Because I have to know him once, I can’t rely on me to passively go backwards.

In that case, if I don’t cancel my attack, I will be taken away by his Q skill immediately. The wave distance of Huang Q skill is long enough to hit me.
Four seconds have passed!
And the emperor is still chasing.
That’s when his Q skill CD was ready.
At this time, I immediately went back to attack A and went out. At the same time, I clicked the right mouse button on my left floor and a little friction succeeded in letting the Q pass me by!
This is the timing!
My heart is burning. I’m sorry, Huang, but you will die this wave, too.
As soon as the imperial Q skill was released, I had no scruples about the peasant’s reflexivity as the master. The reflexivity was a burst of crazy output. I didn’t know how many spears were folded by the imperial body. Finally, the male gun was exactly the same, and I took it away instantly with a high Q-E explosion.
I want to finish a four-kill every day! ! !
I want to go beyond God’s killing! !
Thirteen minutes later, I asked who else?
Teammates handled this wave correctly. When three people came to arrest me, they directly held a group to push the middle road, and then they gave up on me completely. This is a very correct way to deal with me in the game. If they don’t do something, it’s too sorry for me.
Nai is four people, all dead.
"I finally know the true strength of Brother Tong today!" Li Ritian said with emotion
"Compared with Brother Tong, my AD is like a frog at the bottom of a well, and I still won’t call it that," Li Ritian said seriously.
I listened to his metaphor and wanted to laugh, so I said, "I remember you hit the singles before, didn’t you? How do you switch to playing AD now? "
Li Ritian said shyly, "That’s because my girlfriend likes to play with AIDS, so I went to practice AD hard."
I don’t know how again remind of the Zhong Yi look a dark and said, "Oh, really? That’s good. "
My wave of four kills, one win, and the whole Internet cafe was in a boiling state for 13 minutes. I’m afraid it’s hard to play even if it’s a qualifying match.
"Oh, I lost this one," I said with a sigh.
Xiaozheng was shocked and said, "What did Brother Tong lose?"
I patted my thigh and said, "I * * * * * actually forgot to make a killer sword. Alas, this means that I have been unintelligent from the beginning. This game is no longer fun without dignity sword. Let’s push the other side quickly and don’t want to play."
Zhuang Kai heard the words and laughed. "Brother Tong, you are getting more and more proficient in pretending. It seems that there is still a long way to go before I can keep up with you!"
I asked, "What’s the difference between being a man and a salted fish if you can’t pretend to be forced?"
Zhuangkai nodded with a smile and focused on looking at the brain screen.
I went back and directly made up the sword for attacking speed shoes and drinking blood. Now it’s only 15 minutes, and my equipment has been completely formed. Now I can kill passers-by everywhere and kill the opposite side, crying, crying, crying and crying. With my coquettish position and skilled skills, it’s like the immortal God of War on the battlefield calling the opposite side to be unable to resist, and resistance is death.
In 2 minutes, my record was 22, and I successfully pushed the spring off the opposite side. It’s over.
"Grandma, that’s a real relief!" Zhuangkai pick headphones excited way
Xiaozheng is also flushed and excited and said, "Yes, Mom, it’s amazing to find reinforcements. We are the first in Tongge. I can’t believe that reinforcements are better than him! Saying, Brother Tong, you’re really slipping away. "
Li Ritian and the two I don’t know, Nakano, looked at me with a face of worship.
I am proud of my face and still have a hard feeling. I said, "Oh, there’s nothing slippery about it. It’s just that I fuck it very often and come out casually. Is it worth it?"
Zhuang Kai gave me a thumbs-up and laughed. "Not the kui is Brother Tong."
Now the score is 2-2, which means that a game is a matter of life and death, and it is about to decide who will be eliminated.
I took a shot directly, and Obama killed more than 2 minutes, ending the last game early.
The game was like a vegetable abuse, and it was AD. It is estimated that few people can do it except me.
In these two games, I can say that I played more casually. I paid attention to a detail when I was at the key. I usually played casually and didn’t give full play to my full strength.
"I said Li Ritian." After the race, Li Ritian crossed his legs and counted more than 2 yuan to compare the bonus.
Li Ritian looked back at me and said, "Brother Tong, what is it?"
We are walking outside the gate of the Internet cafe. Now it is getting warmer and warmer in spring, and the evening breeze is blowing in our body, which makes us feel uncomfortable.
"You asked me to come and watch you play the game the day before yesterday. Now I feel that you are forcing me to count money for you!" I laughed
Li Ritian was surprised and said, "Brother Tong, how can you say that? Didn’t you see that the opposing team was dirty? It is estimated that it is unfair to give money for each game. Brother Tong, aren’t you suitable?"
I smiled and shook my head and said, "That’s not what I meant. Why are you so small?"
Zhuang Kai immediately came to me and put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Brother Tong, don’t say that dinner is on me. Besides, if you go to the big health care, Brother Tong can afford it, I can also consider it."
Or Zhuang Kai, the youngest son, always knows what shit I’m going to shit when he purses his ass … Bah, he should know what my mind is as soon as I have something to say.
I looked at Zhuangkai with a frown and faltered and said, "This … dinner … big health care … is not so good. You know I’m not the kind of person who easily takes advantage of others."
Zhuang Kai winked at me and said, "Brother Tong is a model for everyone in the school to learn and admire with justice and selflessness. It is obvious to all, but today, Brother Tong must be tired after playing two games and can’t say no without a meal."
I nodded hypocritically and said, "Well, I’m respectful, too."
Ai Shi looked at the appearance of echo each other. We were angry and funny. It happened that Li Ritian didn’t seem to have mixed into our communication circle. He listened to the two of us, scratching his head and scratching his head. He couldn’t figure it out. Depressed followed us.
Chapter 275 Erji Meeting
It seems that I, the honorary president, have finally done my duty.
After dinner with a few people, I went home with Aishi.
"How can the old man not be strong now?" I sat on the sofa in Aishi Hall.
Aishi went to the kitchen to boil a pot of water and then came over and said, "What’s there to say about the severe abuse of vegetables?"

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