Then he raised his hand.

It’s like the fans at the scene are really welcoming him and he is responding as the fans greet him … Even if Steven Gerrard is not influenced by the away fans, he won’t do such a thing. If the referee notices, he may directly give a yellow card to the’ provocative fans’.
Fortunately, the referee didn’t notice
Bulgarian fans are quite dissatisfied with Zhang Tiehan, but there are barbed wire in the stands around them, and they also managed to enter the stadium. The only thing they can do is make a hullabaloo about, make all kinds of threats and threats, and verbally fight back. Zhang Tiehan is not serious, but he enjoys it.
It must be nice to hit the ball into the opponent’s fans’ faces in such an atmosphere.
Zhang Tiehan thought about smiling more.
The race began
Zhang Tiehan is a shadow striker who is in front of the midfield. He rushed out at the beginning of the game. In front of him is Morientes. Zhang Tiehan needs to play freely and give the ball to Morientes. Morientes will also help him attract defensive attention.
This is the forward partner.
But the two men are not one left and one right. From the formation, Liverpool can be regarded as 4,411 iron men, that is, the middle’ 1′ is the position behind Morientes, which is more convenient for him to play. When he can receive the midfield ball, he can choose whether to shoot or not.
But CSKA Sofia players will not let him play freely.
Unlike Liverpool, CSKA Sofia still has a big gap compared with Liverpool, but they also want to eliminate Liverpool and enter the Champions League. Before the game, they did a lot of research on Liverpool. Obviously, Zhang Tiehan will also be in the research scope. He is the’ king’ of the Premier League transfer this summer and will definitely attract attention.
Zhang Tiehan’s first appearance did not surprise them, and they also made defensive arrangements for Zhang Tiehan. Whenever Zhang Tiehan was in front of him, there would be defensive players who would pay special attention to him. It was also difficult for Zhang Tiehan to perform at will in the frontcourt.
At the opening stage, both teams are exploring.
Liverpool does not have the advantage, while CSKA Sofia takes more possession of the ball, but with the temptation, when the two teams really put together, CSKA Sofia’s advantage will be lost. Liverpool’s strong midfield will drive the whole team to follow suit. CSKA Sofia will find it difficult to confront Liverpool in the midfield, and they will soon have to retreat a lot, otherwise they will face the dilemma of disjointed front and back.
CSKA Sofia’s ability is still good. They challenged according to the progress of the game, which made Liverpool’s two fast breaks fail, and then Liverpool launched a push attack.
There is an advantage in the middle, and there is an advantage in the game. This is also the reason why many teams want to take the initiative in midfield in the game.
Liverpool have the advantage of midfield, so they can launch a push attack without worrying about being suddenly robbed. The other side will make a fairly smooth counterattack because the other side must shrink the formation. Most players are in the backcourt. Unless they have the top and fast striker, it is not easy to rely on one or two people to complete the counterattack.
At this time, Zhang Tiehan had more opportunities.
However, the first good chance was that CSKA Sofia got it in the 15th minute, and the corner kick midfielder Yaniv flew off the field with the header ball in the penalty area.
Liverpool will return the favor in two minutes.
Luis Garcia in the oil circuit, Morientes returned to Zhang man of iron, Zhang Tiehan greeted the ball, and directly started to shoot the football and hit the post out of bounds.
What a pity!
After shooting, Zhang man of iron was a little annoyed and covered her head. It was not easy to score this opportunity … but I still couldn’t score. My teammates ran to comfort her. Did Zhang man of iron wave his hand?
But it’s enough for CSKA Sofia to break out in a cold sweat!
It was Zhang man of iron’s first shot, and a shot was so threatening. They suddenly found that they should pay more attention to Zhang Tiehan’s defense, but they didn’t know that many teams in Serie A had to send two players to guard Zhang man of iron. Even so, Zhang Tiehan scored frequently.
Two CSKA Sofia guards? Can we catch up with A Milansta and Stam?
The answer is no.
So in the 27th minute, it is not surprising that Zhang Tiehan quickly threw off the defender and shot the ball directly into the net at a position 20 meters away from the goal.
"The goal! gal! A foot 20 meters angry shot! Beautiful! "
"Zhang Liverpool opened the record!"
"This is his second shot, a goalpost and a goal in the game. This is Zhang. This is the best striker strength in Serie A history in a single season!"
The English commentator talked with great interest.
Zhang Tiehan was also very happy after the goal. Although it was not a very difficult goal, it was still very important for him to score goals at the beginning of his Liverpool career, especially in this game. Benitez’s position arrangement for him was very critical. If he did not show his pressure, he would still be very stressed. He also took a long breath after the goal.
But at this time, the stadium audience remembered the sound of’ meowed …’
Zhang Tiehan didn’t react for a moment, and when he looked at the fan stands, many Bulgarian fans frowned when they put their hands in front of their mouths.
Next to Steven Gerrard also frowned.
Although Zhang Tiehan has never met it, he knows what it means. This kind of sound often represents racial discrimination. Bulgarian fans are imitating monkeys.
It goes without saying who this racial discrimination is against.
He just scored the goal.
In many European countries, white people tend to look down on black people and yellow people. He is a yellow person, and racial discrimination in the Champions League is not the first season. In Stamford Bridge, Jakard and Eto’ o were both subjected to racial discrimination. UEFA has also strengthened its compulsory policy on racial discrimination more than once, but this is not very effective. What should fans do in various countries and how to ban clubs from watching the game is not very effective.
Now it’s your turn.
Racial discrimination fans tend to treat all people with different skin colors as monkeys, and Zhang man of iron naturally belongs to the’ yellow-skinned monkey’
Northern Europe is a region where racial discrimination is very serious, especially against yellow people. I didn’t expect this to happen to myself one day.
Zhang Tiehan noticed Gerrard’s look and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Steven Gerrard hesitated to tell Zhang Tiehan something, but he didn’t say it. He didn’t know whether Zhang Tiehan really knew what the sound meant, but Zhang man of iron frowned at the stands and let him know the answer.
Many reporters in the media gallery of the Bulgarian Army Stadium frowned at this sound.
They know the meaning.
It is a very bad thing to make such a sound against a player in a football match, even for Bulgarian media reporters. This is no small matter, and English journalists are ready to write a report condemning this kind of thing after the game.
But now everyone has said nothing.
The same is true of the stadium. Steven Gerrard didn’t say anything and Zhang Tiehan didn’t say anything. They continued to play as if they didn’t know.
But some commentators still expressed their dissatisfaction. "This is too much! I think everyone knows what this sound stands for! They are racist against Zhang who just scored a goal! "

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