with deep calculation and calm mind can do what he said. This wave is a person with deep calculation and calm mind.
Blue Moon held a beautiful arc from the sofa and quietly looked at the waves without saying a word. He continued to think about the characteristics of the waves. The waves are deep-minded and calm-headed. Even if a man relies on his merits and beauty, he won’t be so presumptuous in front of this big lady. If he dares to be so presumptuous, he will definitely look elsewhere. What is his purpose?
The waves are blue, and the moon’s mind is almost ready. Give her another second, and she can clearly catch this light …
But the waves won’t give her the chance to think calmly!
When the waves saw the Blue Moon not talking, they stared at him quietly and thought about it. When they saw the Blue Moon’s eyes shining with wisdom, they knew that this girl would analyze his character. This ice-snow girl will soon be blind and can’t give her the opportunity to take the initiative to disturb her thoughts. Even if she comes up with her own eyes later, this first encounter is also her defeat.
The waves said coldly, "I’m sleepy and want to rest!" Miss Lan, if you don’t tell me, please give me the room key. I’m going to bed. "
The expression and cold eyes of the wave ceremony angered the blue moon again, and she interrupted her thinking. She did not think about preparing to clean up the waves, but although the waves were expressive, there was no offense in her words, so she couldn’t catch the handle for a while and created a blue moon herself. She thought of this and didn’t speak. She stared at the waves coldly, took out a key from the drawer and threw it to the waves and said, "Go to Room 61 yourself."
The waves reached out and caught the key, showing their impatience and saying "I’m excused" lightly.
When the waves finish, they don’t take a look at the Blue Moon and turn around, as if they don’t want to stay in this room for a minute and don’t want to see the Blue Moon again.

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