"How do I know?" Keep pretending

"Forget it, you go there for breakfast, and then we’ll learn."
"yes! !” Xiao Xun wants to go back to school for more fun. ·N13 We’re done.
"Oh, finally, I’m not late." Xiao Xun ran to the classroom at the moment when the bell rang.
"Xiao Xun’s idea is to pretend that people who are poor and harm others have to run when they have cars." Xiao Xiao complained.
"What did you say?" Xiao Xun suddenly put her face in front of Wan Wan and got a fright.
"No, no," Wan Wan said guiltily.
Back to my seat, Guan Yi somehow turned out a rose and took it to Wan Wan and said, "I will give this rose to my classmates who are more delicate than roses."
"I’m sorry you have a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. It’s unreasonable for me to accept this flower!" Say that finish and lie prone to sleep.
"Why is Guan Yi interested in our house?" Small embalm suddenly turned to say
"Er ~ ~ ~" Guan Yi didn’t know how to answer.
"I have an exclusive classic photo here. Do you want one?" Small embalm with a mobile phone before he shook to say
"You might as well grab a piece."
"It’s not expensive for you rich brothers. If you don’t want it, I can buy it for Liang Haoguang."
"Who is it?"
"Wan Wan boyfriend"
"Who said I don’t want it" said that my boyfriend was an official wing and his face became ugly. Xiao Xun also noticed that he smiled in his heart. You should leave your happiness to me!
"Cash on delivery"
"How many photos do you have?"
"Forget it for one. Forget it for you."
"Give me the money"
Guan Yi wrote a check for 20,000 yuan to Xiao Xun, who also took out his mobile phone and sent photos.
In a short time, Guan Yi received a photo, which was a photo of going to bed early today. Guan Yi thought it was so cute … and launched a flower infatuation in a gorgeous way …
The bell rang, and a boring voice rang, "Wing ~ ~ ~ ~"
I don’t guess, but I know it’s Xiao Meiling.
"Wing did you miss me? I miss you so much. Why don’t we go to lunch later? Ok? "
Finally, this sound woke us up. "Shut up! !”
"She bullied me." Xiao Meiling said to Guan Yi with wet eyes. Guan Yi got up and said, "Everybody be quiet. I have something to announce."
Class immediately fell asleep, and it’s hard for those people to raise their heads and wait for the official wing.
Xiao Meiling a face of proud thought thousand twill pupil you are dead meat! !
"I declare that Xiao Meiling and I are over, that’s all."

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