In front sat a quiet and beautiful woman, dressed in a retro dress, white and exquisite short sleeves, dressed as a goddess and holding a dog without saying a word.

I nodded and said, "Yes, what’s the matter? You’re not bad-looking. You’re barely worse than the two of you. "
"If you are sure to get her number, I will take you." Aishi laughed.
Zhong Xin also looked at me slightly disdainfully, obviously questioning my strike up a conversation skill.
Oh, shit, I just can’t stand stimulation
"You watch Brother Tong’s signboard and strike up a conversation. Generally, I am nothing more than" I arranged a hairstyle and clothes and walked calmly towards the girl.
Chapter 373 Disadvantages?
"Beauty, do you have a band-aid?" I’m a gentleman. I walked over and smiled at people and animals.
That beautiful woman is touching a smiling face with her head down. Golden retriever sees me coming. Golden retriever looks at me with a straight waist and tail. That beautiful woman also looks at me with a stunned face.
"ah? Sorry … I don’t have a band-aid, "said the beautiful woman apologetically to me."
At this time, I was rather reluctant to say, "I was fascinated by your beauty just now and I hurt my knee a little. Do you really have no band-aid?"
The beauty froze for two seconds, and then her face smiled and said, "Do you want to ask me if my phone number is right?"
I nodded with a smile.
Then the beautiful woman gave me the phone number …
After I said thank you, I went to Zhong Xin and Aishi with satisfaction.
I said with a proud face, "What? Do you see me? "
"Great marketer" Aishi gave me a thumbs-up sign.
Zhong Xin said flatly, "Very experienced. Has this trick fooled many girls?"
I frowned and said, "where is it that I never do it easily? I would have done such a thing if you hadn’t forced me to go there and take a ride?"
"The somebody else looks pretty, isn’t it?" Ai Shi laughed beside him.
I said, "Yes, but it’s much worse than the two of you. I might as well try to get you … Oh, I mean, I’m an honest and talkative person. Don’t get me wrong."
Ai Shi laughed. "Luo Luo Luo, come on, can you show me a few more hands?" We also have experience after being accosted by others. "
I said discontentedly, "How can this be done? Today, chatting up once has broken my precept. I can’t take too much part in worldly affairs if I see through the world of mortals early, or I will die of kidney failure. "
Aishi said, "I’m having a good chat with Sister Zhong Xin now, so I might as well watch you brag and talk to another one … just the one in front."
Aishi pointed to the crowd on the other side in front.
Are two girls walking together, and one of them is a foreign girl?
I said with shame, "You don’t want me to talk to that ocean horse, do you?"
Aishi nodded and said, "Yes, yes, if you can get the number of international friends, I will count you as awesome."
I made an OK gesture at her and said "NO prablam"
At this time, even the expression clock heart could not help laughing.
Don’t I deliberately mispronounce a word with a cold hum in my heart? I’ll make a fool of myself later? hum
I swaggered behind the two girls and patted the hot blonde on the shoulder.
"Beautiful lady, can I take a photo with you?" I talked to that foreign girl in English.
The foreign girl also replied in English, "Oh, of course, but what do you want to take a photo with me?"
I smiled and said to her, "Because I want to prove to my friends that there are angels in the world."
The foreign girl covered her mouth with a look of surprise and said, "Oh, my God, okay."
So I took out my cell phone and took a selfie with this foreign girl.

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