Two thousand words in the long-lost chapter is compensation for relatives.
Racing race
Xin Yu is ready to leave without looking at them. There is no facial expression "I will wait for you here".
Girls with short hair are very upset after they stop being so arrogant and arrogant. Then I will let you experience what it is like ten times. Don’t look at Xin Yu contemptuously. "If you are so confident, then I will let you try a failure."
Xin Yu got his hand ring and finally gave him a look. "I will always be the master of the game."
The voice just sounded, the whistle just sounded, and the game just started. Xin Yu was already driving out and left behind to catch up with the girls.
Xin Yu soars up the car, which is also super relaxed and chic. He holds the steering wheel in one hand and looks at the rear mirror without looking at the window in the other.
Girls with short hair have increased their speed in one breath to prepare for overtaking Xin Yu.
The competition between Yixuan and Zidie has already started. As soon as Yixuan entered the track, she met a corner. For Yixuan, a girl who loves to play crazy, this is not afraid, but exciting.
When chasing girls behind YiXuan, the speed was increased, and now it is in the same straight line as YiXuan.
Gexuan doesn’t care now. This is thinking that Xin Yu was so cool that she rushed out as soon as the whistle fell, leaving a face of unintelligent girls. Haha, it’s really cool.
Now it seems that the girl must be struggling to catch up with Xin Yu, but he dares to guarantee his personality that he can’t catch up with Xin Yu.
The reason is not only that Xin Yu’s driving skills are very good, but also that sports car, which was tailor-made by Xin Yu and invited the top 20 car designers to do it themselves.
It is the only one in the world. Of course, all three sports cars are tailor-made and designed according to their own characteristics.
Purple butterfly is also quite nervous here. After being chased by her opponent, she saw that corner and planned how to get rid of this opponent completely.
Suddenly, Zidie thought of a good way. The car suddenly increased speed and it was about to turn, but Zidie didn’t mean to turn the steering wheel at all.
It is at this time that the purple butterfly horse earned the steering wheel when it was about to rush. This is to mislead the opponent that the road ahead is straight.
The opponent did when he rushed out. Fortunately, he stepped on the brakes or he would have rushed out.
At this time, the purple butterfly has dumped him as planned, and now it can be reached at this speed.
Yi Xuan is now slowly entering the race state, realizing his sense of urgency. When he made a left turn, he overtook his opponent’s car and blocked him from overtaking.
Wan Xuan is in a good mood.
For Lengxin, the best way to get rid of his opponent is to kill him. This is Lengxin’s intention law, and no one can easily break it.
It is both an honor and a misfortune for Lengxin’s opponent to compete with her, and it is even more cruel.
Because Lengxin will get rid of everyone who loves him the most, and everyone is no exception.
Face expressionless, face the front, turn left to slope, and Xin Yu didn’t panic. The performance was sudden acceleration, and his hands hit a steering wheel and got rid of him.
But Xin Yu slowed down. No one knows what he wants to do. Only he knows.
Wait for the car behind to catch up.
The girl with short hair thinks you underestimate me. Will you make me give up if you dump me so far? It’s impossible to think that he stepped on the gas pedal and accelerated.
Xin Yu slowly faint seems to be waiting for girls with short hair to catch up.
In front of Xin Yu, there is a chain curve, and the short-haired girl horse will be in line with Xin Yu, which is very fast
At the corner, Xin Yu suddenly sped up to the limit, crossed the short-haired girl’s car and turned the corner directly, but the girl’s car rushed over the cliff because of Xin Yu.
Xin Yu has reached the maximum size and reached the finish line.
Take the car, take your eyes and lean on the car.
Star heart is super admire, so fast for three minutes, I walked over and handed the mineral water "Lengzun".
After a while, YiXuan and Zidie also came out.
See Xin Yu key waiting for them YiXuan slightly dissatisfied muttered mouth "what is it unfair that Xin Yu arrives at the finish line first every time?"
"Xin Yu, where is your opponent?" Purple butterfly asked his opponents that although they didn’t fall off the cliff in the game, Grandpa would never keep them again.
Yixuan looked around and wondered, "Yeah, Xin Yu, where’s your opponent?"
The short word "solved" is enough to make Zidie and Yixuan shudder, which is too cold-blooded.

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