There are four islands in the original Ri, namely Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and Kyushu from north to south. I want other small islands to be ignored.

The second largest island in Hokkaido, the 21st largest island in the world, accounts for more than 22% of the total land area of Ri, but it is one of the main agricultural bases in Ri, which is bitter and cold in the north and sparsely populated.
The state road is Ri Island, the seventh largest island in the world, accounting for more than 60% of Ri’s total land area. This is Ri’s economically developed place, and these developed cities, Kyoto and Tokyo, are all in Ri Island.
The Black Dragon Club will make this the main development base.
Shikoku Island is the fourth largest island, ranking forty-ninth among the world’s largest islands, accounting for 5% of the total area of Ri.
Followed by Kyushu Island, the third largest island in the world, ranking 36 th, accounting for slightly more than 11% of the total area of Ri.
Shikoku Island and Kyushu Island, whose economy is inferior to the state road but stronger than Hokkaido, together account for about 16 points, slightly smaller than Hokkaido, but with much larger population. It is also a good choice for officials to choose these two places where the Black Dragon Club is weak to develop their own power.
At the moment, he has gone to Kochi Prefecture, the capital of Shikoku Island, with Guo Tanlu and Zhu Xianghui. With them, Tsuda Shinji will send more than a dozen consultants from Nagasaki Black Dragon Club. These consultants are all in their fifties and are stable and reliable.
If you want to set up the Black Dragon Club in Shikoku Island, you have to come to Kochi Prefecture first. On the second day, Zhu Xianghui went to zhèng fǔ incarnation to go through the formalities to set up the Black Dragon Club branch in Shikoku Island.
Because the underworld is legally treated as a club in Ri, it is necessary to file and go through the formalities in zhèng fǔ incarnation.
When Zhu Xianghui went to work in the department of zhengf incarnation, Xie Cunguan and Guo Tanlu inquired all the way and drove directly to a Chinese gathering place in Kochi City, where they visited a Chinese underworld hall, "Guangfu Dongsheng"
This underworld tangkou is a branch of Hong Men, and its strength is not very strong, but the advantage is that it has a long history in Kochi Prefecture, which is connected through Yan Pei.
Among the triads composed of China people in Ri, the Fujian Fuqing Gang and the "Northeast Tiger" gang from the northeast are fierce, but these are all gangs.
And Xie Cunguan needs an old gang because he needs information and experience.
The entrance of "Guangfu Dongsheng" is located in an ancient alley in Kochi City. frontispiece is not big. If someone hadn’t come out to meet Xie Cunguan and Guo Tread, it would be unexpected that this is the entrance of the underworld, because from the outside, it looks like someone.
After entering the small door, I found that there was a hole in it.
A long corridor with brick walls on both sides is extremely narrow, which is a bit like saying that there are some live bricks every two steps.
The so-called live brick is a brick specially made on the wall that can be pulled out, but once something happens, these bean bricks can be removed to observe the situation in the aisle through holes and attack people in the aisle
This is the construction method of some villages without muskets in China in the past to guard against bandits.
Xie Cunguan didn’t know that the wall base was 50 cm or one meter thick. It is said that the wall soil was infiltrated with rice pulp and grenades couldn’t be blown through. The wall was repaired and turned several times before entering the courtyard.
The owner of the college has been greeted by two people in black and white.
An old man wearing a robe and a melon hat made Xie Cunguan feel as if he had returned to the early years of the Republic of China for a while.
The old man bowed his hand and let them into the back room. The official Xie Cun knew that this was a branch of Hong Men, and he was worried that he would let the teacups be placed like shadows. Fortunately, there was no such thing. In fact, that was what the Hong Men Department did, and it was a secret for outsiders to convey information about those placement methods.
The old man’s surname is Tang, the deacon of Guangfu Dongsheng, which is actually a change of name of Guangdong Fusheng. Because Hong Men has been brutally suppressed throughout the Qing Dynasty for hundreds of years, they like to make things mysterious.
Xie Cunguan has been talking with the old man all afternoon. He is carefully understanding the underworld situation in Shikoku Island and recording the old man one by one on a piece of paper.
These are all information about some small Ri gangs in Shikoku Island.
In Ri, the underworld is a behemoth like the Yamaguchi group, but there are also ten people and dozens of small interest groups to form small underworld societies. Xie Cunguan’s initial plan is to turn his attention to these small societies and recruit them in large numbers to form a large underworld joint organization.
Because he doesn’t need to get any benefits from organizing the underworld, he won’t embezzle the interests of these small organizations
What he can bring to these small societies is to organize young and strong people in these societies to carry out corresponding martial arts training and set up a powerful armed group. Usually, these societies can protect them and even organize them to join forces to do something that they were afraid to do to increase their income.
He believes that no club boss will object to the idea if he is not confused.
However, he also knows that there is a price to pay for the implementation of an idea. His plan is very simple, that is, he will take Guo Tanlu one by one to talk about it first and then resort to force.
Near dinner, Xie Cunguan has written down in a dense place that no less than 200 Ri underworld clubs are distributed in Shikoku, Kochi, Ehime, Kagawa and Tokushima counties, and every place will be led by surnamed tang’s old man’s local Hong Men brother.
The old man declined the idea that Xie Cunguan wanted to invite him to dinner. Instead, he asked some countries about the situation in the latter period, especially some small places in Guangdong, but Xie Cunguan didn’t know much about it, so he had to say goodbye to the miserable old man with regret.
When he left the hospital and walked into the first-line passage again, he couldn’t help but have a deep respect for the old man "Guangfu Dongsheng" Hong Men’s brother. In that dark and weak era of China, these people fought with the Ri gang in the original way and finally took root.
They have left their whole lives here, but they have always cherished their homeland.
This is China people! On being weak and strong, I can’t let go of my homeland and my blood.
Back to the temporary message, Xie Cunguan circled around the more than 200 gangs, looking for some gangs with a little local power and some influence. He planned to visit these gangs first and let these small gangs take care of them after they were subdued.
Before going to bed, he thought about it back and forth again, and then dialed a message to make an appointment with a person named Kong Zhiqiu to meet the next day.
This man was sent by surnamed tang, an old man, to give him a liaison to visit Shikoku Island. Kong Zhiqiu was in charge of contacting all the people in Hong Men because Xie Cunguan was not a middleman in Hong Men.
Hong Men’s brother’s couplet is very secret. There are special gestures such as "three handfuls of incense" and "tea array" to unite Hong Men’s brothers around the country. They must be accompanied by people from Hong Men.
The "Nichuan Group" is an underworld organization in the eastern suburb of Kochi City. There are about 100 people in the whole organization, mainly a small club that contracts construction projects. They are connected with many local construction companies and will be transferred to these construction companies when they are contracted to do construction work.
However, the area they are responsible for is very small. After all, at present, most of the construction work in Ri is in the hands of super giants like the Yamaguchi group, and they can receive some small work exposed through the fingers of the Yamaguchi group.
In fact, the main range of activities of the Yamaguchi group is not in Shikoku Island, but even the small number and weak influence of the "Yamaguchi group" branch group is not a small organization like the "Nichuan group". After all, there is a big tree behind people.
Xie Cunguan’s choice of "Nichuan Group" as the first breakthrough still has a little bad taste in it.
Because the name of the leader of the "Nikawa Group" is too cool, it is called Nikawa Youweimen. It sounds familiar. Anyway, Xie Cunguan sounds familiar. Although this "Hugh Brother" cartoon is no longer popular when he was a child, Xie Cunguan watched that classic cartoon one by one on the Internet.
Of course, the choice of "Nichuan Group" as a breakthrough is not entirely due to bad taste.
The big reason is because of this person, Yuweimen!
This man is an out-and-out "samurai". What do you mean by this is that this man is very good at martial arts since he was a child, and he especially worships the Bushido God J Ο ng. His name came from Nikawa Zhehe, and later he changed his name to worship the samurai Nikawa Youweimen because he wanted to be a samurai and was a famous samurai.
Niigata Youweimen first learned judo when he was a child, and later he learned martial arts and Aikido.
When he felt that learning these "Tao" was not ideal, he went to South Korea and studied Taekwondo skills specially, but he still didn’t find the feeling of fighting skill, so he went to China to study China Wushu and even received Sanda training.
Later, I went to Thailand to study Muay Thai and Myanmar to study Bindao.
But it’s a pity that he still hasn’t found the trick!
Later, he finally met a famous figure in the history of Ri Kicking Boxing in Kochi Prefecture, where he retired in his later years. This finally really entered the martial arts door and became a famous martial artist in Kochi City.

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