With a faint sigh, the golden gods woke up from their addiction and looked at the visions around them with a wry smile. He knew that these visions of smallpox and golden lotus were not illusory, but a real existence, an extremely profound level involving the true meaning and mystery of the world, and his understanding was also true.

However …
The general trend of heaven and earth lies in this!
The word has been spread, because it has been planted.
Today’s reason is the fruit of another day. He has already felt that he has been deeply involved in it, and there is nothing beyond it!
"Just, just, if so, let me golden light, good living experience a causal wheel, to verify what I have learned …"
Shook his head, after all, is a generation of great power, the mood is quite free and easy, but not as unlucky as moth Zun, and he died very humbled, so the golden light will no longer be ignored.
"Let it be!"
Yuan Heng nodded approvingly at the great energy, smiled faintly, picked up a blue chess piece for the first time, and pressed it slowly toward the chess piece like a black sun. "In that case, I can’t be too stingy."
Three years later, the Sun Star rioted, and the two Sun satellites were like birds in the nest, bathed and baptized in the main star, and then, as if they were reborn, they were separated again one day later …
In a primitive tribe, thousands of people are paying homage to their ancestral spirits, watching helplessly the statues made of gold and iron on the high platform, inexplicably melting, leaving only a faint roar …
For millions of years, the virgin jungle, where no one has set foot, is full of giant trees of thousands and ten thousand years old. In the center, there is a giant tree with a faint green Shenhua, whose branches and leaves are like a canopy, and the mysterious place of natural gods. Even a mortal, as long as he can understand a thing or two, will benefit for life, and it is not a lie to step into the sage’s sacred land.
On this day, the trunk of this giant wood center faintly formed an old giant face with a ferocious face, as if it had been hit hard.
It took a long time to calm down … (To be continued. . )

Chapter two hundred and fifty-eight Wash the floor three feet
"Had a narrow squeak …"
A country ruled by sages, under the jurisdiction of a medium-sized principality, in a simple farm, a child of four or five years old, with black and white eyes staring at the void, his back was cold, and after a long time, he was glad to wipe his sweat.
Yuan Heng calmly settled down and ran wild on the chessboard. Although the level of the chessboard was not high, in fact, this kind of killing method only showed that Yuan Heng’s realm was too high to be measured, and it was almost beyond the reach of the supreme ancestor.
Gold spots are in Yuan Heng’s hands, just like puppet puppets. Between Bai Zi and the horizon, all time, space and laws are calculated in the destiny of the cat. The small chessboard contains the true meaning of Yuan Heng’s endless avenue, which seems to be a world. No matter the light or the darkness, it is impossible to escape. Purple chess pieces are like the eyes of God, clearing all the obstacles, blue chess pieces are like the grace of heaven, and Yuan Heng’s will, then …
Represents the supreme providence!
"Wang Di’s chess game is really fierce, and he even included Daqian in it. It can be said that there is no side leakage!"
Seeing the end of Yuanheng, Pluto realized the changes on the chessboard and couldn’t help admiring, "Just this, my kings’ camp is enough to add two layers of odds!"
"Yes, as long as everything runs according to the deduction of the Ming wheel, this time, my kings will definitely clean up the whole world and put me on the right development track!"
In the eyes of the Dream Flower King, there was a flash of excitement and dreamlike appearance, and she could no longer keep her usual gentle elegance. This time, she and Pluto really saw the handwriting of Yuan Heng!
You know, these people who can find a gap to come in and share a piece of this world at this time are all powerful, and even if most of them are not as good as the kings of the children of the world, they can compete with them. No longer a minority!
These are undoubtedly a force that can affect the final outcome, but even if they know, what can they do?
The arrangement of these great powers for tens of thousands of years can’t be solved in a short time. Unless it is Yuan Heng’s thorough rolling on Yi Dao, this matter is enough to make them stare at the king.
"What a pity! This time, taking advantage of these variables has not yet condensed its own fate, which can be successful. This trick is not so useful for those gods. "
Yuan Heng is a pity. Yi Dao’s killing people is limited after all. The divine camp has condensed infinite luck and killed ordinary gods. This is no problem, but the price and harvest that can be paid are not proportional at all. With this time and energy, a slap in the face is enough to shoot dozens of people, which is not necessary at all.
As for the Lord god?
The Lord god who controls a complete authority. Life-saving means of the earth, compared with the ancient gods and gods of the world, is not bad at all. This kind of existence, even if it is picked by the gods themselves. But it takes a little effort to completely erase it.
"Ha ha, that’s enough. As long as we don’t have the power to intervene outside the bounds and have the means of Wang Di, our kings are invincible! "
On the face of hades, absolute confidence is revealed!
Want to know, can become a king, gathered the essence of civilization, so to speak, is at the helm of a existence, in the green domain nine xuan earth, almost all are comparable to the existence of the achievements of the three ancient saints, but for the environmental restrictions of Nora, their achievements, will be very bright!
You can imagine the sharpness of the kings’ joint efforts. It can be said that if Noella, who is worried about the collapse over the years, is there room for the existence of the divine camp?
If it weren’t for that year, considering the damage caused by completely erasing the dragon and beast, it would cause almost irreversible damage to Nora. The evil dragon and beast may have vanished now!
"However, that a few god, what seems to be prepared a killer …"
At this time of the dream flower king, frowning, she said that although her fighting power is not excellent, she has a unique advantage in terms of probing intelligence. Although she has a pulse of gods transported to the treasure-the cover of the floating palace of all the gods, she can also be noticed by her.
"It’s okay!"
Yuan Heng is very confident. "Under the general trend of sealing gods, the obstructers can only be crushed. After stepping into this torrent, is it round or flat or not?"
"Not bad."
Hades and Dream Flower King both smell the words, and their eyes are full of smiles. Together, they are like the finishing touch, and everything is clear. Even they themselves suddenly realize that they have such a great advantage.
Time flies, and forty-nine years have passed in a blink of an eye.
During these forty-nine years, the whole Noella changed dramatically. With the common will of the kings, all the countries under their rule were directly and simply merged into a community-the noble king, with the five major countries such as the original Iraq-Russia alliance and the Ayers alliance as the core.
And the gods camp, at a surprising speed, has gathered endless races with low intelligence, such as insects, beasts, monsters, and even … high-intelligence ethnic groups with gods as their beliefs, such as Terrans, to form a super power that rivals the noble king-the pinnacle.
Ascending to the top of the ladder, as the entrance to the eternal religion, is still the headquarters of the noble king.

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