"I said, boss, what are you doing?" Ye Chuchu approached a small hole and looked out through a periscope, then turned around and said, "Do you know your importance? You are not a person who needs to take the lead. You need to protect yourself, which is the greatest help to us. Go downstairs quickly. "

"What’s so important about me? I don’t know. I know that if the village is breached, then we may all be killed." Zhuo Qiang shook hands with the stick. At this time, he was a little tempted to take a gun from Ye Chuchu so that he might really be able to play a little.
However, he also felt that it was unlikely that the pistol Ye Chuchu’s hand could deal a maximum blow to the enemy, and it might be a waste of time in his hand.
Outside, guns are sometimes dense and sparse. Because she is worried about him, the villager Love’s expression is very dignified. She keeps walking back and forth through several observation ports in the hall to find out the situation outside, but there is nothing but smoke and smoke outside.
Zhuojiang although holding a stick in his hand, but he also really has nothing to silly wait for a while gate nervously watching the front door.
The gate is made very strong, close to a centimeter-thick steel plate, and ordinary guns pose no threat to its roots. It is impossible to hit several thick gate bolts on the big facade by human roots alone.
From time to time, the gate was hit, and the sharp and harsh impact made Zhuo Qiang feel very shocked.
Suddenly, there was a loud bang at the gate, which seemed to be hit by someone or something. The sudden sound of Tathagata made Zhuo Qiang feel that the enemy horse was about to break into the house, and the stick in his hand was tighter.
Love and Ye Chuchu heard someone hit the door outside and quickly ran to both sides of the door. The attack mouth was a few shots outside.
There was a scream of "Ah" outside, and there was no movement outside the back door for the time being.
"You keep the face first and I’ll see it again." Love said and hurried to the third floor.
A commander-in-chief, she must keep abreast of the details of the battle. The view on the third floor is wider than staying in the face.
Well, at this time, the moon has helped them a lot. Looking out of the dark house, they can still see the general situation outside
Although the smoke hasn’t dissipated, Love can see that the villagers’ losses are not too great by ringing guns and flashing them from time to time.
These people are not regular soldiers, not special forces, but some individuals are brave, but they don’t have much tactical awareness.
They didn’t do too much reconnaissance on the details of the village in advance. Even if a few people know something about the village, they can’t effectively reach everyone.
So most of them are unfamiliar with all parts of the village, which is a big mistake.
The villagers are well aware of the best defensive attack points of each house, which will form many cross-fire points with great lethality, causing many casualties to the other side
The other party could have taken advantage of the night to sneak attack, but she didn’t know that Love had already got the news. The sneak attack turned into an ambush, which was another important factor.
However, the temporary release of smoke by the sneak attacker also caused a lot of trouble to the villagers. At least two stone houses were captured, and I don’t know how the casualties were.
Generally speaking, the casualties of the other side are much larger than those of the villagers. This time, even if they finally win, they will be a miserable victory.
With the favorable position, Love deftly wandered around the rooms on the third floor, and from time to time, she shot several guns outside to suppress several relatively fixed enemy shelters.
Although her marksmanship accuracy is seriously reduced due to smoke, asking for a gun can always make the other side feel fearful and delay the attack times.
On the third floor, several young villagers were defended. Because of their geographical location, there were almost no casualties, except for one villager whose shoulder was skinned and bleeding a little, and several of them were unscathed.
However, since the other side made the smoke, several shelters on the third floor have played an effective role and the hit rate has become extremely low.
The consequences of this can’t be ignored or it’s not very good.
The drop in hit rate brought about the rapid consumption of drugs, and there were not many gunmen. Love realized that this situation was the same in other parts of the village, and the situation was more serious.
The other party is well prepared and must have enough medicine. If we keep deadlocked, the whole village will be in extreme danger.
"Save it." Love walked through several rooms and woke up a few young villagers one by one.
Several villagers also know what kind of situation their body medicine is. Naturally, they know it well, but when they see each other’s guns, they always feel anxious if they don’t fight back a few times.
After listening to Love’s orders to them, they seem to feel the crisis gun and become more cautious.

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